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A lot more than the average female... #ParanormalEroticRomance #LustyMonthOfMay

When a Wolf Howls cover

By Fiona McGier (Guest Blogger)

Why do I write steamy erotic fiction? Mostly because that's the way my mind works. I see a good-looking man and wonder what he's like in bed--or what he might be packing under his jeans. I think about sex a lot more than the average female--or so I've been told by many friends of both sexes over the years. But luckily my husband is happy with me the way I am. And let's just say that when he asked me to marry him, I realized that if I could only have sex with one man for the rest of my life, choosing an expert was a great choice!

I grew up with a mom who loved reading romance novels. Her large family was full of relatives who talked about sex all the time--mostly through dirty jokes and innuendoes. When the talk got too dirty, one of them would poke the one speaking, while pointing to young me. Then they'd switch to Polish, so I was cut out of the really nasty stuff--until I got older. Mom and her sisters/sisters-in-law used to trade grocery bags of paperbacks that no one ever owned. If someone really wanted one, they'd keep it--but otherwise the bags were always moving, and growing. I can remember coming home from grade school to see Mom drop-kick a book across the room, yelling at the author--All of that build-up and no sex? I'm never reading you again! I wasn't that old when Mom started letting me sample some of the brown-paper-bag books. So with that background, of course I grew up believing that lots of good sex is very important to happiness. And that it was perfectly normal for married women to want to read steamy novels with hot sex scenes. I write what I like to read.

When a Wolf Howls, by Fiona McGier


She's an unemployed scientist, applying to be a teacher at a small, private academy in rural Maine. He's the principal--and a werewolf. Students are sent here so if a wolf is living inside of them, it will present itself in a safe environment. It doesn't take long for her to realize something's different about the sexy boss she's trying to keep her hands off of; but his wolf has decided she's their mate. Now what?

X-rated excerpt

Set-up--Saoirse and Diego are celebrating their love with a night of passion. After a special dinner and bottle of expensive champagne, what else is next?

They returned to the couch, where Diego alternated kissing her first gently, then with insistence, as his tongue plundered her mouth, demanding she return his passion...which she was all too happy to do. Meanwhile, his hands roamed all over her body, proving to her that there are no places on a woman's body that can't be considered erogenous zones...with the right touches, by the right partner.

Saoirse had to keep forcing herself to remember to breathe, as his touch excited her nerve endings. She also explored his body, touching places she knew would excite him further, and those that she loved to touch.

Diego growled, "Too much clothing! We're both wearing too much clothing."

What should we do about that, my love?"

He stood up quickly, pulling her up with him, then swept her into his arms, his lips demanding her surrender as he carried her into the bedroom.

He sat on the edge of the bed and put her down in front of him.

"Just stand here," he commanded, "So I can unwrap my present."

Saoirse had spent many years picking her own body apart, finding areas she thought were presentable, and others she agonized over. She had always been convinced that no man would ever be able to accept her almost translucent skin, her freckles, or her huge feet, topped with her "cankles" that her sisters teased her about, or any other imagined deficiencies.

But at that moment, she felt like a goddess. Diego's eyes were black with arousal, as he leaned forward to cover her nipples with his mouth, blowing hot breath onto them without making contact with her dress, as his hands reached behind her to slowly unzip it. His touch was reverent as he slid the straps off her shoulders, kissing and licking at both of them, watching intently as he slid the top below her breasts.

He inhaled deeply, before his voice gently growled, "Even more beautiful. Each time I look at you, I fall more deeply in love with you. I desire you even more. Having you as my wife completes me in a way I never dreamed was possible."

Saoirse was having trouble standing still, when his every touch excited her skin, making her twitch and writhe with the passionate tickling he was doing to her.

She stepped out of her dress, and he lay back on the bed, pulling her on top of him, and he began to move her around, to stimulate both of them. Saoirse undulated her hips, rubbing her clit against his engorged cock, frustrating him when he tried to surge into her, by moving again, just out of the reach of his insistent organ.

Why do you torture me like this?"

She smiled dreamily, "To make you work for what we both want so badly."

Like this?"

He raised his hips to flip her off of him, and she landed on her back next to him. He loomed over her, holding both of her wrists above her head, licking her arms. He started with her elbows, then gently nipped at the tender skin under her arms, until he neared her breasts. He growled softly.

"My woman. Everything about you intoxicates me. Your every smell...your every twitch when I touch you...every scream when I make you come."

He continued to move lower on her body, licking at her skin along the way. When he reached her belly button, he poked his tongue into it, which made her giggle. Then he lowered his head further, to nibble at the inside of her thighs, first one and then the other. He inhaled deeply, then raised his head to smile at her.

"Your scent makes me crazy! It makes me want to bury myself in you, in any way that I can!"

His fingers had been stroking at her skin, sensitizing everywhere he touched. Now they spread her labia, and his tongue began its delightful torture of her clit. He licked at it, then nibbled it gently, before licking the entire length of her; he poked his tongue into her opening, swirling it around, before he used more pressure to lap at her, like he was slurping at an ice cream cone.

Saoirse was jumping on the bed, unable to stop herself from moving, His mouth and tongue were bringing her to the brink, then moving away, so that she was in a constant state of arousal, with no relief. Finally he took pity on her and concentrated on her clit for an extended licking, allowing her to move herself around so that he was in just the right place.

With a small scream, she exploded, feeling herself gush on his face. He continued to lap at her, a low growl beginning in his throat. When he raised his face up to look at her, it was shiny with her juices, and he looked almost feral in his passion. He quickly moved himself up and pushed his hips forward, to bury himself to the hilt, in her slick channel. He stopped, as he had done on their wedding night, to watch her writhe and moan beneath him.

"Diego, you know I can't stay still when you're filling me up like that! I have to get you right where I want you to be...right...there!"

She tensed her entire body up for an instant, before she rhythmically jerked her hips, squeezing her eyes shut, as her inner muscles exploded in orgasmic bliss. Diego held out as long as he could, but he knew the battle was lost when the pressure in his spine became unbearable. With a low groan, he pushed his hips forward, his fingers digging into her hips, holding her still as he plunged himself repeatedly into her rapidly. He soon reached the point of no return and stopped moving, staring into her eyes as his spine exploded into an orgasm of such intensity that he gasped...then he howled.

His orgasmic throes sent Saoirse off on another roller-coaster ride of climbing up then plunging into even more bliss, so their multiple orgasms became kinetic, each one setting the other off on another round of shaking, pulsating pleasure.

When Diego finally collapsed on top of her, he heard the "whoosh" of her breath being forced out of her.

"Sorry...can't move yet...soon," he gasped.

Her hands were moving across his back, lightly stroking his shoulders, running her nails lightly down his spine, kneading the tight muscles of his glutes. After a few long moments, they were both able to breathe easily again, and Diego rolled onto his side, pulling her along with him, so they were facing each other, still entwined in each others' arms.

"Is the top of my head still here?" Diego asked, his voice hoarse from growling.

Saoirse giggled, "Yes. Why? Did you think it exploded off of you?"

He nodded, using his free hand to stroke her face. He wrapped his fingers in her hair and pulled her head close for a lingering kiss.

That's how you make me feel, every time, my woman."

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About the Author

I sub in high schools during the school year. Otherwise I'm writing and blogging about my books--and reading and writing reviews. Not only do I write erotic romance, I love to read it too. I often read while camping with my long-time HEA. Our four adult kids sometimes join us. I'm an avid Jazzerciser, and I love to hike in the woods. I also enjoy sewing--mostly masks these days-- crocheting afghans to keep my loved ones warm, and baking--cookies, muffins, and especially pies. I'm known for my never-fail pie crust, so I put the recipe on my website under the pies tab, along with some of my family's favorites, that I featured in one of my books that had a heroine who baked lots of pies.

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And a little child shall lead them... #Mystery #SpousalAbuse #Giveaway

The Gospel According to Prissy cover


Three Army veteran misfits, a college dropout, an unmotivated high school graduate accused of murder, a controversial warden of a women's prison, and a little girl with the gift of prophesy – these are the people 31-year-old Lara Kruger invites into her life after suffering a miscarriage, a divorce from an abusive husband, and unemployment.


Laramie Larkins Kruger drove up to the hospital emergency door. It was the second time in twice as many weeks. The hand that had been holding a bloody towel against the left side of her face somehow managed to push the car door open. Her other hand rested in her lap, limp and useless. A hospital orderly standing outside by the front entrance saw her. He crushed his half-smoked cigarette into the concrete container of sand provided and quickly located a wheelchair for her.

Jesus, Ms. Kruger, what have you gone done to yourself now? You been working on that old house again, haven’t ya?”

Lara closed her eyes and let the strong hands of the orderly gently position her into the wheelchair. “Thanks, Ben.”

I told you to call me next time you needed something done and Mr. Kruger wasn’t around to take care of it. Didn’t I? Didn’t I say that?” He pushed her through the emergency entrance and over to the sign-in window where an elderly woman smiled and handed her a form.

Back so soon, Mrs. Kruger?”

Lara stared at the piece of paper that had been secured to a clipboard, but her eyes wouldn’t read the print. She couldn’t pick up the pen anyway. Ben took the clipboard from her and began filling in the information next to her name: Age, 31; Time, 1:15 p.m.; Insurance, on file; Nature of Visit, cuts and bruises caused by accident. It was always the same.

Lara and Jake had been remodeling the old Victorian home they bought when they moved to Rocky Mount six months earlier. Everyone knew they were doing it. In a town the size of Rocky Mount, nothing went by unnoticed. Since they were doing a lot of the work themselves, it was easy just to say she slipped off a ladder, a rotten floorboard gave way, something had fallen on her – whatever. No one questioned her answers.

My, my. Looks like you got scraped up pretty good, Mrs. Kruger.” The elderly volunteer worker smiled sympathetically and took the form Ben had just filled out. “What happened this time?”

Lara tried not to grimace from the pain. It felt like one of her ribs was broken. “I yanked too hard on the door of that old shed in back we’re trying to convert into a garage and it gave way.” The lie came easily.

About the Author

Originally from Carrollton, Illinois, author/agent/publisher Barbara Casey attended the University of North Carolina, N.C. State University, and N.C. Wesleyan College where she received a BA degree, summa cum laude, with a double major in English and history. In 1978 she left her position as Director of Public Relations and Vice President of Development at North Carolina Wesleyan College to write full time and develop her own manuscript evaluation and editorial service. In 1995 she established the Barbara Casey Agency and since that time has represented authors from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Japan. In 2014, she became a partner with Strategic Media Books, an independent nonfiction publisher of true crime, where she oversees acquisitions, day-to-day operations, and book production.


Ms. Casey has written over a dozen award-winning books of fiction and nonfiction for both young adults and adults. The awards include the National Association of University Women Literary Award, the Sir Walter Raleigh Literary Award, the Independent Publisher Book Award, the Dana Award for Outstanding Novel, the IP Best Book for Regional Fiction, among others. Two of her nonfiction books have been optioned for major films, one of which is under contract.

Her award-winning articles, short stories, and poetry for adults have appeared in both national and international publications including the North Carolina Christian Advocate Magazine, The New East Magazine, the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer, the Rocky Mount (N.C.) Sunday Telegram, Dog Fancy, ByLine, The Christian Record, Skirt! Magazine, and True Story. A thirty-minute television special which Ms. Casey wrote and coordinated was broadcast on WRAL, Channel 5, in Raleigh, North Carolina. She also received special recognition for her editorial work on the English translations of Albanian children’s stories. Her award-winning science fiction short stories for adults are featured in The Cosmic Unicorn and CrossTime science fiction anthologies. Ms. Casey's essays and other works appear in The Chrysalis Reader, the international literary journal of the Swedenborg Foundation, 221 One-Minute Monologues from Literature (Smith and Kraus Publishers), and A Cup of Comfort (Adams Media Corporation).

Ms. Casey is a former director of BookFest of the Palm Beaches, Florida, where she served as guest author and panelist. She has served as judge for the Pathfinder Literary Awards in Palm Beach and Martin Counties, Florida, and was the Florida Regional Advisor for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators from 1991 through 2003. In 2018 Ms. Casey received the prestigious Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and Top Professional Award for her extensive experience and notable accomplishments in the field of publishing and other areas. She makes her home on the top of a mountain in northwest Georgia with three cats who adopted her, Homer, Reese and Earl Gray - Reese’s best friend.

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Integral to the human experience – #LustyMonthOfMay #LockdownRomance #EroticRomance @HopeParkerBooks

By Hope Parker (Guest Blogger)

I’m Hope Parker and I’ve been writing seriously for two years now. My books are contemporary erotic romances with heart and heat that is vitally important to the love story. I love writing steamy fiction because sex is such an expression of who people are and writing about characters that engage in explicit intimate acts reveals their character and how they experience love. It’s also just fun! I grew up in a conservative household and writing erotic romance has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own sexuality and explore how sex is integral to the human experience.

My protagonists all go through a journey in my romances and that includes learning to love themselves and their personal intimate preferences. I enjoy writing characters who come to embrace who they are and take an interest in their sex life as a form of self-expression. My latest release, Two Weeks with You, is a novella that talks about a woman learning to love who she is through her relationship with a sex worker she hires online after a bad breakup.


When a bad breakup and dead-end job keep Elise Reed in an endless cycle of monotony, she forces herself to venture outside her comfort zone. She reads an article about male sex workers and how they satisfy their female clients through an emerging custom content website and is captivated by one man in particular: Levi Lowe. Levi is the whole package—literally. He’s hipster, Americana, and smart as hell. He helps her explore her sexuality but as the COVID-19 virus surges across the United States, Elise is furloughed from her job, threatening her financial security. To try to help her out, he extends a job offer to photograph him for his portfolio while she’s laid off. She agrees, promising herself that it’s just for two weeks.

But the man in front of her is so much more than she bargained for. Is two weeks enough? Will she ever want to leave?


What’re you doing?” My dick was already getting hard again. I glanced at the clock. I had two hours before my next call. It was voice only, meaning I could fake my orgasm. I usually didn’t but I’d make an exception for Elise.

I figured you had to work. I didn’t want to interrupt you,” she said. Her big eyes barely hid a thinly veiled disappointment. Oh, no. I didn’t work that way.

Uh huh. Well, you did interrupt, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. So why don’t you get your ass back in bed?”

Or what? Are you going to spank me?” she joked, but there was sincerity in the way she leaned towards me.

Don’t tempt me because I will.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder and winked before complying. She crawled back against the pillows, her knees tucked underneath her, hiding her beautiful pussy from me. I stalked up her body, kissing her ankles, her knees, and the tops of her thighs. Her belly sucked in when I skimmed the top of her clit. I nibbled at each of her hipbones before moving up to her breasts. Her nipples were tight and erect. I rolled each of them in my mouth, making sure to alternate biting and licking, pleasure and pain. One day I hoped to bring out the clamps and really see how much of a bite she could tolerate.

I stamped a single kiss on her lips before trailing downward once more. Her skin had a salted tang of arousal that intensified the closer I got to her core. When I swiped my tongue up her slit, she was gone. Her wetness coated my tongue, she ground herself against my face, and the musk of her clung to my beard.

Once she found a rhythm she liked, I added one finger, hissing as she clenched around me in a tight vise. This woman was going to be my undoing. The potential of our lives together flashed before my eyes, terrifyingly clear. Remembering how she pleasured herself on our calls, I used my other hand to massage her breasts. I was rewarded by her grinding harder against my face. She was a rising symphony of groans, moans, and panting pleasure, all wrapped up in her perfect delicate voice. She gained strength as she got closer to orgasm, her hips moving with my finger as she rode me.

This was better than my wildest imagination. She screamed her release as I added my thumb underneath my tongue on her clit. When she was done, she collapsed back onto my bed, thoroughly spent.

Was that the best you got?” She propped herself up on her elbows after she caught her breath, her messy hair and wild grin burning itself in my memory. For the rest of my life, I would remember the girl I invited to stay with me in a split-second decision while a pandemic raged outside and I pretended I wasn’t falling in love with her.

Oh honey, we’ve barely gotten started.”

She reached for my hand and we tumbled back into bed. I had a hundred things to do, but I set my alarm for thirty minutes and sunk into the wildflower and sunshine whirlwind that was cuddled against my chest.

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About the Author

Hope Parker is a contemporary erotic romance author who loves writing about unlikely couples who defy the odds and end up falling madly in love. She is a horse girl, lover of all things romance novels, and owns one too many free dogs. When she's not writing, you can find her spending time on her hobby farm and daydreaming about new ways to utilize the land she loves. Parker has an MFA in creative writing and writes full-length novels, novellas, and short stories.

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The Antonello Brothers: Immortal series - #MMRomance #SciFi #FreeBook @KayelleAllen

Series Banner

The whole series is available at last! 

Kayelle Allen’s Antonello Brothers: Immortal series consists of three books, Surrender Love, Ring of the Dragon, and Forever Love, and includes a bonus story for each title.

Surrender Love, the first book in the series, is free May 12-13, 2021 to celebrate the release of Forever Love.


Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

He's the most powerful man in the Empire, and he's immortal. When his mortal lover walks away, the smart thing is to move on and forget. But how can he bear this loneliness, life after life?

Until he meets an adorable Kin, a race of fierce, catlike humans with perky cat's ears and eyes, an intense curiosity about the world, and the almost superpower ability to smell every subtle change of emotion. This might be the soulmate he's hoped for. The one person to whom he can surrender his heart.

But to bring his beloved closer means revealing every damning secret, every twisted truth, and every hidden lie.

With no guarantee their love can survive that kind of truth...

Amazon worldwide

Comes with bonus short story “Forbid My Heart”

Ring of the Dragon by Kayelle Allen

For millennia, they fight side by side. Now one king faces a lonely quest.

As Light and Shadow, King Pietas and General Cyken share every battle, as well as a fierce and passionate love.

But, torn apart by the king's rage, Cyken ends their stormy relationship.

When General Cyken falls in love with another man, Pietas undertakes a perilous quest on the dangerous world of Felidae to prove he is the better choice for Cyken.

If he succeeds in his quest, it will either bring Cyken back, or drive him even closer to his new love. Pietas must try, for he cannot face eternity without a shadow to balance his light...

Amazon worldwide

Comes with bonus short story “Just Desserts”


Forever Love by Kayelle Allen

For their love, forever is not long enough...

Izzorah is a Kin, an alien race of fierce, rugged humanoid felines possessing enhanced sensory perception to changes in emotions. When Izzy learns the truth about his fiancé Luc's immortality--and his own--the familiar world he knows will vanish. He must pass an immortality test designed by the immortal king which will engage Izzorah in the ultimate treasure hunt, where failure to find hidden targets in the vast, sprawling capitol of the Tarthian Empire can end in instant death.

If he succeeds, he will be accepted into a warrior society he wants no part of. If he fails, he's banished from the galactic empire forever, away from his home and the man he passionately loves. And, if the test wasn't bad enough, Luc is also the king's ex, and the king refuses to part with anything--or anyone--that he loves.

Fair test? Not in this immortal lifetime....

Amazon worldwide

Comes with bonus short story “Leaving Tarth”

Book pages

Surrender Love

Forbid My Heart

Ring of the Dragon

Just Desserts

Forever Love

Leaving Tarth

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"Trust me, little one..." #MFRWsteam #BDSMEroticRomance #LustyMonthOfMay

The Understudy Banner

Welcome to the Lusty Month of May MFRW Steam Hop!

The Steam Hop is a monthly blog event for those of us who write erotica and erotic romance. Be sure you have a cool drink handy (or maybe a cold shower!) as you follow the links at the end of this post.

Today I’ve got a long, juicy bit from my latest BDSM erotic romance The Understudy: Acts of Submission. Definitely X-rated... but that’s what you’re here for, right?

Let me remind you, by the way, that I’m giving away a $25 bookstore gift certificate this month. Every comment, on any Beyond Romance post, counts as an entry. Join my VIP email list and get five entries!



One look from him and I melt. One word, and I’m on my knees.

When the Berks Hills Summer Playhouse offered me my first real acting job, I never expected to share a stage with theater legend Geoffrey Hart - let alone his bed. Nothing in my education or experience prepared me for the paradoxical pleasures of submission.

Now I’m devoted to my master, for better or worse. According to the rumors, though, Geoff’s heart is taken. Dumped by his long-time sub, he has escaped to the Berkshires to lick his emotional wounds. Geoffrey’s dark games arouse me beyond belief, but I fear I’m just a substitute for the real object of his affections. Am I willing to settle for the role of understudy in this perverse passion play?

Note: This book was previously published by Totally Bound. It has been revised, expanded and re-edited for this release.


X-Rated Excerpt

Your ass is the color of Maine lobster.” He chuckled. “Does it hurt?”

Some.” In truth, it felt hot and sore, pulsing like some scarlet lighthouse. Each pang, though, woke echoes in my cunt that balanced the pain.

Geoffrey continued to survey his handiwork, close enough that I could feel the heat from his body, but he didn’t make contact with my hungry skin. Touch me, please! I felt like screaming. But already I knew enough to remain silent.

I expect that from now on you will be on time.”

Yes, sir. I’ll try.” Please, please, please—the mantra rang in my mind. But I knew he was once again teaching me patience.

Suddenly he scooped me up in his arms, carried me into the other room and settled me on the bed. I hardly had a moment to appreciate his strength before he released me. I moaned in disappointment.

Hush! I’ll be with you shortly.” He began to unbutton his shirt.

I watched, holding my breath, as he revealed a muscled chest and flat belly scattered with black curls. Next he unbuckled his belt. It whooshed as he drew it out of his belt loops. From out of nowhere came the thought of that belt laying stinging trails of pain across my bottom.

He heard my gasp and grinned at me. “Not tonight, sweet. Your ass already looks like raw hamburger.” He unzipped his trousers and pushed them down over his lean hips. His cock arched up from his groin, straining toward the ceiling.

Oh, God! Saliva gathered in my mouth. I stared at the fat rod of flesh bobbing up and down each time he moved. I was dying to run my tongue along the veined shaft and across the rosy bulb. He came to stand beside the bed, that sumptuous cock inches from my fingers. I wanted to grab him, squeeze him, stroke him until he showered me with his sticky jism. His eyes stopped me.

Don’t forget, girl. I’m in charge here.”

Yes, sir. I know.”

Good. Now put your hands over your head and grab hold of the bars.” The headboard of the colonial style maple bed featured ranks of vertical wooden spindles.

Are you going to tie me up?” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. Everything was happening so fast. I was driving on the freeway without brakes, my own perverse desires looming up and rushing by as I sped along.

I knew he read the naked desire in my face. He chose not to mock me.

No. I want to see if you can be still, without being bound. Can you do that for me?”

Yes,” I whispered, wondering if I really could.

Tonight I just want to use you, to fuck you. To see just what kind of a slut you are.”

He climbed on the bed and nudged my thighs apart with his own. His cock gleamed like a rod of steel. He rubbed the knob back and forth in the slick groove of my pussy. I arched and ground myself against him, the movements waking echoes of his spanking.*

No!” He clamped his nails around my nipple.


I want you to lie still, as if you were bound, or drugged. No squirming around. No trying to come. You’ll come, I promise—I said you deserved a reward—but only when I want you to do so. Do you agree?”

Strange emotion welled up, tightening my chest. I could only nod.

Trust me, little one. I won’t hurt you. Well, not much. Not more than you can bear. In return, I’ll lead you into a whole new world of pleasure.”

I gripped the wooden bars, watching him smooth a condom over the rampant length of that gorgeous cock. My pussy twitched and wept. I wanted him so badly I was ready to cry. Even more, though, I wanted to show him that I could obey.

Geoffrey positioned himself between my splayed thighs. “Remember, Sarah,” he said. “Be still.” Then he rammed his cock all the way into my cunt in one fierce stroke.

The force drove the breath from my lungs. The fullness made me suck the air back in. If I hadn’t been so wet, he would have torn me apart, but as it was my flesh parted for him as though sliced open.

My pussy clenched reflexively around his invading bulk, but otherwise I managed to avoid moving. His eyes, locked with mine, told me he approved. His hardness pressed against my engorged clit. A climax loomed, then faded away as he kept me there, motionless, pinned to the bed.

He pulled mostly out. My hungry cunt fluttered, empty for an instant. He drove back into me, harder than before. I strained against the bars, struggling not to jerk and writhe as his cock plunged in and out of my cunt like a pile-driver.

God, it felt good! His roughness somehow heightened the pleasure. I was his, to use and abuse. His fuck toy, as he had said. At that moment, that was all I wanted to be.

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It can't hurt to flirt a little... #ParanormalRomance #Review #Giveaway @MayaTylerAuthor

A Fairy's Quest cover


A century ago, the fairy crown was stolen from Alina Lehrer's clan, but now the usurper is dead and it's time to reclaim what's theirs. Rylan Jackson, codename Orion, is The Court's most trusted assassin who always gets the job done. Until his target is Alina, the one woman he can’t resist. Fate has placed them on opposing sides for the crown, but Alina soon learns Fate isn't set in stone.


I’m going to Paris, the city of love. Maybe I’ll even have a passionate love affair.


Alina jerked her head up at the sound of the stranger’s lilting French accent. “Hello.” Hello, handsome. Did my imagination conjure this hunk?

First trip to Paris?” His pronunciation of “pah-rhee” rolled off his tongue like honey.

Yes.” Alina twisted in her seat to get a better look. Her perceptive eyes sized up her companion. He was a gorgeous specimen of a man. Dark brown, shaggy hair. Hypnotic brown eyes. Strong jawline. Just a hint of stubble, like he had shaved that morning. Stop staring. “What gave it away?”

The guidebook in your tote?”

Yeah. That’ll do it.”

Business or pleasure?”

Alina flashed him a suspicious “you’re a stranger, I’m not telling you anything” look.

He threw his arms up in mock defeat. “I am Rylan Jackson.” He extended his hand.

A—” Wait a minute. I don’t need to give him a real name. It’s a good time as any to try on a new persona. “Allie.” She picked an alias, not so different than her real name, before reaching out to shake his hand. His hand was warm, rough, like he used his hands to make a living. Touching him sent a buzz of awareness swirling through her body.

Now, we are friends, oui?”

His sultry smile disarmed her objections to the friendly conversation. It can’t hurt to flirt a little while I wait for my flight. It’ll be good practice.

Review by Lisabet Sarai

Alina Lehrer is a princess, rightful heir to the fairy kingdom. When her domineering mother wants to send her to the Court of the Fairies in Paris to claim the crown, Alina is tempted to refuse. She’s still suffering from debilitating headaches and terrifying flashbacks from her near-death experience at the hands of a rival for royal power. Meanwhile, she is quite the innocent, with none of the Machiavellian skills that she’ll need to claim her birthright. Although she works as a life coach, Alina’s capabilities in that role are based on her psychic talents, not her personal experience.

Guilt and pressure, however, win out over Alina’s hesitation – helped by the natural excitement she feels about traveling for the first time to the legendary City of Lights. When she meets a handsome, attentive man at the Chicago airport, she’s suspicious of his motives, but his charm soon wins out over her caution. After all, she’s going to Paris, destination of lovers everywhere. And Rylan is just a fling. Why not enjoy herself, to balance the serious nature of her mission?

Rylan Jackson, code name Orion, is a expert spy and assassin who has been ordered by Le Souverain to eliminate Alina. His magical instincts, however, lead him to delay the fulfillment of his commission. The closer he becomes to the delightful princess, the more he wants to protect her, rather than kill her. But what will happen when the Court discovers his insubordination?

A Fairy’s Quest works as a romance. I liked both Alina and Rylan, and their chemistry felt convincing. When Alina bids goodbye to her lover, believing she’ll never see him again, my heart ached – even though I knew she was wrong (because of the obligatory happy ending).

Maya Taylor also provides a vivid and convincing portrayal of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Alina doesn’t realize that’s the malady from which she’s suffering. All she knows is that she can’t sleep, can’t eat, has horrifying visions and nightmares, and sometimes faints dead away from fear. Despite her psychological issues, Alina manages to survive the vicious machinations of the Fairy Court, but the effort nearly destroys her physical and mental health.

I had significant issues with the plot of this novel, though. For one thing, I found myself quite bewildered by the frequent time shifts and references to events in the earlier books of this series. (This book is the third installment of Ms. Tyler’s series “The Magicals”.) I could not figure out the history of the feud that led to the loss of the crown. The attack that led to Alina’s PTSD likewise is mentioned multiple times, but never really explained. I believe that every book in a series must be able to stand on its own; I don’t think this book really does.

In addition, many of the conflicts in the story seem to be resolved with only minimal difficulty, despite being portrayed as life-and-death struggles. I don’t want to include any spoilers, but Rylan has no problem whatsoever foiling the ultimate villain. In addition, I noted quite a few loose ends, for instance, magical objects that are supposedly important but in fact play no role in the final resolution.

Perhaps if I’d been familiar with the series, some of these problems would not have occurred. Overall, I enjoyed A Fairy’s Quest , but having jumped into Ms. Tyler’s world with no preparation, I also found it confusing and frustrating.

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Maya Tyler is a multi-published author of paranormal romance novels and blogger at Maya’s Musings ( ). An avid reader, Maya writes the books she loves to read—romances! Her paranormal romances come with complex plot twists and happily-ever-afters.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, listening to music (alternative rock, especially from the 1990s), practicing yoga, and watching movies and TV.


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