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Analysis of Love cover

By Fiona McGier (Guest Blogger)

Analysis of Love is book 5 in my Reyes Family Romances series. Each book tells the love story of a member of the Reyes family, and characters weave in and out of the previous and subsequent books.


Catalina is the one Reyes sister who has always resisted her Hispanic roots. She refused to learn Spanish--she refuses to fall in love. She is always in control. No man can resist her sexy appearance that promises to fulfill their every dream. What happens when she is assigned to interview, and decides to seduce, a blind man who can’t see her reliable attributes?

Note: This analyst uses Maslow's theory of Self-Actualization, in encouraging his patients to come to terms with their own lives. You will learn all of the steps as Catalina does, in the course of her therapy.


This is journalist Catalina's first visit to the psychologist's office. She's been assigned by her boss to pose as a client, to learn enough to write a smear article about him. She was told he's blind, but not that he's such an attractive man. She's been asking him questions, and got him to remove his dark glasses, so she could see his eyes.

He was quiet for a moment, before he chuckled softly.

You're very good, Ms. Reyes. You don’t really want to be here, so you're busy deflecting attention away from yourself, onto me. But that’s not what you are here to discuss, really, is it? Me and my problems? You are here because someone felt, and you must have agreed, that you need someone to listen to you talk, and to discuss your problems, right?”

Catalina was so busy pulling her shirt up and flashing her naked breasts at the man, that she didn’t reply right away. When there was absolutely no sign that he had any idea that she had done anything unusual, she sat back, rearranged herself back into her clothing, and smiled at him again, saying, “I guess so.”

He moved his hand up to put his glasses back on, and Catalina quickly leaned forward to touch his hand, saying, “Don’t, please. I like to look at your eyes. You are really an attractive man, with that blond hair, tanned skin, and those light blue eyes. In fact,” she gently rubbed the back of his one hand, “I am so busy admiring you that I haven’t really been paying much attention to what you were saying. I’m sorry. You’re not mad at me, are you?”

He had started when she touched his hand, but quickly regained his composure.

No, Ms. Reyes. It’s just that blind people react kind of instinctively when you touch them without warning. Remember, I can’t see you, so I have no way of knowing that a touch is imminent. You have already put me off-balance by having me take off my glasses, which is something that I almost never do in public. I feel kind of naked without them, actually.”

She smiled at his choice of words, and withdrew her hand and sat back in her chair.

He continued, “And if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that you were flirting with me. You’re not, are you, Ms. Reyes?”

She audibly drew in her breath. “Why, Doctor Evan, whatever made you think that?”

Even though he couldn’t see her, she crossed her legs provocatively, and began to bounce her one foot.

He smiled at her while shaking his head, then spoke gently. “I just want to make it clear to you up-front, that sort of thing is not allowed. While you are my client, I am your therapist. There are rules of conduct that we both have to abide by. It’s one of the first things drilled into us in medical school. I have been in private practice for over five years now, and never once have I broken my own rules. You are paying me to listen to you, and to help you to understand yourself. I would be doing you a disservice if I were to lose sight of the fact that you are paying me for insight and guidance.”

Without thinking, Catalina now asked in a pouty-sounding voice, “So, you don’t find me attractive at all? Is that because you can’t see me?”

He appeared to actually look at her, because his eyes were gazing in her direction, as he answered thoughtfully, “No. Just because I can’t see you, doesn’t mean that I'm immune to your charms. Everyone has an aura--a presence, if you will, that exists around them. Sighted people don’t usually notice, because they are so visually-oriented. I have to rely on other ways of seeing, using my other senses. I could tell when you walked in the door, by the sound of your footsteps, that you are not that much shorter than I am, but you are quite a bit lighter. Your perfume has a light aroma that combines well with your own personal scent, both of which indicate that you are a young, vital, and sexy woman. Your skin was soft and warm when you touched my hand, and I jumped because it was an uninvited and unexpected touch, not because it was unpleasant.”

He smiled at her now, and she felt herself getting lost in his smile, as she tried to listen to what he was saying.

The fact that you keep steering the conversation around to personal questions about me, indicates that you are extremely nervous. And as a beautiful woman, you are used to dealing with your own nerves by drawing the attention of the men around you, to your sexual attributes, which they must have to work very hard on trying to ignore anyway. I have a slight advantage, in that I can’t see what I assume is a very attractive package. But don’t think for a moment that I don’t feel the pull of your aura, or understand the intention of your words.”

Note: The Reyes Family Romances are only available on Amazon, and are on Kindle Unlimited. Also available as paperbacks.

All except for the 4th book, which is a free download.

Prescription For Love--

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Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Lisabet! I'm planning to figure out how to put Prescription For Love up on the big A--since all of the other books are there. I asked my husband to do a new cover. That's what I'm waiting for.

This was my first series of books--but I still like "visiting" with all of the Reyes folks when I reread them--they're like old friends. And they all have such fun sexy times while they're falling in love!

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