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Cloned Heat Chapter Two! -- #MM #EroticSciFi #Merman #Fantasy

The Merman and the Sub-Marines cover


While fleeing fearsome Pingucury raiders, hunky roughnecks Iker Macauley and Peregrine Varga encountered Ohannes Hertz, a pleasure clone left for dead at Lord Gabriel Blackwood's ranch. The grateful Ohannes offered the pair a place to hide and refresh themselves, and the trio became intimately acquainted.

Iker and Peregrine hope to get Ohannes to the safety of the monastery before they return to company headquarters for their new assignment, but their mission is interrupted by a group of randy renegade soldiers under the command of the rogue general Darden Bissette.

Finn Storm is an amphibious pleasure clone created by Bissette to fulfill his merman fantasies. Finn is full of surprises and Ohannes swiftly falls under the seductive siren's spell.


Is Master Blackwood all right?” Ohannes inquired, taking a glass of sparkling pink beverage from a compelling young man with fair skin, ocean-blue eyes, dark, wavy locks, and a compelling smile.

Lord Blackwood is alive. He and the others rescued from his compound are in a safe location. You were presumed dead, Mr. Hertz. I am sure that he will be pleased to know that you are well. Why don’t you and Finn get to know each other better while I chat with your benefactors?”

Don’t you hate it when the masters act like we concubines don’t have a functioning brain in our silly little heads?” the sylphlike pleasure clone inquired, extending a graceful hand to the dumbstruck Ohannes. “Ah well, I find business circle jerks terribly uninspiring anyway. Come, I am sure we can find more interesting things to occupy us.”

I…I’m sorry for staring,” Ohannes stammered as he followed the sleek young man. “There’s just something unusual about you. I mean, you…you’re very impressive.”

Well, I’m very impressed with you as well,” the youth returned, running his long fingers over Ohannes’ cheek. “I am Finn Storm, and I am one of the new generation of pleasure clones. I am part of the Men of Mythology series. I am a merman or siren. I was cloned to Master Darden’s exacting specifications.”

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About the Author

Lil DeVille is a boring middle-aged lady who writes exciting stories. When Lil isn’t turning up the virtual heat, she enjoys baking and crafts. Lil does not like to share pictures of herself. The image by artist Dina Dee represents Lil’s inner spirit.

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