Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Sexy Valentine's Treat - #menage #lesbian #bisexual #friendswap

It’s finally Valentine’s Day! And I’ve got a brand new release to celebrate. Book 4 of my Vegas Babes series is out today. Valentine’sVisit is romantic bisexual ménage erotica, with lots of sex, but plenty of love, too.

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Jake and Fran and Ted and Annie celebrate Valentine’s Day—Vegas style!

When Jake and Fran are invited to Las Vegas spend Valentine’s weekend with Jake’s old friend Ted and his curvaceous ginger-haired wife, they’re not sure what to expect. The last time they saw Ted and Annie, at the Vegas couple’s pre-wedding stag party, the four of them had ended up in bed together. But maybe that was just a fluke. There’s only one way to find out.

Since their wedding, Annie and Ted have acquired some new kinks and a good deal more erotic experience. Annie has discovered she likes strap-ons and a bit of domination. Ted has been forced to recognize he’s into guys as well as women.

Will Annie’s double dildo scare Fran away? Will Jake balk at getting intimate with Ted? Only Cupid knows!

Exclusive Excerpt (Rated X)

He collapsed on top of her, smearing his jizz between them. Franny clasped her arms around his back and pulled him closer. God, she loved him!

Jake raised his head to gaze into her eyes. “You’re really something, Fran.”

Likewise,” she replied with a grin. “Thank you.”

I was just going to say that to you.” He crawled up her body to fasten his mouth on hers. She was amused to note that the passionate kiss caused his cock to stir and swell yet again.

Guess we both need another shower,” he said, gazing ruefully as his sticky skin. “And I’d better put in a call to Dale at the restaurant, let him know I’ll be late.”

Why not tell him you’re taking the rest of the day off?” Fran sat up and ran her fingers through her dark curls. The room was theirs until tomorrow. And she certainly didn’t feel like returning to her computer and the tricky page layout that had consumed her morning. Especially when that would require her to trudge through the sleet then spend five stops crammed into the train.

But your father—”

Dad is very impressed by your performance. He told me so last week. Profit is up, complaints are down—you’re a natural manager.” She scrambled over to pull him into a hug, rubbing her rigid nipples against his chest. She knew that drove him wild.

Franny!” Jake tried unsuccessfully to escape from her embrace.


You’re insatiable.”

She reached between them to stroke his mostly hard dick. “And you’re not?”

It’s your fault.”

Oh, is that so—?” A chirp from her phone interrupted her. With a frown, she grabbed it off the dresser, expecting a text from her boss. She was pleasantly surprised.

It’s from Annie!”

Ted’s Annie?” Jake licked his lips. Franny knew what he was thinking. They hadn’t seen his best friend and his delectable ginger-haired wife since the couple’s wild wedding the previous summer
Fran blushed, remembering the shenanigans that had gone on at their co-ed stag party, especially the foursome she and Jake had shared with the soon-to-be-wedded pair. Making love to Annie while Ted had plowed Fran’s rear hole and Jake had taken Annie’s—that had to be one of the most erotic experiences of her young but active life.

Of course.” She read further. “Oh! They’re inviting us to come visit over Valentine’s weekend. They’ve got a new, two bedroom apartment. They want us to stay with them.”

Go to Vegas? But what about work?” Jake shook his head. “I’m still trying to prove myself to your father.”

Fran settled her hands on her full hips and glared at her husband. “I told you, that’s not a problem. Dale can handle the restaurant for a few days. You told me you’ve been grooming him to take over another branch.”

But—” Jake shrugged, looking helpless.

Don’t you want to see them?” She stepped nearer, then sank to her knees on the carpet in front of him. His dick surged at her closeness. She stuck out her tongue to gather a drop of pre-cum welling from the tip. “Gorgeous Annie? And your best friend Ted?” Pursing her lips around the bulb, she sucked gently. “Don’t you want to fuck them?”

Oh!—c’mon, Fran—that might have been just a fluke. We shouldn’t assume— ”

Annie says they’re having a Valentine’s party Saturday night. And that they want us to meet their friends.” Fran paused to swallow his erection and run her tongue up and down the taut length. He tasted like pussy. That just reminded her of eating Annie. She had to convince her reluctant spouse. “Her emoticon is definitely a leer.”

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Tim Smith said...

What a great excerpt for V-Day, Lisabet. Very hot, makes me want to read more. Good luck with this one!

Karinski said...

Happy Valentines Day! Very hot added to my TBR List

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was interesting
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Tricia Schneider said...

What an exciting way to spend Valentine's Day! Great excerpt!

marle said...

Hot and more hotness to come Happy V. Day!

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