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#SaturdaySpanks: Sin City Sweethearts -- #Spanking #Erotica #StripPoker

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I’ve got a very intense Saturday Spanks excerpt for you today, from my outrageous erotica tale Sin City Sweethearts (Vegas Babes #3). It starts out with a game of strip poker, after dinner on Thanksgiving, and just gets wilder from there!


Like many newlyweds, Annie and Ted work hard, economize, live in a too-small apartment, and make passionate love whenever possible. They’re just a bit more open-minded and inclusive about sex than most couplesthey met at The Fox’s Den strip club and bonded during an orgy. They’re delighted when fraternal twins Marcella and Madeleine McNabb move into the apartment downstairs. The innocent eighteen year old beauties have come to Las Vegas for university and to escape their overprotective family. Annie and Ted figure it’s practically their duty to educate the sisters about the real Sin City.

Marcie and Maddy prove to be apt pupils, with voracious carnal appetites. Before long they’re intimately involved not only with their upstairs neighbors, but also their hippie landlord and landlady, Maddy’s hunky coach, Marcie’s dominant department head, a handful of their classmates, a bevy of strippers from the Den and the infamous Foxy and Larry themselves. Then the four McNabb brothers come to town, threatening to drag the twins back to Ely, and things get truly wild.


All I’ve got is my underwear,” said Marcie, holding Joel’s gaze. She felt like she was already naked. Her nipples were hot and hard, throbbing each time they brushed the fabric of her dress. Moisture leaked from her slick and swollen pussy. Whoever won her panties would find them distinctly damp.

And how good are your cards?” he challenged. “Are you going to bet?”

She nodded. “And you?”

I’m pretty sure I’ll win. My jeans. Okay, call.”

Annie flipped over her cards. “Two pair, aces over queens.”

Her heart slamming against her ribs, Marcie exposed her three jacks. “Three of a kind.” She raised her eyes to Joel’s face. “And you?”

The pony-tailed host gave her a slow smile. “I’ve got three of a kind, too.” He tipped over a queen, and Marcie sucked in her breath. Grasping the hem of her dress, she pulled it over her head to expose her bare tits. Why wait?

Three sevens,” he continued, displaying the rest of his hand. “You win, Marcie.”

He shrugged his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it behind him. His blue jeans took longer to remove. His impressively rigid cock got in the way.

His shaft arced up from a salt-and-pepper tangle at his groin, seven inches at least, the skin pale and smooth-looking. His dick didn’t seem to have the veins she’d seen on the other guys she’d had. The swollen bulb, fatter than the rod itself, was a deep magenta, shiny with the fluids that leaked from his slit. Joel’s erection bobbed and twitched, as if preening under her rapt gaze.

Saliva pooled in Marcie’s mouth. He looked utterly delicious.

Care for a taste?” he offered, reading her mind.

She scurried over, on her hands and knees, scattering the cards in all directions. In seconds she was crouched between his spread legs, licking up his pre-cum and swirling her tongue over that tempting knob. Opening wider, she sucked half his length into his mouth.

Joel groaned. “Yeah, that’s right, little girl. Swallow me whole.”

She did just that, relaxing her throat and sinking down until her nose nestled in his grizzled pubes. He smelled incredible, spicy and exotic as incense. Meanwhile his flavor was different from Ted’s, more subtle, without the sharp tang she remembered. He’s a vegetarian, she recalled. They say that makes a difference.

Forming her lips into a tight circle around his rock-hard shaft, she slid up and down, backing off to lap at his cockhead, then plunging down to take every pulsing inch. He groaned and bucked under her, driving deeper, until she nearly choked on his flesh. He might not eat meat, she thought. But I do.

She gripped his corded thighs with both hands and sucked harder, feeling his muscles strain as he arched into her mouth. That’s right, she thought, picking up the pace. Give me your cum, Joel. Your own special whipped cream.

Her clit, still trapped inside her panties, felt huge and tender. Every time Joel’s dick hit the back of her throat, it pulled her further up the slope to her own climax. She wanted to touch herself, but he was thrashing so hard now that she couldn’t let go of his legs. Marcie squeezed her own thighs together and clenched her hungry pussy. She was so, so turned on. Wouldn’t it be cool if she could come just from sucking Joel off?

You naughty, naughty girl!” Ted’s voice, behind her, broke into her fantasy. Hands—presumably his—snagged the elastic waistband of her bikinis and dragged the sodden bit of fabric down to her bent knees. “If only your parents knew about the nasty way you’re celebrating Thanksgiving!” He swept one finger through her dripping cleft, pushing her to the very edge of coming, but snatched his hand away before she tumbled over.

Marcie moaned in protest around the cock in her mouth. The vibrations triggered more frenzied thrusts from the man underneath her. She arched back, futilely seeking more contact with the guy behind her.

You know what you need?” Ted pinched one butt cheek and she yowled at the sting, her voice muffled by Joel’s cock.

I need your fingers in my pussy, she thought, wild with arousal. Or your cock.

You need discipline, slut.” Another pinch, fingernails digging into her flesh. The pain took seconds to fade and when it did left her, strangely, wanting more.

Do that to my clit. Please!

You need a good, old-fashioned spanking!” In sync with his words, Ted brought his hand down hard on her right ass cheek.

It hurt, far more than she ever would have expected. Her skin exploded with a bright, sharp sensation, as if little knives were embedded in his palm. Her mouth fell open; the cock she’d been sucking slipped out. She didn’t even notice. Ted spanked the opposite cheek. She thought he’d lit a match and held it to her naked flesh.

Ow! Oh, god! Please…ow! Ted…” Her voice trailed off into inarticulate moans as he continued to spank her, alternating sides and locations. Sometimes his swats landed on the fleshy, full part of her butt. Sometimes, as if seeking variety, he laid his stinging blows on the sensitive skin near the join with her thighs. That felt like being broiled alive. Yet when he moved higher once more, she missed the exquisite burn.

Swat! Swat!

You wanted this, you little slut,” Ted said, panting with exertion. “You practically begged me to spank you.”

She had begged him. She’d had no idea.

Do you want me to stop?”

Tears in her eyes, pussy juice streaming down her legs, Marcie shook her head. Despite the pain—because of the pain?—she’d never been so aroused in her life. “Don’t—ow! —don’t stop,” she gasped.

You want to come, slut?”

Please…” she whimpered.

Open your legs. That’s right.”

Ted reached between her spread thighs to pinch her clit, exactly as she’d imagined. At the same time, he slid a wet finger deep into her asshole.

She flew apart, exploding into an orgasm so intense that the room spun dizzily around her. Colors danced on her closed eyelids, bright flashes she felt as well as saw. Pleasure flared in her belly, expanding like overheated gas. Lighting arced through her, from clit to ass and back, in a fiery circuit that consumed all rational thought.

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Larry Archer said...

"He might not eat meat, she thought. But I do." - Great line from a great story!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Larry!

Wait till you read "The Slut Strikes Back"!

Fiona McGier said...

Hey, I like going camping up in Ely! I don't know what the locals are like, but some of us who camp up there are pretty open-minded. Snicker. What happens in the camper, stays in the camper--and in the camera.

Lisabet Sarai said...

I spent a night in Ely myself... which is why it shows up in the story!

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