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Review Tuesday: The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station - #scifi #spaceopera #ReviewTuesday

Farflung cover
The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station by Edward Hoornaert
Second edition, 2018

Farflung Station, in the outlying reaches of Civ Space near the lawless border planets, has seen better days. Piracy by the so-called Free Folk of these fringe worlds has shriveled trade, battered the economy and left the formerly prosperous outpost dingy, crumbling and sparsely populated. One of its two wheels has been shut down completely. In the other, half the lights are extinguished to save money, cracked windows never get repaired, corridors and ventilation ducts gather dust as their cleaning robots deteriorate, and the critical life support systems need constant maintenance.

Principal Officer Priam “Duke” Dukelsky has all the right characteristics for his job as chief of security for Farflung. He’s strong, brave, intuitive, skilled in both the martial arts and in human interactions. In fact, someone with his qualifications, not to mention his pedigree, should have a much more prestigious posting. Duke’s still in rebellion against his aristocratic, authoritarian parents, though. He likes Farflung just fine.

A good security officer notices things others miss. When Duke spies a dirty waif of a girl sneaking through the corridors of Farflung, he’s both suspicious and curious. He discovers that she’s the victim of a childhood attack by pirates. Orphaned, her tongue torn out, Sandrina was cast into space to die. Instead, she found her way to Farflung, where she has grown to womanhood. She scuttles through the air vents and lurks in the shadows, doing anonymous good deeds to adjust the karmic balance in the aftermath of the evil she has personally suffered.

Meanwhile, a senator from Civ Space is scheduled to visit Farflung, on the way to negotiations with the Free Folk, hopefully to re-open the trade routes. Senator Striden’s chief of security arrives ahead of time to survey Duke’s preparations, and turns out to be a fierce female warrior from the mountain tribes of Heartsrest, Princess Lakshmi Andrea de Bourbon Savoy Braganza – or Lockey, for short. Gorgeous and domineering, she decides she wants to bed the dashing Duke. That’s what Sandrina wants as well. This romantic triangle is interrupted by a vicious attack on the station, just as the Senator’s ship arrives. Despite their conflicting desires, Duke, Sandrina and Lockey must work together to save the Senator’s ship, the inhabitants of Farflung, and the future of the peace deal.

The Guardian Angel of Farflung Station is original, lively, funny, romantic, and profoundly entertaining. Ed Hoornaert deserves his nickname as Mr. Valentine, if only for his skill in creating distinctive, memorable female characters. Sandrina is wonderful – clever, feisty, deeply wounded but never a victim, a match for any man, including Duke, despite her diminutive size and inability to speak. Lockey’s character is less nuanced, but still impressive, especially when the author reveals her deepest desire and her greatest fear. I really enjoyed her colorful, stilted manner of speech. She sounds a bit like a Russian, which actually fits quite well with her personality.

Duke is courageous, skillful and sexy, the perfect hero. In fact, he’d probably be too perfect, if it were not for his interactions with the two females. He’s vulnerable to both of them, in different ways. The Heartsrest warrior princess manages to defeat him at martial arts, something no man has ever done. Sandrina’s influence is more subtle and profound. She touches something in him, healing some of the alienation that drove him to Farflung in the first place.

The book is full of colorful details about the society and environment in Farflung, including delightful space oaths. There’s lots of action, too, as the unlikely alliance of Sandrina, Duke and Lockey struggle against nearly impossible odds to defeat the pirates. The description of Sandrina’s “hidey hole”, where she guides the other two in order to escape from the pirates is, if you will pardon a pun, truly stellar. I don’t want to say more, so as not to reveal Sandrina’s secrets.

In short, this novella is great fun. If you enjoy space opera with strong female characters, I highly recommend this quick and satisfying read.

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The journey begins .... #gayromance #pirates #Scotland #Spain

The Journey Begins cover


Jamie MacDonald, a young Scot mourning the deaths of his father and brothers in the ill-fated battle of Culloden, decides to take his mother to the New World. But tragedy and unforeseen circumstance dog Jamie’s journey and he is pressed into service aboard a pirate ship commanded by a ruthless Spaniard.

Antonio Rodriguez is a man with a dark past, but also with an allure Jamie cannot resist.

The two men embark on a stormy relationship—but can their feelings for each other survive the danger that surrounds them, threatening not only their love, but their very lives?


Rodriguez’s dark eyes flashed as he walked slowly toward Jamie. “You are a deal too arrogant, my friend.”

Friend? Is this how you treat your friends? ‘Thank you for your bravery, Jamie, now it’s to the brig with you where you’ll rot till I have appeased my Spanish pride!’”

For a moment he expected Rodriguez to shout for Hugo to drag him back below, but instead he stared at Jamie, his face a mask, unable to be read. Then he said, “You are a brave man. A man I would like to have by my side and call my friend. Can I call you my friend, Jamie?”

Jamie searched Rodriguez’s eyes trying to see if he could discern the slightest trace of mockery there. He could not, nor could he break away from the steadfast gaze the man returned.

Aye,” he was at last able to say, his own voice sounding strange to his ears. “Thatyou can.”

Rodriguez grasped Jamie’s arm. “Come then,” he said. “I have some fine Jamaican rum for a toast.”

A toast to what?”

To our friendship, what else? A toast to show you how much I value this moment.” Rodriguez poured the rum into two small glasses, then held them up to the light. “Venetian glass,” he said, his voice low and sensuous. “Only the finest will do for you, my brave Scotsman.”

Jamie felt his cheeks redden at the effect the silky compliment had on him. His hand trembled slightly as he raised the glass to his lips. He was intensely aware of the other man’s unwavering gaze that remained locked on Jamie as they lowered their glasses.

I envy where that glass has been, Jamie.”

Rodriguez took a step closer, then with a great tenderness, he brushed Jamie’s lips with his own. Jamie gasped, his body jolted by sensation. He reached out and grabbed the man’s arm, at first to thrust him away, then as the kiss deepened, found himself holding onto that arm, pulling Rodriguez into a tight embrace. Never in his life had Jamie experienced a sensation that seared him with pleasure like the feel of Rodriguez’s soft yet demanding lips on his. His cock flared to life as the Spaniard’s tongue slipped inside his mouth, and all Jamie wanted to do was respond in kind.

Wait!” Jamie jerked backward, finding his voice, hoarse though it was. “Stop… this is wrong. I canna’ do this, Captain. We are two men. This isna’ right.”

It is as right as it feels, Jamie.”

The Spaniard still held him, and loathe as he was to admit it, Jamie did not want to break free—but break free he must! With a rough movement, he pushed the other man away.

No, I won’t give in to this.” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and glared at Rodriguez.

The Captain’s sardonic smile tried to hide the hurt expression his eyes could not. “I am sorry, Jamie. I took advantage of you, and for that I apologize. Please forgive me. It will not happen again.”

Jamie stared long and hard at the man, trying to understand what he was feeling at this moment. His mind was a turmoil of emotion. He liked this man! There was something about him that inspired him, thrilled him. There was no ignoring the way his cock had reacted so damned quickly… And yet, was this not a sign of weakness among men? He had no experience of these things, only what he’d heard in church of a Sunday when he was a child, and didn’t fully understand. Jamie was not a big believer in the Bible or its teachings. He had no fear of God in his far off remote heaven, uncaring for the suffering of the people he was supposed to have created.

Antonio Rodriguez was not a weak man. He was brave—reckless maybe, but brave—and a respected captain. He was handsome, intelligent and would be, Jamie instinctively felt, a loyal friend. But he should not give in to the urges that now coursed through his body.

I am sorry, Captain. I canna’ give what it is you want from me.”

I understand, Jamie.” Rodriguez’s gaze slipped away from Jamie’s face. “I will not trouble you again. You may go.”

Jamie turned and left the cabin, closing the door quietly behind him. He breathed a deep sigh, not of relief, for that he did not feel. What he did feel was a strange sense of loss. He walked to the ship’s side, and gripped the rail until his knuckles turned white, while below him the waves churned and slapped against the side of the ship.

Damnation. These feelings the captain had invoked in him were not so easily shaken off. He could not deny the man’s attraction, or the sense of excitement he felt in his presence. Could he go where Rodriguez wanted to take him? Could he put aside his dislike of what that meant? No, not dislike—fear, perhaps. Aye, that was it. He was afraid—afraid of what he now felt. Afraid of the sensations Rodriguez’s lips had kindled in his body. Even now the memory of those soft, lush lips on his own eager mouth brought a rush of blood to his groin. He groaned with frustration and stared for a long time at the door to the captain’s cabin. Did he dare? Could he go back and face the man and tell him he’d been a fool to reject him? Could he?

He took one uncertain step toward the cabin, and then stopped. Above him the sails, sharply etched against the darkening blue of the sky, billowed and flapped in the wind. He clenched his fists and took a deep breath to steady his resolve, then he knocked on the cabin door. His nerve almost failed him when he heard the command to enter. Swallowing hard, he pushed the door open and stepped inside.

About the Author

J.P. Bowie was born in Aberdeen Scotland but has lived most of his life in London and ultimately in the US – Nevada and California to be exact. After giving up a life in show biz both on the board and backstage he began writing gay mysteries and romance in 2000. In 2008 he wrote his first vampire novel, My Vampire and I which started out as a short story and ended up being an eight part series. Many more vampire and detective stories followed. He wrote The Journeyer some years ago and is delighted that Pride Publishing are reissuing it as a three part serial. The Journey Begins is Part One and is currently available. The New World and The Fight for Freedom will be released shortly.

My sincere thanks to Lisabet Sarai for taking the time to promote The Journeyer – The Journey Begins on her blog.

J.P. Bowie

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Charity Sunday: For the children in Sulawesi - #CharitySunday #tsunami #Unicef #giveaway

Charity Sunday banner

It seems that every day brings a new story of some horrific disaster.

Many of my friends and family in the US are reeling from the effects of recent hurricanes Florence and Michael. Meanwhile, since I live Southeast Asia, I’m getting painful daily reports on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Sulawesi, Indonesia, two weeks ago. More than two thoussand people are confirmed dead from this dual disaster, with thousands more missing. Meanwhile, in comparison to the wealthy United States which has resources and systems in place for coping with emergency situations, Indonesia is a developing country, with Sulawesi one of its poorer regions. The tens of thousands of survivors in Palu and Donggala, the worst hit towns, have literally lost everything.

Today’s Charity Sunday is intended to provide some small amount of assistance to these victims. For every comment I receive on this post between now and next Sunday, I will donate one dollar to Unicef, the United Nations children’s organization, which has teams on the ground helping kids left orphaned, traumatized and homeless by September 28th’s double whammy.

To encourage you, I’m also doing a giveaway. Every person who comments will also be entered into a drawing for a free copy of my Halloween BDSM erotic romance, Coming in Costume. Please include your email address so I can find you if you are the winner.

And I hope you’ll share this post with your friends, family and fans. The more comments I get, the larger my donation.

Here’s a bit from the book, to let you know what’s on offer! (The book includes two bonus stories featuring the same characters, too: On the Beach and Silver Bells.)

On the desk, Miss Archer. Arms out, palms flat.”

I should have realized Greg had something up his sleeve. Normally he hates big parties. His work requires him to interact with all sorts of people, but I know he finds it stressful. To relax he prefers more—how should I put it?—intimate gatherings. So I really should have understood he had some deviant plan in mind when he told me about the Halloween masquerade.

Samson-Sewell Advertising—you know, Bella, they’re one of our biggest accounts—anyway, they’re throwing a huge Halloween party. Pulling out all the stops, I gather, to impress their clients. They’ve actually hired the Roosevelt Rotunda at the Natural History Museum for the event. I’m surprised that’s even possible, but I guess money talks, and these days they’ve got plenty. Which is great for our firm, of course.”

And you’re going?” I looked up from my breakfast to scan my husband’s darkly handsome face. A half-smile played on his lips.

We’re both going. It’s next Saturday night. And they want everyone to come in costume.”

I clapped my hands in delight and his grin broadened. Greg knows how much I adore costumes and role-playing. “Oh, wonderful! Maybe we can go as a pirate and his captive! Or the sheik and the harem girl… Or how about a Roman aristocrat and his slave?”

You want everyone to know you’re my sub? My filthy, kinky, obedient slut?” He revved the motor of the vibe strapped to my clit. I moaned and clenched my muscles, struggling against orgasm. Fortunately, he released the switch before I lost control.

Greg—sir—please!” I gasped. “It’s Halloween. The one night we can be someone else!”

Sounds to me like you want to show off your true self, Bella.”

I—you know, I just like to play with those fantasies.” Rising from the table, I went to hug him, moving carefully so as not to dislodge the BenWa balls he’d slipped into my pussy before we got out of bed. “But we can wear less—um—revealing costumes if you prefer.”

He nuzzled my hair; I burrowed deeper into the warmth of his arms “I guess that might be better,” I continued, fighting to keep the disappointment out of my voice. “For your business and all.”

Leave the costumes to me.” His lips grazed mine, triggering a sweet spasm between my legs even though the vibrator was off. “You’ll be pleased, I promise. Trust me, love.”

You know I do, sir. Always.”

* * *

Please don’t just disappear without leaving a comment! Help the poor kids in Indonesia, and maybe get a sexy book in return!

Thank you!

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Beware the Other Woman - #mystery #gumshoe #eroticromance

The Other Woman cover

By Tim Smith (Guest Blogger)

I’m pleased to announce the release of my 20th book, TheOther Woman (Vic Fallon Book Four) from Extasy Books. This is a romantic mystery featuring an old-school private eye in a contemporary setting. It has all the classic elements—action, humor, quirky characters, witty dialogue, unexpected plot twists, and steamy sex. What more could you ask for?

Former cop Vic Fallon only wanted to get home to Sandusky, Ohio in time for Christmas after completing his latest private eye assignment. A chance meeting in the Atlanta airport with a U. S. Senator from his hometown thrusts Vic into a murder investigation when the man turns up dead shortly after they speak. The unwanted case produces more questions than answers. Why did the Senator ask Vic to deliver a Christmas card for him rather than mailing it himself, and why does the recipient react with hostility when she finds out who it’s from? Why is the FBI looking at Vic up close and personal when he wasn’t involved in the killing? And why does a police detective from Atlanta show up in Sandusky, asking questions that have little to do with the murder investigation?

Vic’s life becomes more complicated when the woman he delivered the card to is arrested after an accidental shooting, and he feels a responsibility to prove her innocence. Add the strain that the case places on Vic’s current romantic relationship, and it results in the holiday from Hell. Can Vic solve the multi-pronged mystery he’s found himself in the middle of and repair the damage to his love life? Or will the other woman cause a permanent rift?

Fallon is a former police detective who lives on the Lake Erie shore in northern Ohio. He took a disability separation after being shot in the line of duty and now takes on cases when he’s intrigued, bored, or broke. The idea for this book was the result of a personal experience. Several years ago, I was flying home from the Florida Keys and had a long layover at the Atlanta airport. At one of the departure gates, I recognized the Ohio Attorney General, and we spoke for a few minutes. When I was plotting this story, I did my usual “What if Vic runs into a politician from his hometown and the man gets killed shortly after they speak?”

As with all good gumshoe stories, there’s a hot and heavy romance with a sassy, sexy femme fatale. This time, I did something different by giving my hero a steady girlfriend, rather than the one-night stands of the previous books.

* * *

Vic and Michelle reclined on the floor in front of the gas fireplace and the Christmas tree. The candle on the table filled the room with the aroma of pine, and the lights were turned off. Their lips were locked in a passionate kiss and Vic rubbed Michelle’s neck under her long mane of hair. She lightly massaged his shoulders and draped her leg over his.

She pulled back and peered into his eyes while gently stroking his cheek. “Are you sure you want me to stay over?”

If you really want to.”

She pulled him in for a deep kiss. “I want to.” She stood but held his hand. “Be right back.”

While she disappeared into the bedroom, Vic refreshed their glasses of wine, then adjusted the volume on the stereo. He had chosen a CD of jazz piano Christmas music courtesy of Dave Brubeck, light enough for the mood without the distraction of vocals. He reclined on the floor and stared at the orange and blue flames dancing along the faux logs.

His view was blocked by Michelle standing between him and the fireplace, wearing the elf costume she had picked out at the boutique. Vic’s eyes slowly traveled upward, starting with her tan calf-high leather boots, to her firm thighs, past the short green skirt and continuing to her torso encased in a low-cut top outlined with white fur that showed off her cleavage. Michelle’s hair cascaded carelessly to her shoulders. She grinned slyly. The fire produced an erotic silhouette.

Have you been a good little boy this year?” she teased.


She chuckled, low and husky. “Poor choice of words.”

Vic stood, pulled her close, then kissed her deeply, running his hands along her back. Michelle’s fingers raked through his hair, then she massaged the back of his neck, her tongue dueling with his. Vic’s palm slid down her back to fondle her firm ass. He murmured appreciatively when he discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. He felt his cock coming to life, pressing against his shorts. Michelle rubbed her groin against his, teasing him into full arousal.

She dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and let his dick leap free. She grasped it and gently stroked, getting him fully erect, then planting gentle kisses on it from tip to base and back again. She took Vic into her mouth and lovingly sucked him, humming softly, taking more of him into her mouth with each bob of her head.

Look what I found under the tree,” she teased while lightly fingering him. “It’s just what I asked for. I hope it fits.”

You didn’t say what size, so I got you an extra-large,” Vic quipped.

* * *

The Other Woman is available in digital and print versions at Amazon and Extasy Books. Happy reading!

About the Author

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author of romantic mystery/thrillers and contemporary erotic romance. His website is www.timsmithauthor.com. He also contributes regularly to the Oh Get A Grip blog.

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Happy Anniversary, Goddessfish! #poetry #prizes #authorservices @GoddessFishPromotions

Anniversary graphic

Welcome to the Goddess Fish Promotions Tenth Anniversary Month Long Celebration!

Who is Goddess Fish Promotions? And what do we do? We're glad you asked!

We didn't want your visit here to be dry and boring, so we decided to have a poetry competition and put what we do into verse. Here are the initial entries:


Roses are Red.
Violets are Blue.
I'm awful at poetry.


We can edit your book
find things you didn't see
It will be fun to look
at the changes from me.

Yeah, for some reason, Judy won!

Even better, her poem is correct. We DO offer editing as one of our options. Here are a couple of testimonials from clients:

I worked with Marianne on a complete edit and was very happy with the results. Her feedback was clear, easy to follow, and she probed on things I hadn’t thought of. She was also responsive whenever I had questions and helped me work through a few issues. Her feedback and guidance improved the quality of my manuscript, all at a very fair price. I’m working on my next book and plan to use their services again.

-J B Glazer, author, In Search of Mr. Anonymous

Choosing the right editor for a project is incredibly important to an author. Let’s face it, we want the best for our books. When I was considering editors for my first indie-published book, Regenerate, I naturally thought of Goddess Fish Promotions–and I’m so glad I did.

Marianne Arkins and Judy Thomas are incredibly attentive and professional during the entire editing process. Their input was invaluable and the story is much stronger because they cared enough to help unsnarl plot points and find order in the chaos..

I can’t wait to work with them again. Truly, a top-notch editorial team!  

- Sarita Leone, award-winning author of Regenerate

We also offer Virtual Book Tours, Graphic Design, Social Media Promotion and more. You can see more testimonials here.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little (more information is below) and we'd like to do the same. We'd LOVE to see a little poem that tells us a bit about you in the comments. We'll be awarding random book giveaways and $5 Amazon GCs to some of the best poetry we find. It might not be at every stop, but when something really makes us smile, we'll reward it! Come on, be daring...

And now, more about us:

About Goddess Fish Promotions

Goddess Fish Promotions was established October 14, 2008. Why? Well, when Marianne became a published author and got her the first taste of trying to promote a book on a budget, there was only one other virtual book tour company in place at the time, and their fees were simply too high for a small press author. After coordinating and running her own tour, she knew other authors could use the same service for a reasonable price. Thus, Goddess Fish Promotions was born.

Because both Judy and Marianne were authors and editors prior to running Goddess Fish Promotions, they approach the business with a unique point of view, and treat their clients how they would expect to be treated.

The people behind the fish

Judy Thomas

Judy has a college degree in English and she’s worked in retail, education, at her local library as well as an editor for a small press and for the now defunct ShadowKeep Ezine. She’s also a published author so can see things from both sides of the fence. In 2013, she “retired” and now spends her days helping authors make their dream come true—as well as working as much as she can with her local theater group.

Marianne Arkins

Grammar freak and coffee lover, Marianne wrote her first novel at ten years old, built her first commercial website in 2000, and published for the first time in 2006. She worked as a professional editor for just over a year, and knows what it’s like to write, edit and promote a book on a budget.

It's our anniversary, but you get the prizes!

For Everyone: One $50 Amazon/BN GC, two $25 Amazon/BN GCs, Two $10 Amazon/BN GCs

For Authors: 2 $10 GC for any Goddess Fish Promotions service, Winner’s choice of either a free blurb blitz (2 wk) or book blast (5 day), 50% off any tour (excludes Review tour or Full Service Tour), 4 free 25 page complete book edit, 2 Winner’s choice of teaser or social media cover graphic design

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Snag yourself a beguiling bachelor! #Discount #FreeBook #EroticRomance @MadisonMichael

Tour banner

Take advantage of special prices for Madison Michael's Beguiling Bachelor series - but only until October 13th!

FREE until October 13th!

Bedazzled (Book 1)

A Chance Encounter Can Change Everything…

Keeli Larsen is second-guessing her decision to support herself as an independent jewelry designer. She has no money, no friends, but she knows she has talent. Leaving her job, she rides the elevator one last time with the sexy man from the penthouse office. That ride and a well placed hand are about to change her life.

Millionaire and hot hunk Wyatt Lyons Howe IV is trapped by generations of family loyalty and tradition until a moment in an elevator rocks his staid world. Wyatt is captivated by Keeli’s beauty and fiery spirit, choosing to pursue her and his dreams. He just needs to rid himself of a scheming fiancé, defy his family, conquer his doubts, extricate himself from his traditional life and, of course, find the elusive Keeli again.

Is she Wyatt’s ticket to freedom or is Keeli an opportunist looking for a bankroll? Unsure of her motives, but unable to stay away, Wyatt is bedazzled.

Fans of steamy romances will fall in love with this contemporary retelling of Cinderella, a smart, sexy story, set within the splendor of Chicago’s elite society.

Amazon Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2K3OL4D
Bedazzled is on Kindle Unlimited

Only $.99 until October 13th!

Beholden (Book 2)

She’s Lost Everything. He Has Everything…

This is no docile heroine. Meet Sloane, assertive and tough, desperate for love. Meet Randall, drowning his troubles until Sloane provides a reason to sober up. Beholden is a sexy, romantic romp set in the glamour of Chicago’s elite society.

Amazon Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2AjMtPg
Beholden is on Kindle Unlimited

Only $1.99 until October 13th!

Bedeviled (Book 3)

Join Alex and Charlotte, along with characters you’ve met and loved in “Bedazzled” and “Beholden”, as they tackle the maze of half-truths and cover-ups threatening the lovers.

How can they build a bond with deceit on both sides? With malevolent forces advancing, is their love Bedeviled?

Amazon Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2uUHsYu
Bedeviled is now on Kindle Unlimited

Only $2.99


Besotted (Book 4)

Time is Running Out…For Both of Them

Join Tyler and Regan as they seek their happily ever after in the conclusion of the steamy, contemporary Beguiling Bachelor romance series.

Amazon Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2AiK2MQ

About Madison

Madison Michael traded 28 years in Fortune 500 tech and management positions for a chance to spend her days with sassy heroines, sexy, rich heroes and nothing but happy endings. Growing up the daughter of a librarian, she learned to love books, especially classics and romances, and spent winters cuddled under blankets losing herself in books.

Madison is the author of three novels in the Beguiling Bachelor series, as well as several short stories. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.

After living in the northeast, southeast and the west, Maddy returned to her Midwest roots. She lives in Evanston, IL with two feline editorial assistants and great views of Chicago’s famous skyline.

Social Links

Maddy's Romance Madness: madisonmichael.net/category/mrm/

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An Interview with Catherine Russell - #darkfantasy #pnr #vampires @CathyMRussell

Exit Stage Left cover

Today I’m delighted to welcome Catherine Russell, author of the dark fantasy romance Exit Stage Left, to Beyond Romance. Be sure to enter her fabulous giveaway, at the end of this post.

Lisabet: What is something you’ve lied about?

Catherine: It took many years for us to get pregnant. In 1994 I was given an early diagnosis of cervical cancer. We were told that we’d be extremely lucky should I ever get pregnant due to the multiple procedures I had, and if I did, it would be a miracle that I could carry to a full term. Well…long story short…I got pregnant many years later as we had planned it that way and we were very blessed it took only one try. My wife and I had planned it very carefully and didn’t tell a soul. Once we finally announced the great news to the world, we settled in for all the expected things to happen. Such as baby showers, getting a nursery ready, and food cravings. Well we did the first 2….the last one, I never had…at all. As I drew closer to my due date and knew that I hadn’t had this one crucially normal thing happen, I knew my wife felt a bit left out, that she couldn’t do this one “spousally” privileged rite of passage…so I made up a few cravings, so that she could run out in the late evening or early morning to fulfill her wishes…totally unbeknownst to her. I fibbed to make her feel included and better about her part of the whole wonderful experience of our pregnancy. I did eventually tell her, many years later only to be told…”I thought so, your cravings were too predictable.” We both had a good laugh.

L: Who is the last person you hugged?

C: That’s too easy. My son, who is now over 6ft tall, towering over me. He’s about to leave on his first internship out of state for an entire month. So we’ve spent a great deal of time together as of late.

L: What are you reading now?

C: I’m quite proud to answer this one. It’s the first non-fiction book that I’ve ever read. And for me, along with many other women and men across the nation, Nov. 8th 2016 was a tragedy, a door opening to the slow and painful torture of watching and experiencing just what a narcissistic, racist, idiotic, and egomaniacal man that currently resides in the White House truly is. “What Happened” by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

L: How do you come up with the titles to your books?

C: With The Stage Chronicles, I knew there’d be at least 1 yet no more than 4, so I mulled around with just The Stage to start with and then it struck me, each sequential book is like another step, that when you’re on stage you can only go in certain directions. With the new storyline that has since erupted in my brain, I was doodling with the main characters names one day, creating initials and intertwining them and came up with A/V, (Anna/Viktor) and I thought the 2 single letters looked striking…and voilà, came up with it.

L: Share your dream cast for your book.

C: When I began to create The Stage Chronicles, I saw it my mind’s eye as a movie scene, playing out scene by scene. The fiery red headed Kate Mara is my Megan O’Day with her best friend Ashleigh being portrayed by Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and last but not least Geoffrey Drake would be embodied by Andrew Hozier Byrne, the lead singer of Hozier! The other characters I’m still fleshing out as far as their human counterparts.

L: Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and the book. I hope the tour goes really well. 

Exit Stage Left Blurb

Megan O'Day seems to be navigating the unpredictable relationship with Geoffrey Drake, her centuries-old vampire guardian angel, rather well. But then his past suddenly rips him from her, forcing her to face the unknown future alone in the gripping sequel to The Stage.

Still bound to Geoffrey through the power of the Link despite his unexplained absence, Megan's mind is flooded with his haunted memories. While she relives the darkest moments of his previous life, she discovers his attachment to a woman who bears a striking resemblance to her.

As she questions Geoffrey's love for her, she strikes up a dangerous alliance with Geoffrey's brother, Alexander, who is also a vampire. She hopes that he will help her find a way to rescue Geoffrey: instead, he seems to be awakening new emotions and desires within her.

As the past and present collide, Megan struggles to fend off Alexander's dark seduction. Is Geoffrey truly beyond the reach of her love forever? If not, what must be sacrificed to bring them back together again?


I began to hear a sound as they were speaking; a small child’s voice, whispering to me. Her high pitched voice, singing a lullaby and I recognized the notes. It was Greensleeves, the same one my mother had sang to me when I was a child. Without thinking, I walked forward, ignoring them as they reached out for me.

Megan, stop!” I heard them say yet I went in. Suddenly the room was full of sunlight. It was a child’s nursery, with light blue walls and soft white curtains at the lovely double sided windows that opened on to a huge oak tree, whose branches reached out to the window’s ledge. A small robin sat on the limb, singing. I turned to see toys and stuffed animals around the wooden floor that was covered with a multicolored throw rug. Shelf after shelf of books and nick knacks were all around the walls. Then I saw her in the corner, slowly moving back and forth in the rocking chair, holding a doll, gently stroking its hair. She looked up and I saw eyes, one green and one blue. Her light brown hair was tied up with a yellow ribbon, and she wore a pale blue dress with lace and bows. Her legs had the familiar white tights that I remembered as well as black Mary Jane’s on her little feet.

Hello there,” she said, smiling sweetly.

Hello. Who are you?” I asked walking toward her, still looking around, totally amazed at what I was seeing, experiencing.

Well, I’m you of course,” she said, coyly. She jumped up and reached out for my hand. She looked at the cute little tea set on the table next to her.

Will you join me for some tea with my dolly?” she asked in her little voice, so sweet and innocent. There was something I was supposed to be doing, but what was it? I couldn’t remember. Wasn’t there someone with me, right before I saw her? No, I must’ve of imagined that. Where else would I want to be besides here?

Yes, I’d love to. Would you like me to pour?” I said, sitting down and crossing me legs as she sat in the little chair beside me.

About the Author

Catherine Russell was born in Tacoma, Washington and raised in a small town just south, South Hill, Puyallup. At the time South Hill was a heavily wooded area and far off the beaten path. Growing up she had the forests as her fantasy world along with the wild animals. She lived with her parents and an older sister. There are a few similarities from her own childhood that have carried over in to her first novel, “The Stage”. As a child, she did have a small dog named Toto, whom she would quite frequently roam the woods with. Her childhood home still stands, and is still nestled in the woods even though South Hill has undergone an extreme makeover since she lived there. She enjoyed hours of day dreaming and playing in the woods, which in turn fed her fantasy world of make believe.

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