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Asian Adventures cover

Greetings, and welcome to the March MFRW Steam Hop! This monthly event lets authors who write spicy or explicit romance and erotica showcase their work. Each of the links at the end of this post will take you to another lusciously sexy (and often romantic) excerpt.

My Steam Hop post features my brand new release, a boxed set of my Asian Adventures series. I hope you like it!


In Asia, the lines blur: between body and spirit, fantasy and reality, male and female, lust and love. Explore the erotic frontiers of the Orient in these arousing and moving tales from an author who has made the East her home.


Exclusive Excerpt (from “Singapore Fling”)

They’d reached the center of the park, where the trees grew more densely. “This way,” said Jason, speaking for the first time since they’d started up the hill. He slipped through a gap in a wall of mature bamboo. Ploy was amazed to find herself in a grassy clearing. A concrete wall rose opposite them, completely covered by vines. A tiny waterfall trickled down through the vegetation in one corner, into a moss-lined culvert.

This is my favorite spot,” he continued. “Tucked away next to the reservoir. Sometimes I come here by myself, to think.”

It’s beautiful,” Ploy replied. “But why—?”

Jason cut her question short. He grabbed her shoulders, dragged her into an embrace, and glued his mouth to hers, forcing his tongue inside. The shock paralyzed her for an instant. Then her lust roared back, hotter than ever. Tilting her face up, she opened herself to his frenzied kiss, confused but more than ready to meet him halfway.

He clutched her to his chest, holding her tight, as if she’d keep him from drowning. She slid her palms down his back, all hard muscle under his business shirt, until she reached his ass. Gripping his butt cheeks, she pulled him closer. Because of his height, his swollen cock pressed against her belly, halfway between her navel and her pubis. That wasn’t going to work.

She dragged at his shirt, urging him downward. He broke the kiss and sank to his knees, taking her down with him, then rolled onto his back, with her on top. The bulge in his groin slotted into the gap between her thighs. He ground that lovely bulk against her clit. Even through her skirt and her underwear, the friction felt delicious.

Oh, Jason,” she murmured, her cheek against his chest. His heart was going so fast she could hardly separate the beats. Meanwhile his hands scrabbled at her clothing, trying without success to tug it out of the way.

Wait! Wait a minute!” Ploy sat up, opening her legs so she could straddle him, his hardness snug against her pussy. She gazed down at him. Behind his geeky glasses, his eyes were unfocused. He panted through parted lips. Already there were grass stains on his white shirt.

Are you sure about this?” she asked.

With a vigorous nod, he reached up to unbutton her blouse.

She swatted his hand away. “Wait! What if someone comes along the path? What if we’re discovered?” She was pretty sure public sex was illegal in Singapore. Almost everything else was.

I don’t care,” he answered, his voice breaking with emotion. “I want you, Ploy. I need you. I can’t hold back any longer.”

What about yesterday?”

I wanted you yesterday. I had a hard-on the first time I saw you, before I even knew who you were.”

Then why—?”

Ploy! Please!”

She grinned down at him. “Okay. Just wanted to be sure...”


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Unknown said...

Public sex, eh? I say go for it!

Sadira Stone said...

Great setting for an erotic encounter!

Kelley Heckart said...

Yes to public sex. LOL I feel a little bit teased. :)

Gale Stanley said...

Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

Shari Elder said...

"Just wanted to be sure." Great ending. Very sex scene.

Daryl Devoré said...

Whew. Great snippet.
Love the cover.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Now I want to know more. What happened yesterday to make Ploy question his desire? Great snippet.

Fiona McGier said...

"She was pretty sure public sex was illegal in Singapore. Almost everything else was." LOL! See, that's the kind of thing only someone who's been there would know. Since you have and I haven't, I bow to your knowledge. But hot sex can happen anywhere--and this sounds like a perfect spot for it!

Lyncee said...

Great teaser!

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