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Steampunk Redux – #Steampunk #Erotica #Technology

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Yesterday I was browsing my directories of old blog posts and happened upon a file called WhyILoveSteamPunk.odt. (The .odt is the default document extension for LibreOffice, the free office suite that I use.) Searching my blog archives, I didn’t see a post with that title. Then I realized I’d published the essay and excerpt under a different title: A Lifelong Love Affair.

That was way back in 2016. I was promoting my steampunk opus, Rajasthani Moon. Now here I am in 2021, and I’m still fascinated by the genre. In fact, I’m in the midst of writing a steampunk series, The Toymakers Guild, about a Victorian secret society of libidinous engineers who create marvels of erotic technology. The first book, The Pornographer’s Apprentice, came out last fall. Now I’m well into Book 2, The Journeyman’s Trial. Things are getting wilder with each chapter!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a bit from Book 1, focusing on the cool steampunk erotic technology... rather than just on the sex. Enjoy!


Exclusive Excerpt

So, Jill – are you free to help us with testing for the Duchess of Dartmouth?”

Ian strolled over to the workbench, where she’d partially disassembled the piano mechanism. Something wasn’t working. She needed to consult with Sébastien before taking further steps.

Your timing could hardly be better,” she told the lanky apprentice. “I was just about to take a break.”

Smashing! Arch is already upstairs in Sébastien’s office, with the device.” He waggled his eyebrows. “We figured you’d prefer a bit of privacy.”

Gillian trained her level gaze on him until he blushed. “Well, I would not want to disturb Tug.” The stolid apprentice was engaged in fashioning an elegant wooden paddle, one of the erotic attachments for the musical toy controller. “Shall we?”

She climbed the narrow stairs to the gallery, with Ian following so close behind that his body brushed against hers. She half-expected him to pinch her bum; she could almost hear his thoughts. However, he refrained from that temptation.

From behind the closed door of Lucinda’s room, she caught snatches of song. The girl seemed to have recovered her buoyant good spirits, though she undoubtedly knew about Gillian’s and Sébastien’s activities over the past week. It was likely everyone knew, Gillian supposed, including Archie and Ian. Certainly, neither had approached her with any sort of carnal intent until now – when the journeyman was gone.

Would her French lover be jealous if she renewed her erotic connections with the apprentices? Gillian doubted he would mind. In any case, she was only helping out with some product testing. One might argue that this was part of her job.

Archie sat on the couch, waiting for them. In his lap was something that looked more like a piece of exotic jewellery than a sex toy. As she entered, he held it up for her to admire.

What do you think? Lucinda did the aesthetic design, then we added the working functionality.”

Gillian could imagine the glittering artefact draped over the dusky curves of some courtesan in an Oriental seraglio. Delicate chains hung from a belt fashioned of gleaming silver mesh. Two of the strands terminated in polished cups pierced with thumbscrews. Gillian guessed these were for the nipples. A third chain led to a small silver ring. The links on the remaining two strands seemed heavier. The belt itself was adorned with several nubs fashioned from semi-precious stones. Gillian recognised the blue of lapis, the green of malachite and the coral-orange of carnelian.

It’s beautiful. How does one wear it?”

Well, you need to be nude.” Despite the adventures they’d shared, Archie actually blushed.

Gillian grinned. “Of course.” She undid the long line of buttons that secured the lab coat and shrugged it off her shoulders. As usual, she wore nothing underneath. “Now what?”

The belt fastens around your waist, as you most likely have guessed.” Archie matched actions to words, his fingers nimble but impersonal. “One pole of the power pack attaches under your arm, the other on your shoulder. The temperature difference drives the chemical reaction in the battery. One of Rafe’s clever contraptions.”

Rafe again. Gillian’s curiosity soared.

According to the customer’s specification,” said Ian. “This is for foreplay, to warm up the erogenous zones. It is intended to be worn both before and during intercourse. The nipple stimulators attach like this.”

The delicate hemispheres just covered her nipples. The thumbscrews kept them in place with minimum pressure.

As you can see, the wires are threaded through the chains,” Archie continued.

She hadn’t noticed, but it was a brilliant idea. The wires could be much thinner and less obtrusive with the chain to protect and support them.

Would you like to attach the clit stimulator?” asked Ian, handing her the chain with the ring. “You’ll probably do a better job than we would.”

Pleasure skittered through her as she fitted the ring and adjusted the tension. “And you said the third point was anal stimulation?” she asked, a bit breathless from the combination of anticipation and physical sensation.

That’s right,” said Ian. “Run the chains between your legs, on either side of your labia... then, if you’ll spread your cheeks a bit, I’ll position the pads.”

Leaning over and holding her buttocks open, she felt obscene and brazen. The stimulation pads were not sticky in the least, but somehow still adhered to the tender flesh surrounding her bumhole in a manner that felt odd but not uncomfortable.

So what’s the principle behind this device?” Gillian asked. “Is it some sort of vibrator?”

No, electric current. Very gentle. The buttons control the intensity, with blue the lowest and red the highest. Why not give it a try?”

With some slight hesitation, Gillian depressed the lapis-embedded nub. A humming sensation started in her nipples, a tingling in her clit. The stimulator terminals near her rear hole tingled. At first the feelings were barely there, but second by second they became stronger.

I – um – I believe I need to lie down.” She stumbled over to the couch and collapsed onto her back, with her knees bent and her thighs open. 

I’m targeting Book 2 for the third quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, get yourself a copy of the lusty first installment!

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Yours were the first two Steampunk books I read. They are the reason I'm willing to read more. Of course, most of the rest don't have machineries dedicated solely to sexual pleasure--and why not, I might ask! I'm really looking forward to your continuing Gillian's journey--and the orgasms she'll enjoy along the way!

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