Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sizzling Sunday: Sin City Sweethearts - #99cents #lgbtq #erotica #SizzlingSunday

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Welcome to Las Vegas – leave your inhibitions at the city limits!

My excerpt today was randomly chosen. I basically threw a metaphorical dart at my manuscript, and took a page from wherever it landed. I figured there was enough hanky panky in Sin City Sweethearts that practically any page would meet the requirements for Sizzling Sunday.

I was right... ;^)

And just to remind you – this novel-length compendium of arousing erotic antics is currently on sale for only 99 cents. See the buy links at the end of this post!


Annie! Is that you out there?” The blond bombshell on the stage shielded her eyes from the spotlights and peered into the audience. “Our favorite amateur of all time?”

You know that dancer?” asked Marcella, something like awe in her voice.

Ah, yes—I do.” Once again Annie wavered between shame and arousal. Did she really want the twins to know the full truth about her? “Hi, Jeanette,” she called out sheepishly.

Get yourself up here on stage, girl, and shake that bodacious booty of yours.”

Oh, no, I can’t, not tonight…” The sisters already knew she was a pussy-loving slut, but they’d never been exposed to her exhibitionist side.

C’mon, don’t be a spoil sport, Annie,” Katie, the pale-skinned redhead, chimed in. “You’re depriving our customers of a treat.”

Thanks, Katie, but I don’t think—”

Everyone wants to watch you dance,” added Lily, the graceful Vietnamese woman. “Don’t you want to see what Annie can do, folks?”

The audience murmured its assent. A male voice rose above the hum. “Hey, Annie. Let’s see what you can do!”

Shake it for us, girl!” called some woman.

Annie! We want Annie!” came another voice, from the back of the club.

Annie! Annie!” The crowd took up the chant.

She felt torn. Part of her wanted to run. Another part was dangerously tempted to give in, to climb onto that stage again and let herself go.

Suddenly Larry stood before her, all lean muscle and Western charm. “You’re extremely popular,” he said. “And, recalling your previous performance, I can understand why. In fact, you’re a bit of a legend here at the Den.”

Me? With all the gorgeous women here, showing off their sexy bodies?”

They’re professionals. You’re still a talented amateur, just discovering the thrill of exposing yourself to the crowd.”

The way he smiled at her, kind yet complicit, sent hot bolts of need sizzling down to her sex. She felt naked in his eyes. He could see into her soul. He understood her perverse desires, perhaps better than she did herself.

You don’t know yet how far you’ll go,” he continued, somehow echoing her own thoughts. “That’s what makes watching you so exciting, Annie.”

I’m not sure—the twins—” she began.

Don’t worry. Peaches will take good care of them.” He took her hand. His skin was warm and dry, like the desert after dusk. Meanwhile she was wet as a rainforest. His dark eyes held her transfixed, almost hypnotized. He leaned in close to her ear.

If you can’t admit you want it,” he murmured, “then do it for me. I want to see how far you’ll go.”

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