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Review Tuesday: Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man by Giselle Renarde - #bisexual #erotica #ReviewTuesday

Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man by Giselle Renarde
Smashwords and Amazon KDP, 2019

When mild-mannered accountant Jerry Butler breaks a date so he can go support his mother during a family crisis, Jerry’s girlfriend Tracey throws him out. Instead of sympathy, his mother offers criticism. According to her, he’s nothing but a useless wimp who can’t commit or keep a relationship alive. Jerry makes allowances for his mom; after all, her new husband Walter is on his death bed. Still, he’s feeling pretty lost and lonely when he wanders into the local pie shop. He’s all by himself in a strange town. Though he still has a job in the city, he’ll be homeless when he returns. Tracey has made it clear she intends to keep possession of the apartment they’d shared. His many sisters are wrapped up in their mother’s tragedy. Nobody really cares what happens to Jerry.

Lindy, the curvy proprietrix of the pie shop, serves him the best blueberry pie he’s ever had, then offers him a taste of her own ample flesh as a second dessert. Jerry’s astonished, but not about to refuse her gloriously full body. He doesn’t know what to think, though, when they’re interrupted by a thin, stylish woman who turns out to be Lindy’s wife Alberta. He’s even more confused when Alberta comes on to him, too. Are the two spouses really so out of touch with one another? Or are they conspiring together, using him for their sexual satisfaction while deliberately keeping him off-balance?

I absolutely adored Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man. The story is funny and touching by turns, filled with original notions and unexpected twists. Jerry’s a sweet, appealing character without a macho bone in his body. He’s as delighted to give pleasure as to receive it. (It occurs to me now that having grown up with lots of sisters may be partly responsible for his generous and female-friendly attitude.) Lindy and Alberta are complicated, both together and individually. Ms. Renarde keeps the reader guessing about their real motives until fairly late in the tale, but eventually we realize that Jerry is just what the two women need to stabilize their fraught relationship.

When writing erotica, it’s tough to avoid repetition and clichés. I am a huge fan of Giselle Renarde’s sex scenes, which always seem creative and fresh. In Pie Girls, she has outdone herself. Jerry’s encounters with Lindy and Alberta are full of delightful surprises. The three-way sex scene demolishes gender stereotypes in a most satisfying way– satisfying both for the reader and the characters.

I highly recommend this sweet, sincere and arousing story. It will leave you hungry for more.

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Politics is a dirty business - Full Girlfriend Experience by @DanaRossAuthor #giveaway #romanticsuspense

Dana is giving away two Full Girlfriend Experience ebooks during the tour. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember there is a chance to enter every day so be sure to follow the Blog Tour. You may find the tour schedule and locations here https://goo.gl/4Zd12n


When struggling businesswoman Faith Crawley receives an offer to save her bordello from former client Senator Bill Drummond, it’s the answer to her prayers. She only has to help Bill smear his political rival, squeaky-clean Finn Billings, and keep him from winning Bill's Senate seat.

Raised in the shadow of a political magnate, Finn Billings has the credentials to get the job done, but he lacks confidence and wonders if politics is truly the life he desires. Finn reluctantly agrees to a makeover by the woman his father recommends.

Using her PR firm, Faith turns Finn into a political powerhouse while obtaining the evidence Drummond needs to destroy Finn’s political chances. But Faith didn’t plan on falling in love with her mark. Now she has the toughest decision ever—give the sleazy senator incriminating photos of Finn to save her business or give up everything for the sake of love.

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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In the biz, your word was golden, and there were rules that had to be upheld. White lies were acceptable, but there were certain lines one never crossed. Keep data in code, shield clients’ privacy, and, most importantly, protect the girls. At all costs. I’d always honored these precepts to the best of my abilities. It helped me stay afloat while other madams sank like flat tires in the Anacostia River.

Yet there I was after one free lunch, considering a partnership with a man who didn’t deserve to lick my stilettoes. Why? Was it the champagne? Drummond’s smooth tongue? The fact that creditors were calling on a regular basis? Whatever the reason, I couldn’t dismiss him until I exhausted every option.

Unfortunately, I only had one.

Even worse, she hated my guts.

About the Author

After leaving her career teaching gemology, Caryn DeVincenti, who writes as Dana Ross, moved to the sunshine state to become a full-time writer. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at Wilkes University and is the regional director of the Florida Writers Association, Palm Beach County.

When not writing, Caryn nurtures her social media addiction, dances (poorly) to loud ’80s music, and plays chase with her insane Cairn terrier.

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Sizzling Sunday: Sin City Sweethearts - #99cents #lgbtq #erotica #SizzlingSunday

Sizzling Sunday Banner

Welcome to Las Vegas – leave your inhibitions at the city limits!

My excerpt today was randomly chosen. I basically threw a metaphorical dart at my manuscript, and took a page from wherever it landed. I figured there was enough hanky panky in Sin City Sweethearts that practically any page would meet the requirements for Sizzling Sunday.

I was right... ;^)

And just to remind you – this novel-length compendium of arousing erotic antics is currently on sale for only 99 cents. See the buy links at the end of this post!


Annie! Is that you out there?” The blond bombshell on the stage shielded her eyes from the spotlights and peered into the audience. “Our favorite amateur of all time?”

You know that dancer?” asked Marcella, something like awe in her voice.

Ah, yes—I do.” Once again Annie wavered between shame and arousal. Did she really want the twins to know the full truth about her? “Hi, Jeanette,” she called out sheepishly.

Get yourself up here on stage, girl, and shake that bodacious booty of yours.”

Oh, no, I can’t, not tonight…” The sisters already knew she was a pussy-loving slut, but they’d never been exposed to her exhibitionist side.

C’mon, don’t be a spoil sport, Annie,” Katie, the pale-skinned redhead, chimed in. “You’re depriving our customers of a treat.”

Thanks, Katie, but I don’t think—”

Everyone wants to watch you dance,” added Lily, the graceful Vietnamese woman. “Don’t you want to see what Annie can do, folks?”

The audience murmured its assent. A male voice rose above the hum. “Hey, Annie. Let’s see what you can do!”

Shake it for us, girl!” called some woman.

Annie! We want Annie!” came another voice, from the back of the club.

Annie! Annie!” The crowd took up the chant.

She felt torn. Part of her wanted to run. Another part was dangerously tempted to give in, to climb onto that stage again and let herself go.

Suddenly Larry stood before her, all lean muscle and Western charm. “You’re extremely popular,” he said. “And, recalling your previous performance, I can understand why. In fact, you’re a bit of a legend here at the Den.”

Me? With all the gorgeous women here, showing off their sexy bodies?”

They’re professionals. You’re still a talented amateur, just discovering the thrill of exposing yourself to the crowd.”

The way he smiled at her, kind yet complicit, sent hot bolts of need sizzling down to her sex. She felt naked in his eyes. He could see into her soul. He understood her perverse desires, perhaps better than she did herself.

You don’t know yet how far you’ll go,” he continued, somehow echoing her own thoughts. “That’s what makes watching you so exciting, Annie.”

I’m not sure—the twins—” she began.

Don’t worry. Peaches will take good care of them.” He took her hand. His skin was warm and dry, like the desert after dusk. Meanwhile she was wet as a rainforest. His dark eyes held her transfixed, almost hypnotized. He leaned in close to her ear.

If you can’t admit you want it,” he murmured, “then do it for me. I want to see how far you’ll go.”

Get your copy today! Only 99 cents!

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Sin City Sweethearts is on sale! -- #lgbtq #menage #spanking #99cents

Sale banner

To celebrate the release of Vegas Babes Book 4, I’ve temporarily dropped the price of Vegas Babes Book 3, Sin City Sweethearts. Between now and the end of February, you can grab a copy of this sizzling novel-length erotic romp for only ninety nine cents at all outlets.

Annie and Ted are typical newlywedsjust a bit more open-minded about sex than most couples. When a pair of gorgeous, innocent undergraduates moves in to the apartment downstairs, Ted and Annie decide to educate the sisters about the carnal delights of Sin City. Marcie and Maddy prove to be apt pupils, eager to indulge their voracious appetites with an ever-widening circle of intimate partners.

Whatever sort of erotic antics push your buttons, you’re likely to find them in this wild book.

Don’t wait – February is a short month!

Kinky Literature – https://kinkyliterature.com/book/5123-sin-city-sweethearts-vegas-babes-book-3/

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MQVSWCH

Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MQVSWCH

Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/917885

Barnes and Noble – https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sin-city-sweethearts-lisabet-sarai/1130204032?ean=2940155941880

Add on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43594528-sin-city-sweethearts

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What lies beyond the innocent-looking door? #BDSM #submission #erotica @kay_jaybee

The New Room cover

The New Room is a novella length finale to the bestselling
The Perfect Submissive trilogy by Kay Jaybee


Resident submissive of the Fables Hotels adult entertainment floor, Miss Jess Sanders, has been instructed to test out the new facility that her manageress, Mrs Peters, has designed for the sexual pleasure of her clients.

With a dungeon, Victorian study, medical bay, school room, and the daunting White Room already available for their guests, Jess can’t begin to imagine what lies behind the innocent looking door to the fifth floor’s new room.

Under the supervision of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, as Jess steps into the new room, she quickly discovers she is about to experience far more than she bargained for...at freezing temperatures.

With the feeling that she’s acting in a play that everyone knows the script to but her, the Fables perfect submissive is challenged to the limit in Mrs Peters new room, and beyond...

Although The New Room can be enjoyed as a standalone erotic romance, it is best enjoyed after reading all of Miss Jess Sander’s adventures within the BDSM submissive trilogy: The Perfect Submissive.
(The Fifth Floor, The Retreat and Knowing Her Place)



Her instructions had been to go through the door, walk three paces forward, and then stand and wait inside the fifth floor’s latest facility.

Frost was already crusting over Jess’ shoulders, and the dampness of anticipation that gathered at her crotch prickled as it chilled against her surrounding’s winter-like caress. Her eyes stung with as she blinked into the stark brightness of the space, but as Jess’ hands had been secured behind her back, she couldn’t rub them better.

As the submissive looked about her, she saw that not only could the discerning paying guest at the hotel enjoy the delights of a pseudo-school room, a Victorian study, a dungeon, a medical bay, and the intimidating White Room; they could now experience icy arousal in a fairy-tale style snow grotto.

The ceiling and walls had been studded with crystals and draped with shimmering chiffon fabric that took away the room’s rectangular proportions, making the space feel cavernous. Tiny silver fairy-lights sparkled like glitter, while genuine ice granules clung to every surface, including the fake snow that made a distinct crunch beneath Jess’ strappy silver heels.

Having been stripped of all her clothes by a silent Mrs Peters, prior to being thrust across the new room’s threshold, Jess had been surprised that she’d been allowed her to keep her shoes on. Now she understood why. Only the heavy silver and green velvet robe that had been hung around her naked shoulders gave the submissive any level of protection against the all-invading cold. If she’d had to stand on bare feet in the room, even after all her endurance training, Jess wouldn’t have lasted for more than a few minutes before she had frost bitten soles and toes.

Surveying her surroundings more thoroughly, Jess was just contemplating how easy it would be to hide instruments of sexual play and deprivation between the fake cavern walls and the real walls, when she became aware of the sound of a faint hum.

The distinct brrring vibration of a refrigeration unit.

No wonder it felt so arctic; the room was literally a freezer.

A freezer that held nothing but two chairs, that sat in the very centre of the frost-crisped pseudo-cave.

One seat was more like a fairytale throne than a chair. Made of wrought iron and painted silver, its high back was decorated with intricate butterfly and flower shapes. Well padded with plush, silver satin cushions over the back and seat, Jess already knew it was far too comfortable to have been placed in the room for her use.

The chair to the throne’s right was stark by comparison. Wooden and straight backed; it had been painted plain white and held neither ornamentation nor cushions. That’s where I’ll have to sit, Jess thought, if I’m permitted to sit at all.

The crunch of snow being scraped behind her told Jess that someone had opened the door. She didn’t turn to see who it as. She knew better than that.

A pair of hands came to her shoulders, but the heavy fabric of her cloak prevented Jess from being able to tell whose grip it was. Mrs Peters had told her this was to be the first staff training session in this room; therefore the hands had to belong to a member of the Fables staff. The tone of the breathing behind her, combined with the size of the handhold, informed Jess the newcomer was male. That meant it had to be either Master Lee Philips, the barman and occasional helper on the fifth floor, or Mr Sam Wheeler, Mrs Peters’ personal slave, business partner, and professional artist.

The hands didn’t move from their position on Jess’s shoulders as the whirr of the generator was abruptly drowned out by the activation of some ethereal music from a speaker hidden between the folds of the fake ceiling. The haunting Celtic lyrics drifted into Jess’ ears, adding to the eerie atmosphere and making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as the unknown person stepped closer to her back.

With each fresh second that passed, Jess had the uneasy feeling that she’d walked into the throne room of the Snow Queen – a wicked Snow Queen.

The masculine hands moved slowly. The confidence of touch that Jess had come to recognise from the men on the Fables staff was missing. As the palms slid down her arms, ducking beneath her cloak, the visitor took each of the submissive’s tethered wrists in his hands, and briskly marched Jess forward.

The submissive’s mind raced. Who is this man?

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About the Author

Kay Jaybee was named Best Erotica Writer of 2015 by the ETO.

Kay received an honouree mention at the NLA Awards 2015 for excellence in BDSM writing.

Kay Jaybee has over 180 erotica publications including, The Perfect Submissive Trilogy; The Fifth Floor, The Retreat and Knowing Her Place (KJBooks, 2018), Making Him Wait (Sinful Press, 2018), Wednesday on Thursday, (KDP, 2017), The Collector (KDP, 2016), A Sticky Situation (Xcite, 2013), Digging Deep, (Xcite 2013), Take Control, (1001 NightsPress, 2014), and Not Her Type (1001 NightsPress), 2013.

Details of all her short stories and other publications can be found at www.kayjaybee.me.uk 

You can follow Kay on -

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A Sexy Valentine's Treat - #menage #lesbian #bisexual #friendswap

It’s finally Valentine’s Day! And I’ve got a brand new release to celebrate. Book 4 of my Vegas Babes series is out today. Valentine’sVisit is romantic bisexual ménage erotica, with lots of sex, but plenty of love, too.

Leave me a comment and I’ll enter you into a drawing to win a free copy.


Jake and Fran and Ted and Annie celebrate Valentine’s Day—Vegas style!

When Jake and Fran are invited to Las Vegas spend Valentine’s weekend with Jake’s old friend Ted and his curvaceous ginger-haired wife, they’re not sure what to expect. The last time they saw Ted and Annie, at the Vegas couple’s pre-wedding stag party, the four of them had ended up in bed together. But maybe that was just a fluke. There’s only one way to find out.

Since their wedding, Annie and Ted have acquired some new kinks and a good deal more erotic experience. Annie has discovered she likes strap-ons and a bit of domination. Ted has been forced to recognize he’s into guys as well as women.

Will Annie’s double dildo scare Fran away? Will Jake balk at getting intimate with Ted? Only Cupid knows!

Exclusive Excerpt (Rated X)

He collapsed on top of her, smearing his jizz between them. Franny clasped her arms around his back and pulled him closer. God, she loved him!

Jake raised his head to gaze into her eyes. “You’re really something, Fran.”

Likewise,” she replied with a grin. “Thank you.”

I was just going to say that to you.” He crawled up her body to fasten his mouth on hers. She was amused to note that the passionate kiss caused his cock to stir and swell yet again.

Guess we both need another shower,” he said, gazing ruefully as his sticky skin. “And I’d better put in a call to Dale at the restaurant, let him know I’ll be late.”

Why not tell him you’re taking the rest of the day off?” Fran sat up and ran her fingers through her dark curls. The room was theirs until tomorrow. And she certainly didn’t feel like returning to her computer and the tricky page layout that had consumed her morning. Especially when that would require her to trudge through the sleet then spend five stops crammed into the train.

But your father—”

Dad is very impressed by your performance. He told me so last week. Profit is up, complaints are down—you’re a natural manager.” She scrambled over to pull him into a hug, rubbing her rigid nipples against his chest. She knew that drove him wild.

Franny!” Jake tried unsuccessfully to escape from her embrace.


You’re insatiable.”

She reached between them to stroke his mostly hard dick. “And you’re not?”

It’s your fault.”

Oh, is that so—?” A chirp from her phone interrupted her. With a frown, she grabbed it off the dresser, expecting a text from her boss. She was pleasantly surprised.

It’s from Annie!”

Ted’s Annie?” Jake licked his lips. Franny knew what he was thinking. They hadn’t seen his best friend and his delectable ginger-haired wife since the couple’s wild wedding the previous summer
Fran blushed, remembering the shenanigans that had gone on at their co-ed stag party, especially the foursome she and Jake had shared with the soon-to-be-wedded pair. Making love to Annie while Ted had plowed Fran’s rear hole and Jake had taken Annie’s—that had to be one of the most erotic experiences of her young but active life.

Of course.” She read further. “Oh! They’re inviting us to come visit over Valentine’s weekend. They’ve got a new, two bedroom apartment. They want us to stay with them.”

Go to Vegas? But what about work?” Jake shook his head. “I’m still trying to prove myself to your father.”

Fran settled her hands on her full hips and glared at her husband. “I told you, that’s not a problem. Dale can handle the restaurant for a few days. You told me you’ve been grooming him to take over another branch.”

But—” Jake shrugged, looking helpless.

Don’t you want to see them?” She stepped nearer, then sank to her knees on the carpet in front of him. His dick surged at her closeness. She stuck out her tongue to gather a drop of pre-cum welling from the tip. “Gorgeous Annie? And your best friend Ted?” Pursing her lips around the bulb, she sucked gently. “Don’t you want to fuck them?”

Oh!—c’mon, Fran—that might have been just a fluke. We shouldn’t assume— ”

Annie says they’re having a Valentine’s party Saturday night. And that they want us to meet their friends.” Fran paused to swallow his erection and run her tongue up and down the taut length. He tasted like pussy. That just reminded her of eating Annie. She had to convince her reluctant spouse. “Her emoticon is definitely a leer.”

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Did Columbus really discover the clitoris? -- #sex #reference #history

Dictionary of Sex cover

About the Book

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex explores the role of sex from the Etruscans to the modern day. Taking the form of a dictionary, it traverses the many forms of “hanky panky” in literature, music, words and the actions of the famous and not so famous.

Did you know that women never wore knickers until the late 18th century? That Cleopatra reputedly invented the first vibrator? The rather odd history of the condom? What it means to give someone a green gown—and who was the first person to join the mile-high club?

Within this paean to the world’s favourite pastime, you will discover the “perils of self-pollution”, why Popes had to have their scrotums felt, what Buckinger’s boot and Omar the tent maker are, the whereabouts of John Dillinger’s dong and Rasputin’s rump splitter. What “to arrive at the end of a sentimental journey” means, how to restore your virginity, Medieval sex tips, the woman who had 130 orgasms in an hour, and what on earth the armadillo’s got to do with the missionary position.

The book covers an array of historical characters and their sex lives — from Chaucer to Wallis Simpson, from Rockefeller to a future king of England.  Together with the definitive histories of vibrators, the merkin and the word “fuck” amongst others, A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex is perhaps one of the most unusual books of the year!


There have been countless books on the world’s favorite pastime. Indeed, if you Google sex books, you will find over 150 million results!

These books range from the biology and anatomy of sex, to how-to-do-it books. They range from the scholarly to the irreverent, and some with really rubbish pictures in them and some without.

But, there seems to be a glaring omission. No one has yet compiled a tongue-in-cheek dictionary of the words, thoughts and some of the very strange deeds associated with it.

But where would you start? Well, quite obviously, at the beginning.

Consider the prehistoric man, not only trying to contend with the Ice Age, living in a damp cave with no sports channels, very little food and with big scary animals trying to eat him. You would safely assume the last thing on his mind was sex.

Apparently not.

In between avoiding sabre toothed tigers and other hairy things that bite, he would spend some of his time carving things known as Venus figurines. These were Prehistoric Barbie dolls with huge breasts and with massive Kim Kardashian-like asses. These figurines, of which hundreds have survived, appear to have had no practical use whatsoever, other than be a sort of Stone-Age version of Playboy.

Much, much later, when the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were first being excavated, red-faced Victorian archaeologists with silly beards had to take continuous cold showers on discovering a treasure trove of erotic tableaux and other wonderfully smutty things.

So, despite our view that all previous generations were old-fashioned, prim and inhibited (well some were), the fact is that we as human beings have always been obsessed by sex. Wars won and lost because of it, people made rich by it and reputations ruined by it.

So join me if you will, on an alphabetical journey down the highways and byways of the world’s most popular pastime, discovering along the way such important nuggets as: life changing sexual advice from the Middle Ages, the somewhat disturbing history of the vibrator, the rather strange sex life of a future King of England and, most importantly of all, what on earth have armadillos got to do with the missionary position?

A for Aphrodisiac Users

Advice on starting your engine from the famous and infamous through the ages.

Aristotle (384 – 322 BC), Greek philosopher:
When not sitting still and philosophising, he would recommend the use of oil of peppermint to stimulate sexual desire. To reduce the libido, he also suggested walking long distances through the hills barefoot.

Pliny (23 – 79AD), Roman naturalist and author:
He came up with this rather obvious suggestion that in order to fan the flames of lust: Why not to eat a hyena’s eye with a dash of dill?

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527), Italian statesman:
Whilst taking a break from plotting, he swore by the aphrodisiac powers of the mandrake plant. He even wrote a not particularly amusing comedy, La Mandragola (1524), in its honor.

Giovanni Casanova (1725 – 1798), Italian libertine:
The patron saint of shagging attributed much of his spectacular sexual energy to the fact that he always ate 50 oysters for breakfast every morning.

Captain James Cook (1728 – 1779), English explorer:
Before being killed by angry Hawaiians, Cook feasted every morning on a special, aphrodisiac dish of fresh shrimp. He often boasted that he could take on ten native girls a day. Perhaps that was the reason for the angry Hawaiians.

Madame Du Barry (1743 – 1793), Mistress of Louis XV:
She tried to keep Louis XV in her thrall by feeding him foods that would make him weak with lust: sweetbreads, venison, pheasant cooked in white wine, truffles, capon in sherry broth, to name just a few.

Mae West (1892 – 1980), Actress:
The legendary sex queen recommended eating almonds to increase one’s sex drive.

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