Saturday, May 4, 2019

Great romance books up for grabs! #freebooks #BDSM #BillionaireRomance

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To celebrate the lusty month of May, my friend and colleague Connie Bretes has organized a fabulous giveaway. Lots of authors are giving away free romance books, including yours truly. I’m offering a copy of my five star, full length BDSM erotic romance novel The Gazillionaire and the Virgin.

To enter, go to Connie’s site and scroll down to the Rafflecopter at the end of the post. You’ll find blurbs for all the books on offer.

If you’re wondering whether you’d like G&V, here are a few review quotes:

...sweet and romantic but steamy and sexy at the same time. .... I adored it!”
~ Crazie Bettie, Amazon US

This book is one of the top five hottest books I have read. These were two of my most favorite lovers. I was wrung out when I finished it but what a delight!” ~ Sheila, Amazon US

I was completely drawn into this relationship, and the relationship IS the story. The connection Rachel and Theo build between them is vividly portrayed, beautiful and well-written, poignant in some ways and hot enough to melt the pages in others. Which is exactly what I want in erotic novels.~ Lola White, Goodreads

"Do I recommend this one? Oh hell yeah. Realistic D/s with hot as hell kinky sex? Yes, please!" ~ Kayla Lords,

Want an excerpt? Your wish is my command!

He circles behind me to unzip my skirt. The garment slips over my hips to the floor. Next he hooks his fingers into the waistband of my tights and rolls the clingy material down to my ankles. I imagine him using the elastic garment to bind me—it would be well-suited to that task—but he seems intent only on rendering me naked.

Step out of your shoes. That’s right.” He extricates first one foot and then the other from my hosiery, and tosses the tangled garment away. “Arms over your head,” he commands. In a matter of seconds, my sweater has joined my other clothing on the floor.

He pauses for a moment, apparently to admire me in my state of semi-nudity. My swollen nipples distort the lace of my bra. My sodden panties bunch between my legs. Though I know it’s forbidden, I tense my thighs, seeking some friction to relieve the terrible, pulsing ache between them.

Be still!” I hope he’ll slap my ass as punishment for my infraction, but there’s only his verbal reprimand.

Can’t you speed up a bit, Theo?” His fingers brush my back as he unfastens the bra hooks. Electric currents zap my sex. I moan. “I’m desperate for you.”

That’s good. That’s the way I want you.”

And if you really can’t wait until the end of the month when she does the drawing ;^), here are the buy links.

Kinky Literature

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes & Noble




Google Books


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