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Review Tuesday: In the Flesh by KD Grace (#paranormal #review #erotica @kd_grace)

In the Flesh cover

In the Flesh by K D Grace
Self-published with Smashwords and Amazon, 2016

No one writes paranormal fiction like KD Grace. In penning her tales of myths and magic, she plumbs psychological and spiritual depths that most authors don’t even realize exist. Ms. Grace ignores tropes and conventions, following the trail of her stories down the rabbit hole of her own fertile imagination. The truths she unearths amaze, arouse, terrify and delight.

In the Flesh shows more of this narrative serendipity than any of her other paranormal titles I’ve read. The novel began as a serial posted on her blog; I suspect that each installment was as much a discovery for her as it was for her fans. Certainly I found myself continually surprised by the story’s twists and turns, though in retrospect none of the plot devices seemed implausible. I just didn’t see them coming.

That’s a compliment. As anyone who reads my reviews will know, predictability in a story can really kill my enjoyment.

The tale begins when author Susan Innes is invited by her close friend Annie to visit Chapel House, the de-consecrated church Annie purchased six months previously. Susan finds Annie much changed. Her formerly plump, boisterous girlfriend has become skinny, pale and distracted, obsessed with a mysterious, invisible lover who she claims is God. As Susan watches Annie bathed in moonlight in front of the old altar, moaning and writhing with pleasure, she tries to rationalize her friend’s strange behavior as some sort of psychological illness.

However, Susan herself senses the presence of the unseen being who haunts the church’s half-ruined halls and overgrown garden. She feels his erotic pull, hears the promises of unspeakable ecstasy he whispers to her. Though she sees that Annie has been literally consumed by her spectral paramour and understands she is in danger of a similar fate, she cannot resist falling under his spell. Only the arrival of a burly workman named Michael saves her from losing herself completely.

Michael rips her out of the Guardian’s sphere of influence and takes her as his lover, but he cannot totally eradicate Susan’s irrational lust for the invisible but overwhelmingly seductive spirit. When the Guardian uses Annie to lure Susan back to his territory, Michael enlists the aid of allies equally powerful, and equally dangerous.

I don’t want to spoil things by saying too much more about the plot. However, the emotional and erotic intensity continue to build throughout the tale. There’s magic and terror and death, plus lots of sexsex that involves deeper connections than the purely physical. As she did in her Lakeland Witches series, Ms. Grace explores the ways in which sexual experience is a gateway to new capabilities and states of consciousness.

As an author, though, there’s one aspect of the plot that I just have to mention. Susan gradually comes to understand that the act of writing is literally infused with magic. Her writing shapes reality. Even the supernatural creatures who surround her recognize and honor her awesome power as a true scribea woman whose imagination can alter the world, a woman whose words are made flesh.

I understand.

This is what it feels like to be a writer, on the best days when the ideas are flowing and the words write themselves. We’re immersed in the sacred act of creation, totally sure of ourselves, molding the universe in subtle but important ways. And this is perhaps what I loved best about In the Flesh: the fact that Susan manages to save herself and her companions not by casting a spell or wielding some enchanted sword, but by writing a story.

I Used to be a Witch (#halloween #freereading #newrelease)

Did you know I was once a witch? No, not like her, alas! I was never that glamorous. However, I did act the part of a witch in a community theater production of Dog’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s MacBeth many years ago. (That's me on the left.)

Indeed, you’ll have to agree I’m far scarier than the bonny lass abovefar more appropriate for Halloween.

Speaking of scary... Have you downloaded your free copy of my erotic horror story TheShadow over Des Moines? I’m afraid it’s free only on Smashwords; Amazon doesn’t allow authors to publish free books. You can get a .mobi file from Smashwords, though, which should work just fine with your Kindle.

At the end of Shadow, you’ll find a coupon that will let you buy my last year’s Halloween release, Coming in Costume, for only 99 cents. If you haven’t read that BDSM ménage title yet, well — today’s the ideal time!

As one reviewer commented: “This is a super short read so you could definitely read it easily one night in front of the fire or on a break. However, I wouldn't recommend reading this at work because it's very hot and sexy and I can almost guarantee you'd rather be by yourself so as to be able to fully appreciate the kink of this story.”

Meanwhile, I’m working on two longer paranormal stories for your reading pleasure. I’ll keep you posted, but I promise I’ll get at least one of the out for next Halloween!

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#Free Halloween Book and Other News! (#Lovecraft #horror #halloween)

Halloween Banner
New and Upcoming Releases

Have you gotten your free copy of my erotic horror tale, The Shadow over Des Moines?

Alas, with all the traveling I've been doing this year, neither of my works in progress was ready for a Halloween release, even though either one would have been perfect. (One's a paranormal ménage featuring a werewolf and a vampire, the other a tale of an author selling her soul to the devil!) Anyway, I couldn't let my favorite holiday go by without some sort of celebration, so I've re-edited my tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, created a new cover, and released it for free.

I've also dropped the price of Coming in Costume, last year's Halloween tale, from $2.99 to 99 cents. You'll find a discount coupon at the back of the free ebook.

If you're looking for more Halloween reading, get yourself a copy of my sexy BDSM ghost story Rendezvous. It's currently 30% off at Totally Bound.

As for other releases, the summer was pretty quiet, partly because I was on the road about one week out of every four. Since my last newsletter, I've been to the U.S., to Austria and the Czech Republic, to Sri Lanka, to Thailand, and to China –-- twice! It has all been for business, alas. No sooner do I unpack from one trip than I have to pack for the next. Makes it tough to devote any concentrated time to writing.

However, since my last update, I do have two stories out in recent charitable anthologies.

In response to the anti-gay massacre at the Pulse club last June, MLR Press has published an anthology entitled Hope for Pulse: Hate Will Never Win. I was proud to contribute an expanded and re-edited version of my F/F erotic romance "The Late Show". All proceeds from this amazing book will go to Equality Florida, an organization working to support the victims of the Pulse shooting.

Also, you'll find my brand new spicy M/F romance "Test Drive" in Leigh Ellwood's anthology Coming Together: On Wheels. Sales of this collection benefit the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR). Given what we see in the news these days, one could hardly find a more relevant charity. You can read a quick excerpt here.

Speaking of charities, editor Ashley Lister has selected several of my poems for the second volume of Coming Together: In Verse, which should be out in November. The In Verse series is dedicated to the animal welfare organization Hope for Paws.

Free Reading and Other News 

This month you'll find two new free stories on my free reading page. My quickie Caritas looks at the dangers of first impressions. Stroke is one of my favorite BDSM stories, which demonstrates my tag line – imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac. As is normal for me, both are pretty hot!

I've been spending quite a bit of time on Twitter these days, trying (like everyone else) to get people to pay attention to me and my work. To be honest, it's pretty frustrating. I'm fairly clueless when it comes to marketing. I'm an author, not a PR guru. If only my books would sell themselves...but that's every author's (hopeless?) dream.

I do love to chat with readers, though. So if you're on Twitter or on Goodreads, please do follow me or send me a friend request. (I'm not on Facebook in my author identity, so don't bother looking.) Let's connect!

Lisabet's Pick of the Month 

My October pick of the month is the very active Princess of the Light blog, run by N.N. Light. N.N. is actually a couple (Mrs. N and Mr. N.) who post great reviews, inspiring articles, and useful publishing advice for authors. Highly recommended!

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Coming Home to a Wide Brown Land (#australia #lesfic #giveaway @IamCheyenneBlue)

Not-So-Straight Sue cover

By Cheyenne Blue (Guest Blogger)

Thank you, Lisabet, for once again hosting me on your site. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in a few countries over the years: England, Scotland, Ireland, Colorado in the United States, Switzerland. And Australia.

All of those countries are special to me in some way: the community and humour in Ireland; the footpaths, pubs and tiny villages of the U.K.; those bloody beautiful Colorado Rockies and the equally gorgeous Swiss Alps. But if I had to pick one place to live for the rest of my life, it would be Oz. I wasn’t born in Australia, but I was lucky enough to become an Aussie citizen nearly thirty years ago. My accent is now a strange mix of Brit, with a strong overlay of Australian, with a few words that I will forever and always pronounce the American way (I’ll say “ruff” not “rooof" but I will NEVER say “al-oo-min-um”). Most people I meet assume I’m Australian, and if asked where I’m from, I will say I’m an Aussie. If you’re ever unsure of my accent though, ask me to say “the car is in the car park”. Those long vowels give me away.

All this is a long winded way of saying that, to quote the words of a popular song, I still call Australia home. I’ve been back here for seven years now, living in a rural area of Queensland, and spending as many weekends as I can going bush, which is what we Aussies call the back country.

Over the years, my stories have usually been set in the country where I was living or visiting at the time. You can trace my movements over the globe through my stories: the United States, with diversions to Canada, the UK with diversions to mainland Europe, many set in Ireland. And now back to Australia.

I have a new novel out, Not-So-Straight Sue. Its the story of Sue, an ex-pat Aussie lawyer living in London who, like so many Aussies, answers the siren song to return home. Not to a big city, but to outback Queensland. Not-So-Straight Sue is a tale about coming out, friendship, lawyers, doctors, the Australian outback, dogs, family, small towns, ex-girlfriends, finding your place in life, horses, rural life, wine-drinking, stripteases, camper vans, star gazing, horse riding,Waltzing Matilda”, and of course love and sex. Lots of love and sex.

Not-So-Straight Sue is the second in myGirl Meets Girlseries (the first being Never-Tied Nora ) however each of the series is a standalone book with overlapping characters.

Here’s the blurb and an excerpt.


Sorry, I’m straight.” Those words, accompanied by a smile, were the ones Sue Brent used to turn down women. But the truth was buried so deep that even her best friend, Nora, didn’t know that Sue was queer. Sometimes, Sue even managed to convince herself. The only person in London who’d seen through her façade was Moni, an American tourist.

When a date with a friend’s brother goes disastrously wrong, Sue has to confront the truth about herself. Leaving London, she returns to Australia to take up the reins in an outback law practice. Back in the country of her birth, she is finally able to accept who she is, including facing Denise, the woman who burned her so badly years ago and set her on the path of pretence. But it’s not until Moni arrives in Queensland to work for the Flying Doctors that Sue is finally able to see a path to happiness. However, as things start to go her way, Denise arrives in Mungabilly Creek, begging a favour that might destroy Sue’s new relationship.

Image of outback Australia by Rossco,


And then it was New Year’s Eve, the day Moni was arriving.

I was prowling the house by five in the morning, long before Moni would even have left the Isa. I took Ripper for a walk down to where the creek had now retreated back to its bed and only a few pools of water remained. Ripper had a standoff with a goanna, and the reptile definitely won, as Rip retreated behind my legs. The goanna scrabbled off up a tree. I stared out over the dry landscape and wondered what tonight would bring. Three days with Moni. Three days. Two nights.

I’d drunk a pot of coffee by eight, dashed off emails to Nora and Ger, Jim, and my parents by half past, and by nine I’d given up all pretence of calm and sat on the front veranda staring at the road.

It was nearly ten when Moni’s Holden drove down the street to take a wide looping turn into the driveway. Ripper and I leapt down the back steps. Before she turned the engine off, I pulled open the door, and she was in my arms. When our kiss finally ended, she unwound her arms from around my neck and said, “I don’t need to ask if you missed me.”

My lips tingled from the touch with hers. She grinned at me, moved to the boot of her car, and opened it with a flourish. “Just how much wine did you order?” Six cases were crammed into the boot.

I only ordered three.”

Looks like they messed up. There was one delivery of three cases, and the next day the same came again.”

I’ll email them. This is to replace Ken’s good wine that I may have accidentally swallowed since I’ve been here.”

It’s good stuff. I know that for a fact, as one of these cases now only has eleven bottles in it.”

We’ll drink a bottle tonight for New Year’s.”

Yes. Tonight.” She moved back into my arms. “I hope your plans include more than wine. I know mine do.”

I couldn’t breathe. Her eyes were huge, her lips were curved in a half smile. My girl. That was how I thought of her. And after tonight—my lover. Maybe my future.

They do. My plans for tonight include you. Just you.”

There was a shout from the street “Sue! Hey, Sue!” It was Billy, his arm still in a sling and strapped to his body. He came down the drive to where Moni and I stood. “Happy New Year. Youse going to the Royal tonight? There’s a band, and I’ll shout you a drink. Been working with Cookie. That was a great idea of yours, Sue. Y’know, I like this cooking lark.” He paused, noticing, apparently for the first time, how close I was holding Moni. “This your girlfriend?”

I nodded.

Well, I’ll shout the two of youse later.” He turned and went down the street in the direction of the Royal. It could be a long night for Billy.

Moni reached up to stroke a finger across my lips. “I guess we’re going to the pub tonight.”

I caught her finger as it returned for a second pass. “Sounds like it. But when we come home…” I let the sentence hang in the air.

She visibly shook herself. “Let’s get your bottle shop’s worth of wine inside. I’m dying of thirst. I spilt my water bottle into the gearbox about fifty kilometres out of the Isa.”

We carried the wine into the laundry, minus a couple of bottles that went upstairs for later. Moni retrieved her case and carried it up the stairs to the house. She dragged it through the living area, into my bedroom, and dropped it on the floor. “This is where I’m sleeping tonight. Any arguments?”

I had none.

Not-So-Straight Sue is available now from Ylva Publishing and starting from 2 November 2016 on Amazon:

Want to win a copy of Not-So-Straight Sue? Leave me a comment with your email address, telling me where you call home... and why. I’ll randomly select a winner from among the people who comment.

About Cheyenne Blue

Cheyenne Blue’s fiction has been included in over ninety erotic anthologies since 2000. She is the editor of Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire, a 2015 finalist for both the Lambda Literary Award and Golden Crown Literary Award, and of First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings.

Her collected lesbian short fiction is published as Blue Woman Stories, volumes 1-3, with more to come. The first two books in her romantic Girl Meets Girl series, Never-Tied Nora and Not-So-Straight Sue are out now from Ylva Publishing, with the final book Fenced-In Felix due in November 2016.

Cheyenne has lived in the U.K., Ireland, the United States, and Switzerland, but now writes, runs, makes bread and cheese, and drinks wine in rural Queensland, Australia. Check out her blog at and follow her on Twitter at @IamCheyenneBlue and on Goodreads at

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Sneak Peek: Escaping Demons Saga by Stacy McWilliams (#pnr #demons @stacemcw)


Jasmine Johnstone's life was relatively normal until she was forced to live with the Stevenson family. As she stayed she found she had no choice but to battle mythical creatures. Strengths she never knew she possessed began to surface, surprising those around her. Her only chance of surviving the rising tide of evil was Nathan Stevenson. Could she really trust him as he fought against his love for her? With the world against them and time running out, would their love be enough to defeat demons? (204 pages)


Life has never been easy for Jasmine Johnstone, but failing for Nathan Stevenson brings a whole new level of difficulty. Since she arrived at his home he's blown hot and cold with her, turned against her and revealed a deadly threat. He is sworn to kill her, and fights against his love for her more than ever, but he knows he can't live without her. 

As they run from monsters, and each other, can their love survive? 
Time begins to run out and with new friends and enemies in the strangest places, will they learn who to trust in time? 
With their love stronger than ever, but forces pulling them apart, is love enough to keep them together or will Nathan's parents succeed in pulling them apart? (214 pages)

***This novella is the prequel to Luminosity**** 

Life was full of nothing but darkness for Nathan Stevenson until Jasmine appeared in his life. She brought his innermost desires to the surface. She burned her way through to his heart to become embedded in his soul. He knew she was dangerous but would she break down his wall as he dreamed of her touch and fought against the impulse to protect her? Would their love be enough to defeat his demons? Was he strong enough to resist her or would her light burn irrevocably? (95 pages)

Excerpt from Candlelight

School passed in a blur and that night, I spent my time catching up on all the work I had missed. The following day, an opportunity presented itself to me and I couldn’t resist getting my message across to that fucker.

James walked a little ahead of me during class time. It looked as if he headed to the library. He didn’t notice me as I looped around the corridor and caught him before he entered, pushing him into a disused office. I slammed him full force up against the wall and put my arm over his throat. I allowed my hands to morph into claws, holding them at a vein in his throat as fury pulsed through me.

I froze him with my powers. I could feel his powers trying to find a way around mine. I brushed them aside, as though they were no more than a fly in my face. Demon power raced through me and I stood tall before spitting out, “I know what you did and I know what you are trying to do. You won’t succeed. For every single time you try, I will ruin something you care about. You are not getting away with this; I will make sure of it…”

I broke off and turned my hand back to normal before I punched him full force in the nose. I relished the sound of the bone breaking. He would heal it in seconds, though he wouldn’t be able to get rid of the blood from Demon sight. Strolling towards the door, I called over my shoulder,

Mop yourself up, you disgusting piece of filth.”

About the Author

Stacy McWilliams is the mum of two boys, a wife and a writer. She loves reading a variety of genres and enjoy a diverse range of movies.

She writes paranormal romance and loves to meet new people.

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When I Grow Up (#amwriting #future #dirtyoldlady)

elderly lady writing

You never know how things will turn out. When I was in grade school, in the early days of the U.S. space program, I wanted to be an astronaut. I liked science and math and I loved reading Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. What other qualifications did I need? I was devastated to learn that I would disqualified by my extreme myopia and the total absence of arches in my feet. (It never dawned on me that my gender might be an obstacle as well.)

In high school, Watson, Crick and Franklin had just deciphered the genetic code and I was determined to become a molecular biologist. My role models were Marie Curie and Jonas Salk. I imagined myself in the lab, making world-shaking discoveries to benefit mankind. Then I had the chance to do a summer internship in a food chemistry lab and discovered how incredibly boring laboratory research could be.

As I entered undergraduate school, my goal was to be a doctor. I took all the required pre-med courses, but the more I got to know my fellow aspirants to medical school, the less sure I was that I was on the right path. Meanwhile, I took some experimental psychology courses that suggested we were on the verge of understanding perception, planning and memory. I switched majors and got my next three degrees in cognitive experimental psych. At the same time, I started to study computers and programming, since computer modeling had become a popular tool for testing psychological theories about human cognition.

Two years out of graduate school, I was burned out on psychology research. All I seemed to be accomplishing was producing publications. I yearned for a more practical, useful career. My computer courses came in handy when I applied for a job as a programmer. It was love at first coding. I discovered that I had an aptitude for developing software. The disciplined, step-by-step approach I had cultivated during my years as a researcher was a huge advantage in the software arena. Meanwhile, I loved the fact that I could take my ideas and turn them, almost magically,  into an artifact that could have concrete, beneficial effects in the real world.

Then my husband (whom I had acquired along the way) and I got offered a two year contract teaching computer-related topics in Thailand. All of a sudden I was back in an academic setting, where I'd spent so many of my earlier years. Skills that I had expected never to use again—reading, writing and editing technical papers, planning research, doing statistical analyses—suddenly became relevant once more.

Back in the U.S., I returned to software engineering, this time at a higher level, as an expert consultant.  But at the same time, my husband and I developed a software product of our own and established a company to market it. Now in addition to producing code, I was writing user manuals, advertisements, brochures and demos. I was attending trade shows and talking to potential customers. As the treasurer of our small corporation, I was also paying bills, filling out government forms, and dealing with tax issues. 

In 1999 I published my first novel. I don't think that my career exploits up to that point had much to do with my aptitude for writing smut (though the heroine of Raw Silk happens to be a software engineer). However, many of the other skills I had acquired in my professional life turned out to be amazingly useful.

My computer knowledge obviously helps in today's world of on-line promotion. I developed the first version of my website using WSIWYG software but got terribly frustrated by the bugs and the lack of control. These days, I maintain my website manually, writing the HTML code by hand using templates developed by a graphic designer. It may sounds like a lot of work but making changes is fast, easy and most important, reliable. When I edited Cream, I was able to create a script that generated customized contracts for each of the forty odd contributors, based on a few items of information they entered in a web form. I've also considered doing some scripting to automate announcements for my blog and other news, based on my calendar.

My experience as a small business owner has made me moderately comfortable with the monetary aspects of my writing career.  I have no problem keeping financial records or dealing with taxes.

Probably the most vital characteristic derived from my professional life is my relatively disciplined approach to time management. I set aside specific times for idea generation, research, writing, and promotion. Both my software and research careers helped me to develop a capacity for managing detail, which gets more and more critical daily as the world of publishing and promotion becomes more complicated.   

So what happens next?  I have an image of myself in fifteen years, gray-haired and frail, sitting in front of my computer and writing hot sex scenes. Given the various twists and turns my professional life has taken to get to this point, I suspect this picture may be far from accurate. But then, you never know. Maybe I've finally discovered what I'm going to be when I grow up.

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Weird Dreams and the Birth of the Hot Squad (#erotica #comedy #nsfw)

Giselle cover

By Dacy Alexandria (Guest Blogger)

Firstly I'd like to thank Lisabet for hosting my little bit of rambling that will hopefully entice you to read my new book Giselle and The HotSquad, published by eXcessica.

Apparently I have super weird dreams compared to the rest of humanity. For instance, I once dreamed I was getting a divorce from Kristen Stewart, and in the middle of court we were attacked by Nazi robots and were forced to rekindle our love to fend them off. Another weird dream was about a thirty year old woman who had to go to Italy to sort through her dead mother's remains and found many a magical object. This dream is the reason I'm with you on this lovely day. Unlike my team up with Miss Stewart I wasn't motivated to marathon Twilight, instead I was spurred on to write a supernatural movie script.

The age of the woman got brought down to eighteen, because being surrounded by eighteen and nineteen year olds in my ballet classes I knew them like they knew the best IG filters. The script was shifted from Italy to California, and the magically charged main character, then named Kate soon to be renamed Giselle, was given four super heroine friends and a vicious witch for foe. I thought I had a blockbuster on my hands. I was going to get this movie made easy peasy, be invited to many Hollywood bashes, and maybe just maybe use the Nazi robot dream story to hit on Kristen Stewart. I'm smooth like that, see me for my Pick Up Artist classes.

I took the script to a consultant named Melody Jackson, who happens to be a lovely woman. I had worked with her before on an award winning script I wrote, and she told me this one was hilarious, and had her not just writing LOL but literally LOL. Perhaps even LMAO? However, while Melody loved the script she thought the story would make a fantastic series of books, and convinced me to go that route.

I linked up with the awesome editor Elaine Ash and she helped me craft a novel with these cast of characters. The novel was supposed to be a procession of wild supernatural action. But then I wrote just a tiny scene where this petite hot-head, Dusty fondled the main character Giselle, and Elaine was floored. She declared that I had a gift for writing erotica and had to turn this into a erotic comedy. If there's three things I like, its sex, beautiful women, and wild jokes, and so like well trained Pokemon, Giselle and The Hot Squad evolved.

I think the funnest part of writing the story wasn't the wild sex, but is was changing the four girls besides Giselle from the script into her three dimensional roomies. I love Disney princesses so I got Princess Tristian Anna Maria Gunnarson, a figure skating, exotic dancing, sword swing royal from the country of Gyllengaard. I wanted a tough take no shit tomboy to counter Tristen's good breeding and developed the rocker chick Fleur. In the spirit of the eternal human quest to be the god of social media and my love of gingers, I created Sofi. Finally after my trip to Nashville to see Taylor Swift in concert (OMG!) where I found everyone is just darling and wonderful, I wanted Giselle to have the only rude person from Nashville at her side and little Dusty was born. 



I do very much hope you'll enjoy the story as much I enjoyed writing it. I was actually going through a severe illness during its creation, so I'm just happy to actually have it out and be able to speak with you. And if you like the book and get a laugh I'll be even happier!


It's the start of Giselle Nyfall's freshman year at the prestigious liberal arts school Drouin University in Manhattan. From the moment this well endowed innocent bounces in from Los Angeles, things go awry. A housing mix-up denies her a dorm and forces her to spend the first night in a male dorm with a cute but talkative conspiracy theorist. Only the instincts of a true exhibitionist earn Giselle some sleep. Thanks to the wicked temptress that heads student services, Giselle lands a living place much better than a freshman dorm: an upper east side condo! Giselle finds her roommates a strange oversexed lot, a rocker chick from Boston, a true blue princess, a vain Instagram starlet, and BB gun toting southern belle. Even weirder are the men of the condo complex, who appear to be placed under a devastating sex caused curse! The girls put aside their differences and throw themselves boobs first into a solution that probably won't get mentioned in any graduation speech.


Finally, the tour of the condo concludes with the not so grand finale of Giselle's room. The storage closet.

The master suite.” Fleur's wide sexy lips form a wicked grin.

What's in that box down there? Oh my god, is that a butt plug?"

The ginger bitch keeps hers in here. It can go up your ass, but it can't go in your dresser drawer?”

Ginger bitch? Butt plug stored like it's a spare bottle of Windex? Add that to the thong/boy short rule, the BB gun, and it all equals an even more confused Giselle Nyfall. What kind of oversexed zoo did Anika banish her to?

I can't stay in this room. It's a closet.”

Its classically cozy.”

There's no bed, and there's a butt plug.”

Pretend you're sleeping in a Hustler store.”

No one sleeps in the Hustler store! People do not sleep next to butt plugs! This is nuts. There has to be some mistake.”

I'm starting to think your parents may have made one.”

Giselle stomps past Fleur down the hall to the living room.

FLEUR TROUBADOUR, YOUR IRRATIONAL HARRASSENT OF THIS YOUNG LADY SHALL CEASE AT ONCE,” says another voice. This one has a silvery quality. Fleur shrinks.

Shit," she hisses at Giselle. "You got Viking Barbie on my ass.”

Viking Barbie?”

Viking Barbie appears, carried in by long, gorgeous powerful legs that reach up to a slender waist and a rock-hard ass. Beneath a luxurious frilled-sleeve shirt a pair of pendulous breasts fill out the floral pattern. Bright red lips form in a cupid's bow, resting above a rounded chin and square jaw. Her hair has been fussed over into a blond bob of rolling waves. The way she looks, the way she walks, the air around her seems like slow motion. If Fleur is a doll under a Christmas tree, then Viking Barbie is a goddess blessing The Empire State.

Welcome, Giselle. My name is Tristen.” Deep-set almond eyes appraise the newcomer. “If Fleur had only bothered to check her text messages, she would have known you were coming and spared herself exposure as a wretched bore. Yet, I am obliged to think her a fool for not simply directing you the fifth bedroom Come. I shall show you.”

Tristen leads the way to the room next to the storage closest.

My baddies, I opened the wrong door,” Fleur says with a halfhearted shrug.

The grey infused bedroom reminds Giselle of Anika's silver hair. Nearly everything is shades of grey. The accent rug, cushioned seats, a side table, are all one color scheme.

As happy as she is to have a real room, Giselle is distracted. “I know you. I've seen you on TV before!” Giselle exclaims to the tall blond.

Commoners often recognize royalty. I am Princess Tristen Maria Anna Gunnarsson, of the Gunnarsson royal family of Gyllengard.”

About Me

Dacy Alexandria is an erotic fiction author that has also taken home several screen writing awards under a different name at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival and SkyFest, and happens to be a trained ballerina. He loves the possibilities of the supernatural but also the inherent weirdness of the everyday world and likes to combine the two whenever possible. Dacy likes to focus his erotica on new adults, which might explain why he can subsist on a steady diet of CW shows and cans of Starbucks double shot for days at a time. (18+ only please!)


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