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Spanking, Math and Sex – #EroticRomance #Anatomy @PiaManning3

Finding Home cover

By Pia Manning (Guest Blogger)

Every erotic romance promises a scorching scene or two. It’s what readers expect, right? It wouldn’t be an erotic romance otherwise. Sex is an almost universal constant, so writing a few pages about it should not be difficult. Yet, it is.

Take anatomy. Erotic romance demands authenticity of its authors. No polite euphemisms or purple prose allowed. But there are a limited number of names for a limited number of body parts.

And those body parts can only move in certain ways. This also applies to spanking. An over-the-knee spanking while the giver is sitting in a chair must put pressure on the recipient’s stomach. Hope they didn’t just eat a big meal!

Geometry plays a role here too. Angles and the distance between body parts counts. Having sex bent over a horse won’t work. Well, not unless the characters are twelve feet tall…and the horse holds still.

Ménages add different concerns. How many people and how many bodies are involved? When not having sex, what are they doing while awaiting their turn?

Let’s work through some of these challenges. In Finding Home: Caveman Creek newly licensed vet Elizabeth Faulkner needs clients for her practice and a decent house for herself and her disabled little sister to live in. But her new clients Brent and Luke Callahan, are more interested in a relationship than her vet skills.

In this scene, brothers Luke and Brent are giving Elizabeth, the woman they hope to share, a ride home. Luke is trying to convince Elizabeth that spanking can be fun. She’s not having it. Let’s listen in:

Luke stated, “Spanking can be fun.”

Elizabeth raised one eyebrow. “How do you figure that?”

"We’re in our bedroom. You, me and Brent. I’m sitting on the end of the bed waiting for you to lay across my lap. (At least he’s not in a chair.) I want your ass bare, so you push your jeans and panties down until they slide around your ankles. I take your hand and pull you over my knees. My leg covers yours and my hand is on your back. You can’t move. Your ass sticks up in the air, ready for me to spank. I rub your cheeks, feeling how soft the skin is, how firm your butt is. My finger slips into your pussy. You’re getting wet just thinking about what’s going to happen.”

Brent’s sitting in a chair next to the bed. He’s gonna watch me spank you. He’s gonna watch your ass turn pink. He’s gonna hear your moans and cries. He unzips his pants and takes his cock out, waiting for me to start. He’s stroking himself. (Now we know what the second guy is doing.) You see what he’s doing and lick your lips. You’re thinking about him in your mouth.”

Brent nuzzled Elizabeth’s hair. “You wet now baby? Wet for us?” He grinned at Luke.

Answer him, Elizabeth.”

Y-yes.” She stuttered, barely getting the word out.

Good girl.” Brent raised her hand and kissed her fingers. “Lying to us will only get you in trouble.”

And then I start. My hand slaps your ass. I watch the skin turn pink. I hear your cry out. I spank the other cheek, and watch my handprint show. I keep spanking and you start wiggling on my lap. I stop and rub your ass, rubbing the heat in. Your clit is red, and wet. Your thighs are wet now too. Can you feel my cock getting hard? It’s pushing into your stomach, isn’t it? (Uh oh!) Are you imagining it inside your pussy? Do you see Brent? He’s stroking his cock, getting himself ready to take you too.”

Luke heard Elizabeth’s ragged breathing. Her nipples pebbled against her t-shirt.

I keep spanking you and listening to your moans. Whenever I stop, you wiggle your ass. You want us baby. You can’t wait much longer…”


Let’s check my words and see how I did. Specific words used: ass, butt, pussy, nipples, clit, cock. Okay, not a booty, patootie, panty hamster, head light, pearl, or big red riding rod in the bunch. No impossible positions or angles. And all participants are accounted for. I think we can ‘save’ and then send this one off!


Newly licensed vet Elizabeth Faulkner only needs two things: New clients for her practice and a decent place to live for herself and her disabled little sister. When her sister inherits an old farmhouse in Pinecone Creek, Wisconsin, Elizabeth thinks at least one wish has been granted. But a greedy land developer will stop at nothing to get her land, and her new clients, Brent and Luke Callahan, are more interested in a relationship than her vet skills. Brent and Luke have waited years for their forever woman. They know their wait is over once they see Elizabeth. But can she love two men? Can Elizabeth provide a home for her sister before the little girl becomes lost in the foster system? Welcome to Caveman Creek where the men are just a little Neanderthal when it comes to their women.


Approximately 123 pages; Erotic Romance, Menage, Contemporary, Small Town, Romantic Suspense. Publisher – Siren Bookstrand.

Finding Home: Caveman Creek Book 1:

About the Author

Pia Manning is the erotic romance author behind the new Caveman Creek series. Also by Pia Manning: Star Brides a three book series. She is married to a wonderful man. Loves to crochet, play Clash of Clans. Not a morning person.

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I hope you’ll also check out my series The Star Brides series is available at Siren Bookstrand: and Amazon:

Miscellaneous or Just for Fun: The Bridal Mall. A short story in the Hell’s Mall Anthology Bk. 7

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Charity Sunday for Recovery - #12Step #LustyMonthOfMay #99Cents #CharitySunday

Charity Sunday Banner

Greetings! For Charity Sunday this month, I’ve chosen an organization that isn’t strictly speaking a charity, but one which does a huge amount of good and which had a personal impact on my life.

In the summer of my seventeenth year, just before I was due to enter university, I developed anorexia. My weight dropped from about 115 pounds to 85 pounds. I looked like a skeleton (though the mirror told me I was obese). I started college in the fall but had to drop out after six weeks; I wasn’t physically strong enough to continue. A lost year and a half followed, when I was in and out of hospitals, including three months in a state psychiatric institution.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful psychiatrist, and recovered sufficiently to return to university, but for years I didn’t have a normal relationship to food. During that transition period, when I was well enough to “function” but still messed up enough to be tempted by my old food games, I found Overeaters Anonymous (OA), a Twelve Step program (like Alcoholics Anonymous) for people with eating disorders.

You might think it odd that someone who effectively starved herself would join an organization of that name, but in fact not everyone in OA is an overeater. The first step of the famed twelve, adapted for OA, is “We admitted we were powerless over food – that our lives had become unmanageable.” Certainly that described me. Even when I was eating only a few hundred calories a day, food ruled my life.

OA, like all Twelve Step programs, calls itself a “fellowship”. Indeed, the support, care and tough love one finds at OA are (in my opinion) a key to its effectiveness. OA really helped me recover from my obsession. Meanwhile, I met some of my closest friends through “the program”, people who are still important in my life forty years later.

I could write more about OA and my own journey to recovery, but I know you want to get to the excerpt! I’m sharing a bit from my story “Sundae, Bloody Sundae”, one of the lesbian tales in Burn, Baby: A Sapphic Six Pack. This book is on sale for only 99 cents as part of my Lusty Month of May promotion (which ends on Tuesday).

Meanwhile, for every comment I receive, I’ll make a one dollar “7th tradition contribution” to OA. As I said, OA is not a charity. One of the traditions of Twelve Step programs is that they should be self-supporting and not take outside funds. So members make small contributions to cover the expenses of their local meetings. This being 2021, you can now do this online, of course. I haven’t been to an OA meeting in years, but I still consider myself a part of this powerful worldwide community.


Excerpt: Sundae, Bloody Sunday (lesbian, D&S)

Ponticelli's was at least as good as I'd remembered. I ordered baked stuffed lobster for both of us, with a Caesar salad and a delightful bottle of fumé blanc. Jana was even livelier than usual, talking with her hands in the way she does when she's really excited. I ached to capture her birdlike wrists in my bonds and force her to stillness.

I must have been a bit drunk. Certainly I was hungry. In no time, I'd transformed my lobster into a pile of polished shell. Leaning back in my chair, satisfied and content, I noticed that Jana was not nearly so far along.

Girl, you're not doing justice to this fine crustacean,” I laughed. “Come here.” I grabbed one of the claws from her plate, extracted a succulent chunk of meat and dunked it in melted butter. I held the dripping morsel to her lips. “Open wide,” I ordered.

If I'd consumed a bit less wine, I'd probably have been able to label her expression. Recalling that instant now, I realize that what I saw on her face was pure terror. At the time, I thought that she was simply being stubborn, refusing to part her rosebud lips.

Jana? Come on now, eat it.”

She shook her head. “Please, I'm not hungry, Mel.”

It's delicious. Have a bite.”

No, really...”

Do I need to pull you onto my lap, flip up your skirt and wallop your scrawny ass right here in front of everyone?” A spark of lust mingled with the dread in her eyes, hardening my resolve. “Do as you're told.”

I smeared some of the butter over her lips. She shrank back in her chair, away from the laden fork. “Jana,” I warned, struggling to keep my temper in check. “You're disappointing me. I want you to eat the lobster.”

She knew me well enough by then to recognize that I was not going to back down. Like a slow motion film, she opened her mouth and allowed me to place the butter-drenched meat on her tongue. I watched her chew and swallow, then presented her with another piece.



Reluctantly, she accepted the tidbit.

That's my girl.” She favored me with a weak smile. “Again, now.” I stopped feeding her after another few bites. She looked so uncomfortable that I thought she might not be well. I wasn't terribly surprised when she excused herself to go to the ladies' room.

When more than fifteen minutes had passed without her returning to the table, though, I started to worry. I paid our check, grabbed my shoulder bag, and headed after her.

I pushed open the restroom door. “Jana? Are you all right?” After the tasteful dimness of the dining room, the glaring fluorescents made me blink. It took me a few seconds to locate my lover.

She huddled on the tiled floor, back to the wall, knees drawn up, arms hugging her chest. Her cheeks were chalk white. Her eyes were closed, her lips pressed into a thin line. Her green hem had ridden up, exposing her lean, pale thighs. She looked forlorn and frail, like an abandoned child. A faint whiff of sickness hung in the air.

Comprehension smashed into me like a speeding truck. I crouched next to her and smoothed the fine wheat-blond hair off her clammy forehead. “Why didn't you tell me, baby?”

Jana's face showed far more pain than it ever did when I flogged her. “I — I was ashamed. I thought that if you knew, if you saw the real me, you wouldn't want me anymore. I'm foul, disgusting, an ugly, jiggling lump of blubber...”

Don't be ridiculous! You're actually a bit skinny for my tastes — I like some flesh on my girls, otherwise spanking hurts my hand. But I figured that your work required a certain body type. It never occurred to me... Oh, Jana!” I clasped her to my breast, acutely aware of the fragile skeleton under her delicate skin.

How could I have been so blind? I knew eating disorders were no joke. I'd lost one friend to anorexia in college. Another had suffered permanent kidney damage. I shivered at the thought that happening to my sweet little ballerina. 

* * *  

Now only 99 cents at Smashwords, BN and Kobo!


Barnes & Noble:


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Love and Lust – #LustyMonthOfMay #AmWriting #FreeStory

Love? or Lust?

Image by Dayron Villaverde from Pixabay

Sex is boring. A strange claim, you might think, from someone who has been publishing erotica for almost two decades. It's true, though. I'm really not interested in the physical aspects of sexual encounters, tab A fitting into slot B, all the sweat and the groans, the stickiness and the wet spot on the sheets. What fascinates me is desire – the mental/emotional experience of wanting someone sexually. In less polite terms, lust.

Lust is supposedly a deadly sin. That's because, at its purest, it can overwhelm everything else: self-control, reason, responsibility. Lust acts like a drug, heightening the senses, intensifying every experience, swinging your mood into the highest highs or the most profound lows depending on whether it is reciprocated and consummated. Lust might lead to sex, but it might not. As an author, I find it interesting either way.

I've probably written at least a hundred sex scenes in my career. I have to admit that I've gotten many compliments on them (as well as some protests from people whom find my level of explicitness uncomfortable). Other writers sometimes ask me how I do it. How do I keep straight whose body parts are where? How can I write “cock” and “cunt” without getting embarrassed – or bursting out laughing? How do I manage to arouse my readers?

My answer is that I focus on the lust. I am firmly ensconced in my characters' heads – not in their bodies. Actually, I'm not particularly skilled at describing the (possibly indescribable) physical sensations of sex. But I know what my characters want. I feel what they feel. I see the pictures in their minds, images that might not have anything to do with what they're actually doing at the moment, but which fan their arousal. “Spirit to body and out to the world”, to quote a line from the poem I posted when I was talking about dancing. That's how sex works, too, at least for me.

Lust stimulates lust. Nothing turns me on like knowing that someone finds me desirable. The most intense pleasure comes from the knowledge that my fantasies are in sync with my lover's. My story “Reunion”, in Rachel Kramer Bussel's collection Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories, includes a scene in which the woman dons a corset and parades around the hotel room while her lover/master watches.

The boned curves press into my flesh. I move a bit stiffly, my breathing shallow so that I don’t burst open the hooks. The corset elevates and separates my breasts; they spill lushly over the top of the garment. Meanwhile, I can feel my bare buttocks bulbing out behind.

Okay – I’m ready.”

My master leans forward, eager, his smile baring sharp white teeth. “Very nice. Come over here.”

Stumbling a bit in my high heels, I circle the bed and stand in front of him.

Very nice indeed. Walk around for me, Sarah. Let’s see more of your tits and your ass.”

His mocking, lecherous tone thrills me. I’m terribly embarrassed, but I love showing off for him, and he knows it. My pussy swells and moistens. My nipples harden further, so painfully sensitive that one touch might send me into orgasm. He doesn’t touch me, though. He just watches, while I strut back and forth in front of him, swinging my hips.

I notice the seaweed scent, rising from between my dampened thighs. I’m close enough to him. I know he can smell it to. I don’t dare to look at his face. Instead I hold my head high as he taught me, imagining that I’m wearing the collar he once promised me.

I feel his hot eyes ranging over my body, and I rejoice, knowing that I please him, that he’s as aroused as I am. And all at once I’m awed by the power of our complementary fantasies. I want him to watch me; he has flown three thousand miles to do just that. He nourishes all my perverse notions, rewarding me for being the outrageous slut that I secretly am, the submissive, devoted wanton that he recognized in me, long years ago.

Bend over,” he says, his voice gruff with lust. I know exactly what he wants. I stand with my back to him, between the chair and the ottoman. I bend at the waist, presenting my ass to his gaze, holding the stool for support. He leans closer, but for a long time he still doesn’t touch me.

His gaze traces paths across my bare skin. I swear I can tell when his eyes linger on the pale globes, or probe more deeply into the shadows between them. This inspection excites me beyond belief. I know that he’ll touch me, sooner or later. I think that I’ll die if he doesn’t do it soon.

This story (which you can free for free on my website) is based on an actual experience, which in the real world was bittersweet. Even in the story, there's no actual tab A into slot B sex. Yet the tale is drenched with desire. I get wet every time I reread it.

So what about love? Where does that fit into the equation?

When I am writing erotic romance rather than pure (or impure!) erotica, I'm required to give my readers love as well as lust. For me, it's not that difficult. In my own life, I've rarely known one without the other. I don't necessarily mean the great love, the deep love, the Love that transcends all and lasts forever which romance readers crave. But I find it hard to be aroused by someone, to share the intimacy of sex, without caring for my partner. Even a one-night stand can be sanctified by love -- sweet, precious, elusive, but perhaps not as rare as some claim.

I know that my perspective on this is not at all universal. Some women are probably horrified by my confessions. They need to know a man for a long while before they can trust him with their bodies. I can understand that. I know that I've been lucky.

Some women, on the other hand (probably more women than men would believe), are perfectly happy getting off with a stranger, some hot-looking stud with whom they could never have an intelligent conversation. Not me. I've had a few experiences with men where there was a disconnect between the physical attraction and the emotional connection. I remember them with regret. Still, I don't think it's silly to call most of the several dozen men I had sex with during my wilder years my “lovers”. That's what it felt like to me.

I suspect that this natural convergence of love and lust in my psyche explains the fact that my writing bridges the gap between erotica and erotic romance. When I'm writing romance, I sometimes worry that lust will get the upper hand. Usually, though, there is love in the background. All I need to do is bring it into focus.

One of the raunchier scenes in my first novel Raw Silk is a four-way ménage. It includes M/F, M/M and F/F interaction. (Don't worry, I'm not going to quote it here!) Here's a peek into the mind of the main character, though, after all four participants have reached orgasm:

Four exhausted, sweaty bodies sprawled on the rich carpet. As Kate regained her senses, she realized that she was inexplicably, deliriously happy. Joy bubbled inside her, like champagne. Laughter threatened to overwhelm her.

Her head rested on Somtow's flat, firm stomach. He gently stroked her hair, running his fingers through the tangled ringlets. His other hand stroked Uthai's buttocks. The performer lay face down, his shaven skull cradled in Orapin's lap. The maid sat leaning against the couch, a serene smile on her full lips.

No one spoke, but Kate could sense Somtow's gratitude and delight. Meanwhile, she scrutinized her own emotions. Why did she feel so buoyant, so joyous? It was only sex. Then she understood her own error, that the line between sex and love was so thin that it might easily dissolve in the warm flood of mutual pleasuring.

She felt love for Uthai, for Orapin, and most of all for the shameless and insatiable Somtow. Finally, too, she felt love for herself, so free and ready to savor whatever carnal treats her life might offer.

That's what lust will do to you. Or is it love?

* * *

Speaking of lust, there are only three days left in the Lusty Month of May. Three days to comment and enter my contest (or join my mailing list and supercharge your chances)! Three days to get my hottest books for only 99 cents!


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How I got started... #LustyMonthOfMay #HotAndHotter @daryldevore

Hot and Hotter cover

By Daryl Devoré (Guest Blogger)

I did not start off as a hot romance author. I wrote sweet New Adult stories. A passionate kiss was as “hot” as things got. I mean – what if my mother read it!!!

Then 2 things happened. #1 – I chose a pen name. #2- I discovered how fun it is letting your imagination run wild. And by “wild” I mean – WILD!!!!

I was writing my first romance and a person reading it said – spice it up. So I did. And the book sold! That was A Kept Woman which has been rebranded as Two O’clock with the Billionaire.

Next – Dark Chocolate and Strawberries – I got a little bolder, and so on with each new book.

My latest release – Hot and Hotter is a duology – a two book box set. The first story is a hot tropical crash romance – Brace For Impact. The second book is one of my favourites, a hot urban fantasy – Love My Fate. The tag line pretty much says it all - What's a woman to do when a voice follows her home and makes mad, passionate love to her? Imagine trying to write a love scene involving a female human and a male voice. I spent several hours wondering how I had gotten myself into that situation. But I worked it out and that’s what I like about writing steamy romances – the challenges I set up in my stories and how I can creatively solve them.

Blurb for Hot and Hotter

Some like it hot… others like it HOTTER! Daryl Devoré has done it again, pairing two of her smoking hot romances into one smouldering book.

What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for a rookie flight attendant and a sexy R.C.M.P. officer?

But Fate had other intentions.

After leaving a disastrous marriage, Paix Allcot begins a new career as a flight attendant. First time in her dream job, she is no longer a trainee and the passengers in economy class are under her care. Especially the handsome passenger seated in 36C.

Guy Lapierre, undercover officer, is following a vicious human-trafficker. He has little time for relationships. Too many innocent lives are at stake. Stranded on a tropical island, he is forced to work with Paix to survive until he makes a relationship destroying discovery.

Can a pink bra and a hot night on the side of a volcano save the relationship and their lives?

What's a woman to do when a voice follows her home and makes mad, passionate love to her?

Corporate businesswoman, Capricious Gray, is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. After a mysterious disembodied voice helps her with her purchases, it follows her home. Passion ensues, leaving Capri torn between lust for her fantasy lover and the desperate need for reality in her life.

Thall, son of one of the Fates, harbours the irrepressible need to be with the woman he's desired from afar for years. In order to make her his, once and for all, he must help Capri get past her fears, including the fear of what he represents - a fantasy.

Can fantasy become a reality for these two lovers?

Excerpt – from the 2nd book – Love My Fate

Scene Set – Capri’s best friend – Kat – drags her to a sex toy convention.

We stepped into a display area. A grey-haired lady with silver-rimmed glasses walked over to Tee. They did the double cheek girl-kiss thing. "Patsy, this is Kat and Capri. This is their first time here."

"Welcome to Patsy's Party. Are you looking for anything in particular? To please yourself or that special other?"

"I want toys for me." Kat's cheeks flushed, and her eyes were wide open. I think she was panting. "There is no special other for either of us at the moment. But we are both actively looking."

Patsy glanced at me. I did a gasping fish impression, then I heard it again.

"Buy something fun, something erotic and something dangerous."

I spun and looked around. No male stood near us and the little brunette who was looking at a sex manual, couldn't have a voice that deep. A chill slithered down my spine. I started to tell Kat what I'd just heard, but I stopped. She'd just have some totally plausible explanation and somehow, I didn't think hearing voices at a sex toy convention had any possible sane reason. And I wasn't about to admit I thought I was going crazy.

"Well then, let's start with dildos. Every girl's best friend." Patsy led us toward a shelf covered with phallic pieces of all sizes and colours.

Purple? You so have to be kidding me. Someone’s been doing the nasty with aliens?

She began her sales pitch by picking up the largest penis I have ever seen. "This is our best seller, Mr. Monster Dong, guaranteed to drive you to new heights of sexual satisfaction. This fat boy starts at eight inches and gets bigger so you experience the feel of a really big cock. And best of all, this bad boy never goes soft! The three pages of instructions, which give a wide range of self-satisfying suggestions, are included."

Three pages? Of instructions!

I thought Kat was going to have an orgasm on the spot. She squealed three times during the description and practically ripped the thing from the woman's hands.

"If you are into the more sensuous." She picked up a glass dildo. "This little baby is called A Woman's Delight. The latest in the glass line. Its ridges and g-spot teasers are designed to heat up your playtime. I know what you're thinking, but it's completely non-porous, so it stays germ-free."

"No. No." I waved my hand at it. "I'm more worried it'll break. I mean, it's glass. And… uh… where it's supposed to go… I mean… um…"Puul-lease beam me out of here, Scotty.

She patted my shoulder. "They're built really strong, dearie."

"Oh, good." My smile was a pathetic little one, but it was the best I could do.

Patsy raised an eyebrow at Tee, who shrugged.

"Well, let's try lingerie. I have this gorgeous red bustier, with…" Patsy poked her fingers through the bra part. "With the playfulness of being a peek-a-boo."

Something—someone?—nudged my arm. Of its own accord, my hand reached out and my fingers grabbed the bustier out of Patsy's grip. I had always wanted one of these. To me, it symbolized a sexual tigress. A woman who can strut into a room and capture every man's attention. Of course, not me. Not in a hundred years.

"I have this regal blue one." Pasty held it out. "It matches your eyes."

I didn't hand the red one back to her. I couldn't. Red's my favourite colour.

She shrugged and moved on. I followed clutching the bustier as if I'd just won the Best Actress Oscar. By the time Kat and I left Patsy's Party, I had a bustier and a glass dildo. Three display areas later, I owned a bottle of lubricant—'A water-based warming gel that gently heats on contact to improve mind-blowing sexual satisfaction.'

Who writes the blurbs for these things?

My fingers hovered over a pair of red, fuzzy handcuffs, having noticed cuffs like these around Valentine's Day and thought they'd be a giggle to own. But could I? I'd never be able to trust a man enough to let him cuff me to… well to anything. Still, I wanted them. Really wanted them. And I kind of would like to find the man who could do the cuffing. Someone mysterious, adventurous and have incredible eyes. Hmph, I'm at a sex toy convention and I'm thinking about eyes. I gave myself a little shake and turned away.

Noting that my inhibitions had taken a vacation, I followed Tee to the next display area, side by side with Kat. The neon pink sign above the display read Adam and Eve. Adam's other job was probably male stripper or porn star. It had to be. Real men just don't look like that. You know that tingle that starts in your crotch when male heat walks into the room—well—hello Adam!

He talked about a five-function clit massager. My knees went weak and my jaw dropped open. By the time he got to powerful, easy to use and comes with multiple adjustments, perspiration trickled down my back and my panties were wet.

Did he stop there?

Nope! On to the latest and the greatest in spanking toys.

He stroked my behind with a long, black stick. "Do you like to be tamed? This is a stiffening crop." He gave my backside a slight slap.

I almost ripped his shirt off.

"You can turn it on low and be teased by your partner. Or turn to four…"

"And what?" Kat's voice was breathless.

He brushed my cheek with the crop. "It's best to save number four for a very naughty partner."

Yes, I bought it.


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About the Author

Two writers in one. Daryl Devoré writes hot romances with sexy heroes and strong heroines and sweet romances with little to no heat. She has several published books available on Amazon in ebook or print, and available at other book retailers via Books2Read.

Daryl (@daryldevore) lives in an old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and 2 cats. Daryl loves to take long walks on her quiet country road or snowshoe across the back acres, and in the summer, kayak along the St. Lawrence River. She has touched a moon rock, a mammoth, and a meteorite. She’s been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, and used the ladies room in a royal palace. Life’s an adventure and Daryl’s having fun living it.

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Sign up for Charity Sunday, May 30th! #CharitySundaySignup #BlogHop #Altruism

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

COVID seems to act like a time machine. You blink, and a month is gone. This weekend we’ll be organizing our Charity Sunday blog hop for May.

Charity Sunday is a meme designed to give us authors a chance to give back to the world—as well as, hopefully, attract new readers.

How does it work? Each participant selects a favorite charity. Before Charity Sunday, you should prepare a blog post that: 1) talks about the charity and why you support it; 2) provides a link to the charity; 3) includes an excerpt from one of your books; 4) includes the code to show links to other participating blogs.

It’s fun if you can make the excerpt relate somehow to your chosen charity, but this isn’t required.

For every comment left on your post, you commit to giving some amount to the relevant charity. The specific charity and the amount to donate are up to you. The posts stay open all month, to maximize the amount of donations. You can set an upper limit to your donation if you want.

If you’d like to participate in the next Charity Sunday, just sign up using the Linky List below. Please be sure that the link you enter will lead directly to your Charity Sunday post, not just to the home page of your blog.

You can get my new Charity Sunday banner here.

For an example, check out last month’s Charity Sunday post:

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Review Tuesday: Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen -- #MMromance #SciFi #ReviewTuesday

Surrender Love cover

Surrender Love by Kayelle Allen

Romance Lives Forever Books, 2021

Izzorah Ceeow, the brilliantly talented drummer for music group Kumwhatmay, might be a rock star on Tarth, but he lives in fear. Fear that his dubious immigration status will get him sent back to his female-dominated home world of Felidae, where he’d be executed for fleeing his arranged marriage. Fear that his family will learn he’s gay. Fear that his band mates will discover he’s practically blind as the result of a childhood illness. Fear of heights so acute that he won’t go near a window. Izzy even has such severe stage fright that he throws up before his shows.

But the young felinoid refugee is stronger than he appears. Despite his terror, he has never missed a performance. He spends his money supporting less fortunate Kin, illegal immigrants struggling to get by and stay under the Empire’s radar. And he knows his heart. When he meets the unimaginably rich and powerful Luc St. Cyr, he’s almost certain that, improbable as it seems, this is the warrior of whom he has dreamed, the man to whom he will give his heart and his virginity.

Luc St. Cyr has everything he could want, except a loving partner. An immortal with a dark history, he has lived many lives and he keeps many secrets – not the least of which is the fact that he’s a double agent spying for both his king, the temperamental Pietas, and Pietas’ sworn enemy, his own father. His attraction to Izzorah astonishes him, but despite being on the rebound from a bad break-up, he knows he shouldn’t fight what feels so inevitable. Izzorah brings out all his protective instincts. Luc’s determined to use his wealth and influence to nurture the fascinating young Kin male and keep him safe.

Surrender Love is the first part of Luc’s and Izzy’s love story. Although the book has a scifi setting, it is first and foremost a romance, and as a romance, it succeeds very well. Although Luc and Izzorah make a highly unlikely couple, Ms. Allen had me believing in their connection from their first encounter, when Luc is so flustered he spills the water he’s pouring for the handsome Kin musician.

Luc isn’t used to real love, and he doesn’t do all that well at it. Izzy, in contrast, is a warm and generous soul who understands that love is about giving, not taking. But the young Kin won’t tolerate dishonesty – a challenge to Luc, who never tells anyone the entire truth. Since Izzorah is practically an empath due to his ability to smell emotions, Luc is going to have a difficult time keeping his secrets.

I very much enjoyed Surrender Love, but this was almost entirely due to my enchantment with Izzorah and with Kin culture. As a hero, Izzy grows and changes, gradually becoming the true prince Luc names him. The final scenes, in which he welcomes Luc’s former lover Wulf with both graciousness and strength, make it clear that despite his youth, Izzorah is in fact a worthy match for Luc St. Cyr.

As for Luc, well, I found him boring at best, infuriating at worst. The first chapter, which he spends acting out his anger and grief at being dumped by Wulf in the most dramatic and juvenile ways possible, almost made me give up reading. I would expect immortals who’d lived for thousands of years to be at least a bit mature, but Luc, Pietas and his twin sister Destoiya seem like petulant, self-centered teenagers much of the time. I suspect this isn’t the author’s intent – she likely wants us to find her Immortals mysterious and fascinating – but I’m afraid that isn’t the way I see them.

However, Luc’s love for Izzorah may redeem him. I am ready to believe that The Harbinger will actually change (and maybe grow up) in this relationship. I might even read the next book in the series to see this happen.

The novel is long (over 500 pages) but quite tightly plotted. I learned a bit about Luc’s past, but those side excursions did not overshadow the love story. The secondary characters are enjoyable and memorable, especially the Kin females, Luc’s head of security Shohn Lexius and Izzorah’s aunt Mynkoh. Even the android butler has an engaging personality. Despite the length, I never felt that the story dragged.

Before I close, I need to mention how intensely erotic I found the love scenes in this novel. This is noteworthy because these scenes are not at all graphic. Although Luc and Izzorah clearly have gay sex, no details are provided. Nevertheless, the heat flowing between the two men is palpable and vicariously arousing. Sometimes a kiss can convey as much passion and lust as a full-out naked clinch. Ms. Allen also uses Kin physical attributes, such as retractable claws and a soft pelt on the chest, to heighten the eroticism. As an author of explicit romance, I was deeply impressed.

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Lessons on Seduction cover

By Estelle Pettersen (Guest Blogger)

Thank you so much to Lisabet for hosting me today!

I started writing steamy fiction in 2019 after trying my hand at different types of romances on a writers’ and readers’ online community.

Over time, I developed a follower base of readers and writers who read my draft stories in the community, and a few of them reached out to me, asking if I could write something steamier. I rewrote a college romance draft that I had offline, changing it from a sweet romance into something much spicier…that was the start of what became Lessons on Seduction, now published with Black Velvet Seductions.

I discovered the enjoyment of writing steamy love stories that were emotional and thrilling, and I dared to add some BDSM and menage. Writing steamy stories required a lot of research – getting the sex scenes right was important, especially the BDSM scenes. Consent is highly important, and always part of the scenes in my stories.

With Lessons on Seduction, I gave readers a strong protagonist, Sapphire Blake, who was no damsel in distress. It’s essential that people can connect with the main character and somehow feel inspired through the character’s hero’s journey/transition. I also learned to let my characters have some fun along the way!

As part of my journey writing erotic romances, I wrote a short story country romance “Loving Jack”, published in Black Velvet Seductions’ Cowboy Desire anthology. Here, I shared with readers that sweet, nice cowboys and cowgirls definitely have fun with spanking and restraints.

All in all, I’m glad I dared to write stories on the steamier side – it’s a wild ride writing erotic romances, and I’m currently working on book two of the Seduction series. 


When college student Sapphire Blake finds herself fresh out of a breakup, she is ready to embark on a new journey in her life. A dark, sensual journey. Freeing herself from the expectations set by her family, friends, and church, an innocent and unworldly Sapphire begins experimenting with her new casual lover, Vera Richland.

Julian Richland is ridiculously handsome, smart, and intimidating. This university professor finds himself enthralled in a sensual relationship with a woman willing to pay top money for his time in the bedroom. To pay off his debts and continue leading his lavish lifestyle, Julian discovers the world filled with sex, drugs, and lies may not be for him as he first thought. With his contract almost up, Julian has his sights set on a new endeavor.

When the pair are introduced by none other than Julian’s own sister, sparks are ignited as Julian sees past the conservative stigma Sapphire believes the world has placed on her. Instead, he sees a sexy vixen—and he can’t help but admit he wants her.

As the couple begins a dangerous, passionate liaison, secrets become exposed and lives are threatened. Will Julian be able to save his relationship with Sapphire and rekindle the fiery flame they share? Or, will fate have another ending in store? Find out in this thrilling and erotic new adult romance novel.


I turned left, headed toward the direction of bedrooms, and stopped when I reached the main en suite bedroom. This must be Julian’s room. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it wouldn’t get the better of me, so I dared.

I dropped my bag on the floor and walked into the master suite, which featured two dimly lit lamps and a king-size bed with a charcoal duvet and matching pillows. The unmade bed was the only untidy element in this otherwise clean home, indicative of either his most recent sexual activity or his forgetfulness to make the bed up. I doubted that it was the latter. As I walked past the bed, I noticed leather handcuffs on the crumpled duvet. The soothing sound of water running in the shower caught my attention, enticing me to take a sneak peek in the bathroom.

The bathroom door was left open at a forty-five-degree angle, and the pull of temptation gravitated me toward it. I was curious. I usually did not pry into the privacy of others, but I had never seen a naked man in real life, and I was ready to find out.

Oh, my lord! There he was in the shower, a beautiful man in all his splendor and glory. Julian was wet and naked, reminding me of the marble statue of the biblical, nude David by Michelangelo. Droplets of water ran down his hard, taut, body, all the way to the curve of his muscular back and firm buttocks, then along his sturdy legs. He rinsed the soap off his broad shoulders, chest and slim waist. His body tapered down like a perfect V, and delicate veins ran along his muscular forearms. His penis was thick and admirable, even in its relaxed state, and his testicles hung below. Eyes closed, he lifted his head to absorb the streaming water, and ran his long fingers through his hair, washing out the remaining shampoo foam, which flowed downward.

The heavenly sight of Julian in his nakedness, together with the fresh scent of the citrus body wash, triggered my nipples to harden and the inner walls of my vagina to clench.

Julian’s eyes opened and fluttered rapidly, making direct contact with mine. “OH, FUCK!”

Oh shit, I’m so sorry! I was looking for a spare toothbrush and didn’t realize you were here!” I babbled in a flustered state. I was a bad liar.

He turned off the shower faucet, grabbed a towel, and started to dry himself slowly.

Did you enjoy the show, Sapphire?” Julian smiled smugly, emphasizing my name when he spoke.

I, uh, I’m staying over with Vera tonight, as we’re heading out for a girls’ night. I hope that’s okay with y-you,” I stammered.

Oh, it’s more than okay with me, love. However, you haven’t answered my question.” Julian’s mischievous eyes dangerously twinkled with devilish delight.

I like what I see,” I admitted, gazing at the towel, which he now wrapped neatly around his firm torso.

Good. Now, come here, baby. Touch me.”

I took one step closer to Julian and stroked the blade of his left shoulder with my right hand. My fingers traveled down his chest and stomach, drawing him to release a groan of pleasure.

That’s it. Lower.”

Lower?” I gasped.

Yes. Further down south, if you get my drift.”

My fingers traveled below his navel and down to where the towel met his skin.


Stop?” I raised my eyebrows.

Yes, stop,” he commanded.

Julian’s hands swiftly reached around my neck and untied my halterneck top, exposing my bare breasts to him.

You’re exquisite.” His long, dark lashes lowered as he gazed at my topless body. I sucked in the citrus-flavored air as he began rubbing my nipples in circular motions with his rough thumbs.


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About the Author

Estelle Pettersen is an Australian author and former journalist whose romance stories explore empowerment, freedom, and finding one’s strength. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Journalism and Psychology, from the University of Queensland, Australia. Her second degree is an MBA from Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She is a member of Romance Writers of Australia and is passionate about history, languages, cultures, traveling, food, and wine. She is happily married and living in Norway these days.

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