Monday, June 1, 2020

Welcome June - and my new book! @Lyncee #Suspense #Romance #Giveaway

Rocky Road Candy... today is Rocky Road Day!
By Lyncee Shillard (Guest Blogger)

Hey hey everyone!

I’m so glad to be here again. And thank you Lisabet for having me again! I’m chat about accordions, rocky roads, wood bison, and to give away a 10$ Amazon gift card.

Let’s start with a couple of did you knows for June….

It’s national candy month (yup we need an entire month devoted to candy) – what’s your favorite???? Mine is peanut M&M’s.

It’s national accordion awareness month – I’m not sure why. I mean I have nothing against the accordion but to honor this awareness here is a accordian random fact:  "Play Your Accordion" was a television game show/talent contest that aired in Russia.

Now for June 1st

It is rocky road day (I have a recipe for rocky road candy with vodka and without over on my blog if you are interested). I prefer turtle sundaes over rocky road sundaes. Do you love rocky road sundaes?

It’s also catchfly flower day. Now to be totally honest I didn’t know these were flowers. They grow like crazy all over where I live, and we call them weeds. BUT it seems that it traps flies and other insects on it’s sticky petals. The flies are tricked by their appealing scent (yeah, not sure what scent appeals to flies but it can’t be good) and fly in then are caught in the sticky goop.

Emilee knows about deadly tricks. She goes to Alaska thinking she’s going to get the interview of a lifetime, only she ends up the target of a serial killer…

My newest romance suspense, The Prank, is up for pre-order at and will be available on the 15th (maybe earlier!)
When Emilee learns that the reclusive Ted McGraft is going to visit a wood bison reserve in Alaska, she jumps at the chance to get an interview. She figures spending time with big, ugly, hairy things is a small price to pay for this career maker opportunity.

Only she arrives to learn that her cousin has pranked her…. Instead of landing an interview of a lifetime, she needs to figure out how to stay alive. She finds herself trapped in an Alaska snowstorm with a sexy animal reserve owner, and a serial killer.


Emilee held the phone in the air and started to turn a slow circle. 
"That's because you don't know my pen name, dumb ass. And why you would have let me come if you didn't think I was a reporter?" She lowered the phone. "Oh my God, you're some kind of serial killer? And the guy shooting at us is your partner? I’m involved in some sort of sick cat and mouse game.” Her hand disappeared into one of the pockets of her pale blue coat and when she pulled it out, she held a pepper spray canister. "I’m no timid mouse. I do kickboxing three times a week. Have taken over thirty self-defense classes. And I'm licensed to use this.” She waved the canister in his face. “So back up, sicko, and tell GI Joe to crawl out of the slime pool he’s hiding in."

He stood for a minute, unsure if he wanted to laugh or choke her. "You're the one who contacted me to come up here. Unless things have really changed since I've relocated to Alaska, serial killers lure their victims in, not just wait for them to call pretending to be a reporter." How could one female annoy him and turn him on so much in such a short a period of time?

It could be a new angle you and your perverted partner worked up to fool the Criminal Mind type of people. Get a bunch of smelly, hairy animals and when people come to see your farm, you torture them to death.”

He curled his hands into tight balls to keep from reaching out and shaking the woman.

"My phone isn't getting a signal," she growled, moving closer to the window. An eerie whistle filled his cabin and Gurther started to growl. Emilee's eyes narrowed, and she lifted the canister, pointing it at him. "What was that?"

* * * * * *

And now for the 10$ Amazon gift card give away… Emilee was tricked into going to Alaska, tell me of a time you pranked someone or was pranked. And if you don’t want to share or don’t have anything to share – just drop me a hi.

I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

If you would like to come and hang out with me…we will talk doughnuts, vodka, and planners…


Lyncee said...

Good morning everyone! Thanks Lisabet for having me.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Welcome to Beyond Romance, Lyncee, and thanks for your generous giveaway!

Seems funny to think about a blizzard right now. I live in the tropics and it's in the nineties here.

Lori R said...

Hi Lyncee. I am not really into pranks. I've been told I'm too serious. I did love your excerpt and will definitely be checking out the rocky road recipe.
lringel at comcast dot net

Colleen C. said...

I am not a prankster, but when I was younger, I enjoyed making up crazy stories to tell my friends and sisters... which they believed.

Karen H said...

Hey, I want to hang out at your house. You have some interesting things going on. I like all things chocolate and unfortunately, chocolate melts a lot in summer so your M&M's is a true winner here. I like the peanut but I love the plain best. My kids were always fascinated that I could tell which of the M&M's were red. Let me explain. I could tell by the taste. Seriously. I would close my eyes, they would pick out their chosen assortment and feed me the candies, one at a time and I could tell them which one was the red one. They would try to trick me by not including a red one and told them than none of them were red. HAHA, gotcha! I can't do my trick with the M&M peanut...doesn't work. Great party trick.

Sherry said...

I'm really not a prankster but I enjoy watching others doing pranks.

Fiona McGier said...

Don't like rocky road anything, since marshmallows are too sweet for me. When the family makes s'mores, I just sit and eat dark chocolate and pretend I'm one of the family! Your book looks interesting. I've never been to Alaska.

bn100 said...

nice excerpt
don't prank
bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Debby said...

I cannot say I have ever been pranked like that
debby236@gmail dot com

Lyncee said...

I want thank everyone for stopping by and commenting! Sherry you are the winner. If you want to email me your addy - I'll send the gift certificate over.

And a special thanks to Lisabet for having me!

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