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Realism in Hotwife Tales (or trying to avoid a cock and bull Cuck and Bull story) #Hotwife #Cuckold #Giveaway

Unleashing the Bull cover

By Delores Swallows (Guest Blogger)

Lisabet has kindly invited me to do another guest post on her blog to coincide with the release of my latest novel, Unleashing the Bull.

This is the third and final book in a series called ‘Extramarital Pursuits’ – although when I released the first book I didn’t realise it was going to be a series.

That first book was called Operation Cuckold, and followed the adventures of a couple called Michelle and Harry. It was my first foray into the cuckolding genre.

I’d already written stories that included the subject of wife-sharing—though they were more ‘open marriage’ tales—and many other stories that included voyeurism, which I think is an important element in cuckoldry. However, I didn’t really understand the dynamics within a cuckolding relationship, so I decided to research the subject.

I visited several forums and spent a lot of time reading about all the things couples in the lifestyle get up to. It was enlightening, to say the least. I probably spent a lot more time than was actually necessary, but I justified all my hours learning about what worked for different couples by convincing myself I was being thorough.

For my plot, I imagined that Michelle visited the same forums I’d used and read about the sorts of things that some cucks like. I then had her employing this knowledge to her relationship with Harry without actually considering if it was what he wanted.

Harry got off on seeing her having sex with other men. He didn’t really want any of the things that many cuckolds crave — humiliation, denial, restraint — but he went along with a lot of things that took him out of his comfort zone because he thought they were what Michelle wanted.

The book came out in 2016, and I received numerous nice emails from readers saying they’d enjoyed the book, and that they’d found it authentic (as well as sexy). It’s my best-selling book.

In 2018 I decided to write a sequel, partly because of the success of the first book, but also because I’d grown fond of the characters and thought their story needed continuing.

During my research for Operation Cuckold, I’d learned that not all wife-sharing husbands were ‘cucks’. Some husbands enjoy simply watching their wife with other men without being told their cocks are too small, or being ordered to perform clean-up after the ‘alpha’ has left his deposit.

These guys are called ‘stags’, and their wives (though still hotwives) are referred to as ‘vixens’. Knowing that this was how my character Harry wanted to be, I called the sequel Stag Nights.

I had several scenarios I wanted to include in the second book, so I thought I’d try to improve my research strategy (there’s only so much porn-surfing a pervert can do). I decided to get it from the horse’s mouth.

As I mentioned earlier, I’d written other stories about wife-sharing as well as Operation Cuckold, and as a result I have numerous followers on Twitter who actually live the cuckolding lifestyle. I contacted a few of these to ask if they’d mind sharing their knowledge for a book I was planning to write.

Some were kind enough to agree, and I got both hotwives and cuckolds willing to participate. They were generous with their time, and I’ll always be grateful for the insight they gave me into the lifestyle.

I asked a lot of question — some general, but others more specific regarding certain scenarios I intended putting my characters through. The hotwives and cucks were kind enough to answer not only all of these, but also the follow-up questions I had after getting their initial responses.

Their answers were extremely helpful (and entertaining), but what really stood out—apart from how strong their relationships were—was how varied the dynamics between different couples can be. What works for one couple can be nothing like what works for another.

After Stag Nights had been written and published, I again received several emails from readers saying how accurately they felt I’d portrayed the lifestyle during the experiences of Michelle and Harry. This was all thanks to the people who’d been so generous with their time and knowledge.

At the start of this year, I decided to write the final book in the series. I re-published the first two through KDP, and called the series ‘Extramarital Pursuits’.

Unfortunately for Harry, it wasn’t until the final chapter of Stag Nights that he became aware of the terms ‘stag’ and ‘vixen’. I’d put him through over a hundred thousand words of being cuckolded before a very helpful bull named Ben explained not all husbands enjoy the humiliation and denial that Michelle had assumed was necessary in their relationship.

For the third book and final book in the series, rather than following Harry and Michelle through another set of adventures, I decided to do something a little different. Unleashing the Bull tells the story of how a nice young man called Josh becomes Ben, the bull from the second book.

Chronologically, it runs alongside Stag Nights, with both these books sharing the same scene – though told from different POV’s.

Since Ben was the knowledgeable bull who’d explained things to Michelle and Harry in the second book, I had to show in this one how he acquired all that information. And like in any other job, the best way for my bull to learn his trade was from hands-on experience!

In Unleashing the Bull, Ben services hotwives with a wide variety of dynamics in their relationships with their husbands. I like to think that readers will find it arousing and entertaining, and I’m hoping they’ll also think it feels authentic because a lot of the behaviours and kinks of the different hotwives and cucks my bull services were based upon the answers and insights I got from my research for earlier book in the series.

You can find out more about the latest book below. Meanwhile, I’ll give away one copy of each of the three books to three people who leave comments.


When Josh’s ex-girlfriend asks to meet for coffee, his hopes that they might get back together are crushed by news of her whirlwind romance and marriage. He offers his congratulations through gritted teeth, still besotted enough to agree to meet her again just days later.
This time, Olivia’s more provocative, more flirtatious, and she tells him exactly what part of him she misses the most. Caught up in a rush of emotions which steamroll over his morals, he goes back to her upmarket townhouse and indulges in what he’s been missing. Her behaviour—coarser, sluttier—puzzles him, but that doesn’t stop him going back for more.

And then she tells him that her husband wants to meet him.
Josh is stunned to find that her husband is a cuckold who actively encourages their liaisons. Hotwife Olivia, with her husband’s help, convinces Josh that he has the physical attributes and stamina to service not just her, but several of her friends.
Rising to the challenge, he becomes Ben the Bull, and loves every minute of it. As he explains to a friend, his life is full of dates with gorgeous women interested in having hot, dirty sex and nothing more.
Surely, no red-blooded man could want for anything more than that…?


Stand up, Ben.”

He placed his glass on a side table and got to his feet.

Come closer.”

As he walked the few steps from his couch to theirs, Della uncrossed her legs and sat forward. She rubbed her hand over his groin, then undid the zip of his trousers and fished out his cock, which was already starting to swell.

This is rather imposing.” She held it gently between her fingertips and glanced sideways at her husband. “Go to the bedroom and sit in the chair. I’m going to familiarise myself with this.”

Without a word, Samson got up and walked to a door on the back wall.

Della turned her gaze back to Josh’s manhood. She pointed it to one side, leaned in and planted a kiss on the side, near the base. She kissed her way along his shaft until she reached the tip, then parted her luscious red lips and took the head into her mouth.

Josh let out a sigh as she slid her head forward, taking more of him in. His cock was growing by the second and was soon a full-blown erection.

Della released it from her mouth but kept her hand wrapped around the shaft, her eyes now on his face. “I’m glad we’ll be skin on skin.”

Me too.”

Well, as much as I’d like you to fuck me here on the couch, I suppose we’d better go into the bedroom.”

He would have liked nothing more than to roll her dress up to her waist, spread her legs and fuck her right there with her shoes on.

She stood, her face close to his and her hand still gripping his cock. “Samsy’s a traditional cuck, with all the sissy trimmings.”

Although Josh didn’t understand exactly what this meant, he assumed it was her way of warning him there’d be some humiliation. “Okay.”

In the bedroom, which was as impressive as the living room with the same dark wood floor, Samson sat naked in a hard-back chair, facing the bed. A transparent plastic cover was fitted over his cock. It was the first time Josh had seen one in real life, having read a lot about male chastity devices while researching.

Della led Josh to stand facing her, immediately in front of Samson’s chair. She dropped to her knees and, still gripping Josh’s cock in her fist, looked at her husband. “Have you seen this, Samsy?”

Her husband’s eyes were fixed on Josh’s cock.

Can you imagine how I’m going to feel when he pushes this into me?”

Samson swallowed, nodded once.

It’s going to be a tight fit.” Della licked all around the head but kept her eyes on her husband’s. “Just picture this thing forcing its way in, stretching my pretty flower wide open and filling me up.”

She slapped the cock against her cheek several times. “I’m dripping just from the thought of being fucked with this, but I see you’re dripping too, Samsy.”

Josh saw a thread of precum hanging from the end of the device. Della caught it on her finger and pushed it into Samson’s mouth.

Did I say you could dribble?”


Be quiet!”

Samson’s mouth snapped shut and he looked down at the floor.

That’s better.” Della slowly straightened and stood face to face with Josh. Her expression softened. “Now, I think it’s time for us to resume assessing each other’s bodies.” She pushed his jacket back and off. “But this time we’ll do it without clothes.”

Josh stood motionless as Della removed his shirt and unfastened his belt. As his trousers slid down his legs, he stepped out of his shoes and trousers together, now naked. Della stepped back and appraised his body, then looked at her husband, who had another fine string of precum dangling from his plastic cock-cover.

She shared a grin with Josh. “I can hardly reprimand him—I’m dripping even more than he is.”

Gripping the sides of her springy, knitted dress, she pulled downwards. The neck opened and slid down her body, revealing a firm pair of perfect breasts. As the dress rolled further down, Josh saw her narrow waist and then the swell of her hips. She was completely naked underneath, her dark bush neatly trimmed. As she stepped out of her dress, he admired her smooth, muscular legs.

She stepped close to Josh and grabbed his cock, swiping the head against her belly. “Lie down, Ben. Samsy likes to get a good view of my painted lips going up and down on a nice big cock like yours.”

Josh lay flat on the bed, head on the pillow, and Della crawled between his legs.

She kissed her way up his thighs and nuzzled his balls, then took his cock in her hand and looked at her husband. “Ready for this, Samsy?”

Eyes wide and his knees shaking, he nodded.

Without glancing at Josh, Della lowered her head and took him deep into her mouth. Josh shivered and sighed as Della proceeded to treat him to some of the most intense pleasure he could remember. She sucked, licked, slobbered and nibbled until his legs trembled.

By the time she released him, both men were shaking.

And now…” She kicked off her shoes and crawled up the bed, straddling Josh’s thighs without taking her gaze from her husband’s face. “I’m going to help myself to what I’ve been desperate for since my last bull.” She trailed her hand over her sex, then held up the wet fingers, rubbing the tips together to show both men how ready she was. “I’m going to have a big bull cock.”

She manoeuvred herself above Josh’s groin and reached down to swipe his cock through her outer lips, coating the head in her juices. She flashed him a smile before glancing at her husband. “Shall I?”

Samson’s entire body trembled as he gave a nod. Della smiled, then slowly impaled herself. Her eyes fluttered and Josh felt her tight heat envelop him. She groaned theatrically as she pushed down onto the entire length, her head dropping back and her mouth hanging open.

Oh, Samsy,” she whispered, her voice breathless. “This is bliss.” She slowly rocked her hips, letting out moans and whimpers. “I know you want me describe how good it feels, but I’m just going to show you.”

She spread her hands on Josh’s stomach and began to thrust her hips quickly, riding his cock. “I’m going to show you how quickly something this long and thick will bring me off. I’m going to show you just how…”

Josh felt the grip of her climax.

Della grunted and thrust faster, her nails digging painfully into his stomach until she let out a gasp. “Oh, that’s better.” She sighed, shook her head and spoke to her husband, ignoring Josh completely. “I knew it wouldn’t take long to get off with Ben. What shall I do to him now?”

Fuck him.” Samson’s face was solemn. “Twist and squirm and bounce on his cock.”

She smiled. “But you know what’ll happen if I do that.”

He nodded.

Josh felt like he was watching a well-rehearsed performance. They’d probably played this scene out with many bulls.

What’ll happen, Samsy?”

He’ll come.”

She raised her eyebrows, encouraging him to elaborate.

He’ll come in your pussy. He’ll fill you with his cum.”

She nodded slowly. “That’s right, Samsy. He’ll fill me with his cum.”

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About the Author

Delores Swallows has many dirty thoughts, and during his free time he writes them down in the form of stories. Born and bred in the northwest of England, he has a commoner’s accent and a bit of a crush on his future queen (Kate, not Camilla!).

His stories often feature petite brunettes, high-heeled shoes and voyeurism. He claims he didn’t realise these were obsessions until someone pointed out how often they appear in his work.


Twitter: @deloresswallows

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Lisabet Sarai said...

This is a great book, Del. I hope some of my readers will check it out.

Thanks for being my guest!

Delores Swallows said...

Thanks Lisabet.
I've just noticed that only part of the line 'Unleashing the Bull' is italicised in the final para of the post, and you know how I am about spotting errors !!

Thanks for the invite - always fun.

Debby said...

I like the covers. They do pull me in. Thanks for the great posting and the intro.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lisabet Sarai said...

I fixed the italics, Del! Don't want to annoy the picky bastard!

Jamilla said...

Wow yassss is all I can say. I love the covers and look forward to reading more 😍

bn100 said...

interesting books
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Larry Archer said...


"During my research for Operation Cuckold, I’d learned that not all wife-sharing husbands were ‘cucks’. Some husbands enjoy simply watching their wife with other men without being told their cocks are too small, or being ordered to perform clean-up after the ‘alpha’ has left his deposit."

I agree that there is a wide range of options for the cuck and it blends into the whole swinging Lifestyle. I've never been involved in a "standalone" Hotwife - cuck - Bull relationship and so my views may be skewed by my experiences. Swingers enjoy watching their partner (either sex) having sex for the most part and it's rarely to put the cuck down for his inadequacy. Not being female makes it difficult to fully appreciate their reaction to a big cock but I can watch their reaction to a cock the size of their arm. We've only known a few guys with big dicks but you can tell size makes a difference even if it's only visual. Having a big cock brings its own problems (besides having to beat off the women LOL). A lot have problems getting fully erect. I guess they run out of blood. I know one woman who refuses to have sex with me because I'm too big and yet I think I'm 2 or 3 inches from having a "big" cock. But at least she gives good head! We tend to be a visual animal and whether it is actually better is a question to discuss over drinks.

Delores Swallows said...

Hi Larry

Thanks for reading and adding your thoughts.

I agree that there's something of the voyeur in most people.

"I know one woman who refuses to have sex with me because I'm too big and yet I think I'm 2 or 3 inches from having a "big" cock."

I think that's just a polite way of saying she doesn't want to shag you :-)


Marle said...

Lisabet, woozers where do u find these authors. Very different from my usual read. Inticing...mhustvet at hotmail dot com

hotwife said...

Excellent hotwife article

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