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Lawyers in Love! @SeelieKay #KinkyBriefs #OnSale #Lawyers

Kinky Briefs Quatro cover

By Seelie Kay (Guest Blogger)

It is truly amazing how events of long ago suddenly leak into your consciousness and permit you to create characters and stories that have depth and a strong sense of reality.

After more than 30 years in the legal world, I must confess that the wickedness flowing from my pen is inspired by the men and women with whom I have worked or otherwise associated. Some I loved, some I despised, and still others, I barely noticed. As a former journalist, my powers of observation are strong, and many times I unwittingly catalog strange events and people, character flaws, and personality quirks only to have them reborn, but more pleasantly modified, in my stories.

Unfortunately, a singular observation does not translate into a full story or antagonist. Indeed, it takes a whole lot of idiosyncrasies and bizarre occurrences to craft a tale. And of course, to make things a bit more interesting, I throw in a dash of kink. Kink to me is not necessarily the whips, chains, blindfolds, and handcuffs popularized in recent tomes. I define kink as behavior outside the norm, proclivities that may fall on a spectrum that begins on the cusp of the vanilla world and extends deep into BDSM. However, my stories reflect my belief that the sexual aspect of any relationship should be pleasurable. 
That’s why my kinky lawyers are playful, inquisitive, willing, and open to exploration.

Most importantly, their behavior is consensual. What two or more people do behind closed doors is their business. It is not incumbent on any of us to judge or criticize. My stories may make you blush, they may even make you uncomfortable. My hope is that in the end, they will also make you think, and yes, make you smile. And if after reading this book, you feel compelled to run out and buy a set of handcuffs, I say go for it!
You only live once. Why not permit your imagination to occasionally run wild and intrude on your reality?


Take another kinky voyage through Lawyerland!

Indulge in a walk on the wild side with these sizzling short stories about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink. From painting well-hung nudes at a networking event or thwarting terrorists intent on harm to finding love despite a chronic illness or exploring kink on a train, these lawyers pursue love with a vengeance. And while affairs of the heart may come in all shapes and sizes—a law school ménage a trois, a middle-aged A.G. and a law firm associate, and a new marriage suddenly threatened by a spouse long believed dead—these relationships thrive despite the odds. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and yes, the resultant loin heating might even make you blush, but in the end, you’ll run out and buy a set of handcuffs. Because that’s the only way to defuse the sizzle created by these hot, sexy stories.

Coming soon from all major booksellers!

About Seelie Kay

Seelie Kay writes about lawyers in love, with a dash of kink.

Writing under a nom de plume, the former lawyer and journalist draws her stories from more than 30 years in the legal world. Seelie’s wicked pen has resulted in six works of fiction, all released in 2017, including Kinky Briefs, Kinky Briefs, Too, The Garage Dweller, Kinky Briefs, Thrice, and A Touchdown to Remember, as well as the romance anthology, Pieces of Us.

When not spinning her kinky tales, Seelie ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. Currently, she resides in a bucolic exurb outside Milwaukee, WI, where she shares a home with her son and enjoys opera, the Green Bay Packers, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an occasional bottle of red wine.

Seelie is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS: Never give up. You define MS, it does not define you!

Author links:

Twitter: @SeelieKay

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Tales of love with a BDSM twist -- @pebbleslacasse #mistress #submission #femdom

Mistress Tarah cover

By Pebbles Lacasse (Guest Blogger)

Hello everyone, Im Pebbles Lacasse. Its nice to meet you. Thank you Lisabet for having me as a guest on your blog. For all of you who have never heard my name before, Ill tell you a bit about the stories I write and how I create my characters.

Although Ive written books that arent sexual, my favorite tales to tell are about the delights of BDSM. Many readers think there cant be a love story to come from a book about consensual rough sex. I dont want the readers to get hung up on all the sexual aspects of the stories. Love is where its at, am I right? I adore a good romance. My characters always discover their love where they least expected to find them. Im always pleased to finish a book with a happy ending.

When starting a novel, I like to imagine characters that have interesting personalities and a wild sex drive. Each one is strong-minded, especially the submissives. Occasionally, however, their characteristics resemble people I know in real life. Some of my friends tell me about their wildest fantasies, most they would never act upon. But, there are others who whisper risqué details of the most exciting, taboo sex they have ever had. A few of those stories have made it into my books but I wont tell you which scenarios or their names. Secrecy is a must.

The main character in my book series, My JoeSmith, is quiet and seems innocent. She differs greatly from the woman who tells her tale in my third book, Alexa & Blaire. Both seek adventure as well as mind-blowing sexual experiences, and neither thinks love in on the table until all of a sudden, it is. Through trust, budding romances thrive, blooming into a bond stronger than the ropes used to bind them.

Mistress Tarah is my latest book, published February 16 of 2018. This book is a bit different than the others in that the storyteller is a dominatrix and not the submissive. It was so much fun to write the book from another perspective. I can see myself writing more books like this one. All of my BDSM books are published through eXcessica.

If love and explicit sexual scenes are your thing, check out the blurb for Mistress Tarah

Mistress Tarah quenches the secret kinky thirsts of her wealthy clients, pushing each persons boundaries to their limit. Whether they want to be humiliated, adored, punished or bound, she enjoys taking them into their world of fantasy, ensuring their experience with her is unequalled. Mistress Tarah thrives in her expert ability to dish out exactly the right amount of pain before pleasure, never leaving a client disappointed no matter the depth of their perversion.

Victor is a ferocious master of his own dungeon but when Mistress Tarah calls, she need only ask him to join her and he will eagerly fulfill her client’s desire of being physically overwhelmed by a muscle-bound beast of a man. He has an uncanny ability of bringing both men and women to unimaginable heightened states of arousal.

When he leaves the dungeon, he becomes the gentle giant who loves and adores Mistress Tarah with a patient easiness that she doesn’t understand. The one thing she fears the most is giving her love away, no matter how much she wants to let herself fall for Victor’s gentle touch, loving arms and his promise of an everlasting love.

Her fears of meeting his family have her doubting they will accept her unconditionally if Victor reveals who she is. When one of her top clients is discovered to be an important member of Victor’s family, will this new information cast her out of his life, proving to her once again that nobody can love unconditionally… not even Victor?

Have I tickled your interest? Not quite? Perhaps you need a little snippet from between the pages of Mistress Tarah. Here is an excerpt that just might pull on your naughty string

I have Steven lying face down, spread out on the floor while I sit on his lower back and spank his ass. Before he laid flat, I had him aim his prick to point toward his feet so the top of it rests against the floor. I shove my fingers into his asshole while my other hand presses down on the head of his engorged cock, nearly flattening it to the floor. He’s gasping and groaning as I punish his prick and asshole. He can hear his wife moaning but I have him so he can’t see her. I arranged him purposely this way to frustrate him, which will excite him even more.

My fingers slap at his testicles before stroking the tip of his cock. He’s crying out and moaning at the same time. It could all stop if he wanted it to but he enjoys the suffering. I can feel his manhood swelling beneath him. I push three fingers into his ass, and then four while fucking him slowly.

My attention is drawn back to Victor and Kim when she screams out from her first orgasm by him. His fingers are buried deep into her sloppy, wet cunt. I can hear the sloshing as his digits wave inside of her.

He looks to me and winks, letting me know that hes going to fuck her soon. I need to arrange Steven so he can watch her reactions. I order him to follow me crawling like a baby. He complies without a sound, standing as soon as we reach the pillars.
After fastening his hands together behind his back using metal handcuffs, I buckle a collar onto his neck and attach it to one of the ropes that hang from the ceiling chains, and then pull it until hes standing straight and tall. If his feet are flat on the floor, the collar will slow the blood flow to his brain but if hes on his toes, hell be fine. I will need to monitor him very closely in this position. The rope is set with a quick release if he gets weak or passes out.

I insert a large butt plug into his ass, which slips in easier than usual. Victor stretched him quite a bit. I stand in front of him and fondle his prick while he stares at my eyes, trying not to offend me by peeking at his wife and Victor. He learned a long time ago to watch me while I’m touching him, unless I instruct him otherwise. I slide a handheld fucking sleeve over his erect penis and slowly glide up and down his full length while I gingerly fondle his testicles with my free hand, squeezing hard at times.

Watch your wife. Victor is going to fuck her. Do you think she’ll scream? Maybe she’ll enjoy his cock so much that yours will no longer satisfy her.” My words are spoken in a soft, teasing voice while I make my way behind him so he can watch them… so we can both watch them.

My hand slides the fucking sleeve while my other plays with the butt plug, pushing and pulling it, not enough to say I’m fucking him with it, just teasing. I veer my eyes to the couple as he’s rolling on a condom. She is panting, anxiously awaiting his thick, rigid member.

He leans over like he’s going to kiss her but it’s in the contract that he doesn’t. He’s allowed to kiss her husband but not her. Steven felt it would be too emotionally intimate for a man to kiss another man’s wife. He’s sure he’d get jealous if that were to occur. People never know what they will or will not get upset about until the situation arises and by then, sometimes it’s too late. I warned couples to be conscious of that, especially for their first time with a bisexual male partner.

He lines up his large cock and slowly pushes forward, sliding all the way into her without pausing. Her mouth gapes, releasing a long, loud moan. He pulls his hips back and then glides into her with great care not to slam hard the first few times. She’s watching his washboard abs flex and relax. He puts his hands on the back of his head and purposely flexes his muscles as he fucks her.

Her face reddens and she screams out, “I’m coming!” Her teeth clench as she fights to keep her eyes open so she can see the glorious creature before her but they flutter and then squeeze tightly shut.

Victor pushes his pelvis against her and holds, grabbing her waist to help hold himself inside her as her cunt spasms around his prick. He will not let her spray, thus not giving her the powerfully orgasmic experience that every woman so desires. As soon as her body eases, he begins hammering into her. She’s watching his face again as he watches his cock fill her completely. When he looks back up at her, she’s coming again. He holds inside her waiting for her to ease, once again refusing her the gushing orgasm.

He pulls out of her long enough to walk a few steps to collect a vibrating wand from the floor beside them. He lines up and slides into her wet cunt with a quick thrust. She’s already moaning, working up another orgasm. I think she’s so infatuated by his appearance that he could be the worst lay ever and she’d still orgasm, but he is very good, I know this for a fact.

He presses the vibrating wand against her clit and she starts squirming against the restraints. Soon she’s wailing and moaning, begging him not to stop what he’s doing to her. He continues to fuck her with an easygoing rhythm while vibrating her tiny cluster of nerves. As soon as she starts whining like she’s going to climax, he slams his prick into her cunt repeatedly, with force. Kim falls silent, her face reddening as she holds her breath, so lost in ecstasy, her brain too overcome by pleasure to realize that she needs to breathe.

Victor suddenly pulls out of her and spins to the side as a flooding gush of cum sprays from her spastic cunt, splashing onto the floor. Her body convulses as she gasps in a long breathe and then screams, demanding him to continue. “Fuck me hard!”

Do you want to read more? I hope you do. Here are some links to my author pages to help you


About Pebbles

Pebbles Lacasse is a writer of erotic sex that some would consider to be taboo. The genre of BDSM is sadly overlooked by many, but Pebbles enjoys creating characters with big personalities that are easy for most readers to assimilate with, especially ifnormalis not what you crave. Although shes written sci-fi and mystery under her real name, sex is what she writes best.

Having been raised in a small town in southern Canada, she learned the value of keeping life simple. Pebbles remains near her birthplace even though she has lived elsewhere. Home is with family. Shes worked in many jobs that taught her what it means to work hard but due to illness, is now at home creating characters who love to be bad.

Shes married to the love of her life who just so happens to be her best friend. Together theyve raised two amazing children who are now grown and living happy, productive lives. She keeps her family close to her heart, always and forever.

Be good to one another and don’t hurt anyone, unless they ask you to.


Pebbles Lacasse

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Move over, boys.... #UrbanFantasy #BookBlast #snarky @wildeauthor

UDH Cover


What doesn’t kill you...

seriously messes with your love life.

Nava is happily settling into her new relationship and life is all giddy joy and stolen kisses.

Except when it’s assassins. Talk about a mood killer.

She and Rohan are tracking the unlikely partnership between the Brotherhood and a witch who can bind demons, but every new piece of the puzzle is leaving them with more questions than answers.

And someone doesn’t appreciate them getting close to the truth.

Go figure.

On top of that, a demon known only as Candyman has unleashed a drug that’s harming users in extremely disturbing ways.

After a friend of Nava’s is hurt, she vows to take this demon down. But will life as she knows it survive this mission, or will this be the one time she should have looked before she leapt?

Happily-ever-after: barring death, she’s got a real shot at it.


Rohan parked, cut the engine, and turned to me, his eyes hot. “Know what else I don’t like?”

I licked my lips, remembered that wasn’t an answer and shook my head.

Making me sit through dinner, watching you in that dress. Cruel.”

You’ve been copping feels all the way home.

It’s not enough.”

I snickered, but when he slammed his precious car’s door in his haste to get me inside, I may have set a new record for speed-walking in heels.

We barely made it into his bedroom before, mouth on mine, he pressed me back against the wall. His teeth dragged over my lower lip before his tongue slipped inside. He trailed his magic finger blades over my shoulder and bare back, just enough to leave faint marks that I’d shiver staring at in the bathroom mirror later.

Sliding my hand under his shirt, I skimmed my fingers along the ridges of his sculpted abs. He retracted his blades and I broke the kiss to draw his fingers into my mouth, my tongue swirling around each one in turn. Pinching his nipples with my other hand, I rubbed my bare thigh up his leg. His sigh rumbled over me.

A furious ache built to a throbbing pulse inside me.

Rohan sucked on my neck and I tilted my head to give him better access to the sensitive skin. He caressed my cheek with the back of his hand, pinning me with this filthy eye-fuck that made my stomach flutter. “Wrap your legs around me.”

About the Author

A global wanderer, hopeless romantic, and total cynic with a broken edit button, Deborah writes urban fantasy to satisfy her love of smexy romances and tales of chicks who kick ass. This award-winning author is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. “It takes a bad girl to fight evil. Go Wilde.”

Twitter: @wildeauthor

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