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Only her demon can help ( #UrbanFantasy #demon #possession @kd_grace)

Blindsided cover
Book two in the Medusa’s Consortium series.

In New York City, away from those she loves, living with the enigmatic vampire, Desiree Fielding, Susan Innes struggles to come to terms with life as a vampire whose body serves as the prison for a deadly demon.

When Reese Chambers arrives unexpectedly from England, desperate for her help, she discovers that Alonso Darlington, his lover and her maker, has been taken captive and Reese has been warned to tell no one but her. Before the two can make a plan, Susan receives her own message from a man calling himself just Cyrus. He not only holds her maker prisoner, but also her lover, the angel Michael. If she wishes to see either of them alive, she’ll come to him and not tell Magda Gardener, the woman they all work for and fear.

With no help coming from Magda or her Consortium, Susan and Reese must turn to the Guardian – the terrifying demon now imprisoned in her body. He alone can help them, but how can she possibly trust him after all he’s done?

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It was a dark place where she found him, with walls so high only a small patch of starlight was visible above, but she was a vampire now. She didn’t need the light, and he, well he had never needed the light, had he? He stood naked with his back to her. He was broad of shoulder. There were white scars like latticework across muscles stretched taut over his shoulder blades. At first she thought they were from a whip, but as she drew nearer, she saw that they were more geometric in form, as though perhaps they were some sort of ancient ceremonial writing. She traced the shapes of them with the tips of her fingers, and his muscles rippled with the sensation. With a start she realized she’d never seen his body before.

That is because I have none,” came his reply. “Only in dreams can I wear the flesh of my choosing.”

You’ve worn flesh often enough. I would have thought it was always of your choosing,” she said, making no effort to hide her bitterness.

It was not my own, though. That pleasure, I have never known.”

Only in dreams, you say. Then this is a dream.”

You know that it is.” He didn’t turn to face her but leaned toward her, and she slipped her arms around him and rested her head on the flat of his back. His belly tensed at the touch of her hands, and he caught his breath in a soft moan. “Touch is what I longed for most,” he said. “I thought the lack of it would drive me insane while I languished in my previous prison. But here, with you, I’m closer to touch than I would have thought possible. I do not mind it, you know. It is no hardship to be nestled inside you, close to your heart.”

She released him and took in their surroundings once more. “This is the place I’ve created for you?”

He pulled her arms back around him and sighed with contentment as she laid her head against him once more. “This is how I have decorated. The place you created for me was only the shape of myself, both boundless and infinitesimal. Oh, it did not matter. I could see through your eyes, feel through your flesh, even though it no longer lived as it once did, even though you never spoke to me. I hoped that someday you would.”

And when I refuse, you come uninvited into my dreams?”

All dreams are uninvited, Susan, and perhaps this time it is you who have come uninvited into my dream.”

She thought about that for a moment. Was it even possible to visit the dreams of a demon? Did demons even have dreams?



If I had come to you more gently, if I had courted you and companioned you and been patient with you in the ways of your world, would you have loved me?”

You never gave me that chance.”

About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, K D Grace believes Freud was right. It really IS all about sex—sex and love—and that is an absolute writer’s playground.

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening or walking. Her creativity is directly proportional to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She loves mythology, which inspires many of her stories. She enjoys time in the gym, where she’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells. Her first love is writing, but she loves reading and watching birds. She adores anything that gets her outdoors.

K D’s novels and other works are published by Totally Bound, SourceBooks, Accent Press, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, and others. She also writes romance under the name Grace Marshall.

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A wedding planner with commitment-phobia (#AfricanAmerican #romance #giveaway @Candace_Shaw)

When I Fell For You cover


Has a wedding planner with a commitment phobia finally found the man to make her fall head over heels in love?

Reagan Richardson loves planning extravagant, classy weddings as the head planner of Precious Moments Events. Though the notion of walking down the aisle has never entered her mind … considering none of her boyfriends have ever lasted long enough thanks to her. However, meeting Dr. Blake Harrison changes all of that in a glance and she finds herself in uncharted territory.

Blake knows all about Reagan’s fear of commitment but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing the ravishing beauty. Breaking down the wall guarding her heart isn’t as easy as he thought but being with Reagan has stirred emotions in him that no other woman ever has. Can he convince her that history isn’t going to repeat itself this time around?


And you’re going to try parasailing? I’m driving the speedboat.”

The thought of being attached to a parachute high above the ocean while dragged by a speedboat made Reagan nauseous. “I’m still contemplating, but I will go jet skiing with you.”

Perfect. Can’t wait either way. I don’t care what we do as long as I see your fine bod in a bikini.”

Heat rushed to her cheeks. Blake always knew what to say to make her weak at the knees. Now she had to go shopping to find a sexy new bikini and a cover-up considering it was a family outing. She couldn’t be too sexy.

You just concentrate on keeping me safe on the jet ski and the parasailing.”

So, that’s a yes to the parasailing?”

Mmm … only if you go really slow.”

I’ll drive at whatever speed you can handle,” he said in a low, deep voice. “Just scream out my name when you’re comfortable and want me to go faster.”

You have a dirty mind, Doc.” Not that I care.

What?” he asked in an innocent manner. “That’s your mind in the gutter. Just want to make sure you can handle the excitement and stamina of it all. It’s a very … uh, thrilling adventure.”

I bet it is.”

Can’t wait for you to find out.”

Are we still discussing parasailing?” she asked, crossing and uncrossing her legs. This conversation was causing her to have the urge to jump in the car and speed to his bed where he’d just finished his nap.

Were we ever talking about parasailing?”

About the Author

Candace Shaw writes romance novels because she believes that happily-ever-after isn’t found only in fairy tales. When she’s not writing or researching information for a book, you can find Candace in her gardens, shopping, reading or learning how to cook a new dish.

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her loving husband and is currently working on her next fun, flirty and sexy romance.

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Lust is the epitome of damnation (#UrbanFantasy #BookBlast #Giveaway @BrandyTruly)

Temptation Trials cover


Lust is the epitome of damnation

Lust, one of the seven deadly sins, was sweeping through the nation like wildfire. In its true essence, lust was leading mankind down the path to damnation. In this dystopian society, Cali and Stefani had to comply by the Regime’s strict rule of arranged marriage. But Eminence, the world dictator, doesn’t play fair.

Against all odds, they both decide to put their relationships through the ultimate test on The Temptation Trials—a reality TV show where every temptation of the flesh was set before them.

As participants on the show, they soon learn that losing may cost them more than the men they love. Cali’s torn, unsure of what her future holds with Cade. Stefani worries whether her relationship with Tobias can be salvaged.

Love can be blind. The betrayal they face from the Trials burden them. Will love be their redemption, or will it destroy them?

A million questions torment their minds.

Can you love two people at once? If a person is chosen for you, can those feelings be real?

Cali and Stefani must overcome heartbreak and pull together with their loved ones before it’s too late. The abominable truth is unveiled, which sends them on a journey that will jeopardize their lives.

The will of the weak is his for the taking. Can love save their souls?


Glazed, cryptic eyes pierced through me, reminding me of a strung-out junkie. His face seemed vaguely familiar, right down to his golden curls. Just couldn’t put my finger on where I’d seen him before. An eerie thrill rippled my spine. The way he was staring creeped me out. I quickly skirted past him, only to have Blondie clasp my arm. Okay, now I was officially freaked.
Let go of me!” I seethed.

The time has come,” he blurted.

What are you talking about?”

The decision is made … binding.”

This dude was clearly psycho. He spoke in riddles, none of which I understood. “You’ve got me confused with someone else.”

No, you’re the one.”

My purse, where I normally kept my Taser, was nowhere to be found. He’d better be glad or I’d light his ass up. This whole scene was turning more bizarre by the second. I couldn’t figure out where I was. My surroundings were dim and heat began to consume me. 

Blondie leaned closer to me. Being nearer, I got a better look at his dilated eyes. His pupils were diamond-shaped, not the usual round. His grip tightened.

Asshole. Take your hands off me!”

You’re chosen, and you’re coming with me.”

Though I struggled against him, it didn’t do any damn good. Bright light blazed up ahead, mixed with smoldering heat. I soon realized the light and scalding warmth was coming from giant flames.

Doubling my efforts, I fought harder, to no avail. Blondie’s face became a blur, and darkness encompassed me—the scalding heat grew stronger. Time seemed to stand still—my mind swirled in a haze. The only thought that became clear, which seemed to chisel into my mind, was that I had to make the right choice.

About the Author

B. Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and is grateful to have accomplished this dream. She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She’s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and sci-fi. She writes New Adult and Adult, Romance. Sci-fi, Dystopian, and Paranormal genres.

B. Truly likes to explore different elements of sci-fi romance, and create various realms of reality. She also loves creating impossible situations for her characters to grow from and try to overcome.

B. Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person that she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Houston, Texas.

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Get 'em before they're gone! (#anthology #BDSM #alpha @sabrina_york)

Hot Alpha Heroes cover
By Sabrina York (Guest Blogger)

A lot of readers have no idea I have a number of books that have been out of print for several years. These are some of my earlier (and steamier) stories.

I decided to offer these stories in an anthology, for my loyal readers who ask for more, as well as for new readers who have been asking for samplers of my work!

Hot Alpha Heroes includes a collection of shorts and novellas that are steamy and snarky. This is a great collection for readers who are new to my work.

Hot Dominant Heroes includes my HOTTEST stories (featuring couples exploring sugarkink and BDSM). This collection is not for the faint of heart, and a great choice for readers who discovered me after some of these books disappeared from the marketplace, and for readers who really like a super steamy romance. As I said, many of them are not available anywhere else.

Both collections will only be available on Amazon. They will be on sale for a short time.

The price for each collection goes to $5.99 which is still less than $1 a story!

Hot Alpha Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology

Like a box of yummy chocolates, these hot shorts include a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest alpha heroes. Award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.

This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time.


Luscious: Indulge in a naughty Regency romp where his thirst for revenge could destroy everything.

Rebound: A scorching friends-to-lovers contemporary romance! This fun and flirty novella is the first installment in the Tryst Island Romance Series featuring an alpha hero and a spunky heroine who have known each other forever...but never hooked up. Yet!
Whipped: Dane Coulter is determined to avoid love at all costs…until he meets a woman he can’t resist. It’s a damn shame she is the one woman he can never have. A scorching contemporary romance.

Pool Man: This luxurious contemporary romance romp features exotic locations, a steamy flirtation and a hilarious twist that will have you laughing out loud. A scorching contemporary romance.

Man Hungry: Blind dates can be a crapshoot, but for Jessica and Justin, it’s like winning the lottery. The lust lottery at least! A scorching contemporary romance. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Dark Fancy: Running away from an unwanted marriage, Helena unwittingly runs directly into the arms of the most dangerous man in Regency England. And he refuses to let her go. A scorching Regency romance.

Don’t miss Hot Dominant Heroes as well…if you dare.

Hot Dominant Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology

Enjoy a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest romances featuring hot, dominant heroes and loving couples exploring spanking, bondage, sugarkink and more—featuring award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.

This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time. Releases September 1st.

CAUTION: Not for the faint of heart.


Adam’s Obsession: When Adam Trillo discovers his buttoned-up co-worker is actually Wildcat, his kinky online lover, he is determined to seduce her in real life, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Book One of the scorching Wired Series!

Pushing Her Buttons: Tangling with a blazingly handsome stranger in an elevator leads to a dark passion Samantha cannot resist. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Her Royal Comeuppance: Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw his Ice Queen with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.

Training Tess: When hardcore Dom Jared Mittlebank discovers sweet Tess’ curiosity about his, ahem, lifestyle, he cannot resist the opportunity to…instruct her. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Trickery: Tricked into seducing a yummy mortal, young witch Willow has no idea what is in store for her—magical domination by one of the most powerful wizards in the witching world. And he will use all his powers to win her.

Extreme Couponing: Imagine receiving a coupon book for kinky explorations. Would you be brave enough to redeem them? Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Dark Duke: Edward Weyth is notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, but everything turns upside down when his cousins come to stay with him. Until he notices his cousin’s mousy companion isn’t mousy in the least. He cannot resist introducing her to his dark desires. From Sabrina’s scorching Noble Passions Series.

About Sabrina York

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching romance. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Get updates and alerts from Sabrina here: HotSheet Sign Up:

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Sizzling Sunday: Nasty Business (#BDSM #multicultural #SizzlingSunday)

Sizzling Sunday banner
Welcome back to another edition of Sizzling Sunday, when I share some of my most explicit and erotic excerpts. Today I’ve got one of my favorite scenes from my contemporary erotic romance Nasty Business.

Short Blurb

All's fair in lust and business. "Ruthless" Ruby Maxwell Chen, the deceptively feminine CEO of a huge British business empire, may have met her match in wily, charismatic American entrepreneur Rick Martell. Both are used to winning; neither has any qualms about using sexual wiles to smooth their paths to success.

Mulholland Drive turns out to be a narrow, torturously twisted road that runs along the crest of the mountains above Hollywood. Rick drives much faster than seems safe, yet once again he’s relaxed and in control. The MG careens around curves, hugging the pavement. My whole body hums with excitement. I can’t tell how much is sexual and how much born of our reckless velocity and the wildness of my hair whipping around my face. The wind is simultaneously a slap and a caress against my skin. I feel as though I am glowing. Totally alive.

My sex is humming, too, quivering, throbbing along with the engine of the car. Rick glances over at me. For the briefest instant, his eyes are pools of pure lust. Triumph and fear simultaneously seize me. He wants me. He’s dangerous. Then both emotions are submerged by the answering lust flooding through me.

Take off your top,” he shouts at me above the wind. “I dare you.”

A silly notion, I think, but I want to do it. I want to feel the wind against my naked breasts. “Keep your eyes on the road,” I call back. I pull my blouse over my head and push it down in the space between the seat and the door so that it won’t blow away. Then I slip my bra straps off my shoulders and peel the cups away from my swollen nipples.

The air dances over my heated flesh, cool, provocative. “Go ahead, touch yourself,” Rick shouts. “You know you want to.”

He’s right, and suddenly I don’t care that he’s there, or what he thinks, I’ve got to pleasure myself. I grip my nipples between index and forefingers, squeezing until the sensation reaches the edge of pain. My cunt contracts as I release them, then contracts again at the exquisite tickling of their stiffness against my palms. The wind lashes my hair against my skin, sweet little stings that make me hunger for more intense sensation. My clit is so swollen that the slightest movement in the bucket seat sends sparks of pleasure shooting through my body.

Rick is yelling something again, but the wind carries his words away. He makes a rude gesture, pantomimes raising my skirt. I’m already in the process, wriggling against the seat belt as I try to pull the fabric out from underneath my bum. Finally, I manage to free my thighs from the skirt’s constriction. Looking straight at my companion, I pull my soaked panties out of the way with one hand, and sink the other one deep inside my hungering pussy.

Oh, I love the look on his face, shock, astonishment, arousal, but the sensations welling up in me are too intense to bear open-eyed. I’m not delicate. I don’t tease myself, don’t play, don’t take myself gradually to the top. No ceremony, no technique. Desperate, I use both hands, working with single-minded fury to bring myself off.

I forget Martell. I forget where I am, racing along a dangerous road at a dangerous speed with a dangerous man. There is no reality but the fire, the electricity, the tension crackling in my cunt like lightning in a thunderhead. I tilt my pelvis, forcing my fingers deeper into my slippery depths. My thighs stick to the leather seats as I rock back and forth. In and out, faster, harder, more, more please just a little more…

The climax is sudden and unexpected. A shattering like glass, fragments ripping gloriously through my stretched flesh. Momentary blackness cloaks the setting sun. When I finally open my eyes, I find I’m slumped in the seat, skirt and bra tangled around my waist, still trembling.

It takes me a moment to realize that the car has stopped. Martell is watching me in fascination, like a cat stalking a bird. He grins when he realizes that I’m back among the conscious. “Wasn’t that fun?” he asks, with heavy irony. Torn and tired as I am, his voice still sets up stirrings in my sex.

I don’t answer. It doesn’t seem to matter. He comes around to my side and opens my door. “Get out of the car, Ruby.” We’ve pulled over into a parking area, a scenic lookout. The checkerboard miles of Los Angeles are spread out below us. Off in the distance, a fiery sunset paints the Pacific. He holds out his hand to steady me, and the touch is enough to send me back into a frenzy of desire.

Lean against the railing,” he commands. I don’t seem to have any will to resist. “I want to admire the view.”

You promised,” I protest weakly, as he pulls my sodden knickers down to my ankles.

Well, you started it,” he replies. “Don’t move, now.”

He leaves me there, bent over the guard rail, my arse bared to the world. Why don’t I get up and cover my nakedness? Why don’t I scream, or run off down the road to find a ride? I don’t understand.

I admit to myself: I’m weak with lust. I want more, and he knows it. He’s using my own desire against me. A breeze tangles my hair in my eyes and trails caresses along the back of my thighs. Where is he? What is he doing?

I hear his footsteps crunching on the gravel, then his laugh. “Just as I suspected, Ruby; you always come prepared. Just look what I found in your handbag?” The sinking sun glints red on the silvery vibrator that he holds in front of my face.

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Share the flame! (#pnr #prizes #99cents @CarisRoane)

Caris is giving away a Red Wire-Wrapped PNR Bracelet (International Winner Receives Gift Card) and a $25 Amazon Gift Card to randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here.

The “Wow” Prize!

Just leave a comment for a chance to win!

Caris Roane here and I'm so glad you're touring with me. As a bonus, I’m giving away a Reader Care Package to one lucky winner just for leaving a comment on any or all of the blogs on my tour. What’s in the Reader Care Package: Truffles, Ghiradelli Chocolate, print copy of GATES OF RAPTURE, scented lotion and soap, a journal and other goodies! Be sure to visit as many blogs on my tour as you can. The more blogs you comment on, the greater your chances of winning. The Reader Care Package is US only, but an international winner will receive a gift card. How I choose the winner: I will choose the winning blog then choose the winning comment sometime after midnight, October 5th, Arizona time. I will use Random dot org to make the selection. Good luck!

About the Books

BLOOD FLAME, Book #1 of the Flame Series:

Vampire Officer Connor of the Crescent Border Patrol tries to suppress his desire for the powerful witch, Iris Meldeere. Because the woman possesses the ability to kill him with the tips of her fingers, how can he possibly fall in love with her? When a double homicide throws them together, he soon finds his deepest fantasies fulfilled as Iris succumbs to his seductions. But as they battle together to stay alive, and love begins to consume them both, will the witch be able to forgive the dark secrets of his past …

AMETHYST FLAME, Book #2 of the Flame Series

Hunky Nathan Vaughn, six-six, and one muscled vampire warrior, has had a lot of trouble in his life and needs a good woman to help even things out. Vaughn and Emma met once in the past, the night they rescued three teenage girls from a kidnapping ring. But a vampire and a witch can’t have a relationship in Five Bridges. So, they parted, determined never to see each other again. Emma was desolate, then the phone rang. Vaughn called and kept calling and she kept answering. But the rescue they shared turned out to piss off one very bad wizard who decided they both needed to die. Now they’re in it, fighting to stay alive and working oh-so-hard NOT to fall in love. Will they survive when so much is against them?

Books in the Flame Series:

Book 1: Blood Flame
Book 3: Dark Flame
Book 4: Amber Flame
Holiday Novella: Christmas Flame


From Chapter One – Caught in a dangerous situation, Vaughn tries to get Emma to leave, but she has a job to do. Together, they’ve found three dead teenage girls in the Graveyard of Five Bridges.
Over the beers he and Emma had shared the night of the rescue, she’d told him she was clean but that half the Elegance force wasn’t. He’d confessed a similar statistic for his own vampire territory of Crescent. That’s when things had shifted and he’d started seeing her as a woman he admired as opposed to a witch who could kill him with the energy she could release through the tips of her fingers.

Another burst of laughter came on the heels of the arrival of yet another Border Patrol vehicle. His survival instincts kicked in. “We should leave, Em. Right now. I can fly us straight out of here. Someone else can pick up your bike and my SUV later.”

He held out his arm to her and gestured to his foot. He’d flown her before, so she knew the drill. All she had to do was hop on and he’d have them out of danger within seconds.

She glanced at his boot but shook her head. “I can’t go. Not yet.”

Why? We both know this is a set-up, and isn’t it bad enough Loghry got these girls? So, how about we get the hell out of here?”

Vaughn, you know what this is like for me. It’s the way my alter power manifests. I have to tend to the girls. Their spirits are calling to me.” She started down the side of the ditch.

Vaughn’s heartrate kicked up a notch. “Emma, don’t do this. We’ve gotta go now.”

The girls need me and it’s the least I can do after what they’ve been through.”

Vaughn didn’t try to argue with her and instead began his own descent. He might not want her to stay, but like hell he was leaving her alone in No Man’s Land.

Emma Delacey, Tribunal Public Safety officer, understood Vaughn’s concern. She felt it as well, that she was heading into a trap.

She’d been the first to arrive at the triple homicide in the Graveyard, a part of Five Bridges she’d only been to a handful of times.

Her corrupt boss, Tribunal Chief Donaldson, had ordered her to head out here or resign. She wasn’t a quitter, though the sweat on his forehead had told her she was in trouble the minute he’d come into her office. The three major cartels of Five Bridges owned one of Donaldson’s testicles. The dark spellcasters of Elegance territory held the other in a crushing grip. She wasn’t even sure she blamed Donaldson anymore. If you were high up in the administration and didn’t play ball, you got killed…


I hope you found yourself caught up in this excerpt from Chapter One of AMETHYST FLAME.

About Caris

Caris Roane is the NY Times Bestselling author of Paranormal Romance. She began her career with Kensington Publishing and for eighteen years wrote Regency Romance as Valerie King. In 2005, Romantic Times Magazine honored her with a career achievement award for her Regency Romance work. To-date, she has published eighty-nine books. Thirty-nine of those are paranormal romances. Most of her paranormal stories are self-published while several in the early days were penned for St. Martin's Press.

Though her stories conjure up hunky PNR warriors, like vampires and wolf-shifters, the romance is everything, including a satisfying Happily Ever After. Her hope is that the reader will come away engrossed in the lives of her tortured heroes and her worthy women as they wage war, as they make love, and as they face the tough issues of life and relationships!

Caris lives in the Phoenix area, in a growing town called Buckeye. When not writing, she’s a real homebody. She loves gardening, sewing, and cooking. She also enjoys creating jewelry and offers her handcrafted, PNR bracelet giveaways to her newsletter and blog subscribers. Her motto? Live the fang!

If you want to know more about Caris, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places: