Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sizzling Sunday: A Lusty Ritual -- #ParanormalRomance #LesbianRomance #Magic

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Welcome to another Sizzling Sunday. I have a brief but intense excerpt for you today from my new release, The Witches of Gloucester.


The flames twisted skyward in brilliant arabesques. The women circled the blaze, twirling, leaping and laughing as the wine sang through them. The blaze cast gold motes on Marguerite’s nut-brown skin and woke copper glints from Beryl’s hair. Joy swelled in Em’s chest. Lust simmered in her pelvis. She danced it all out into the world, arms twining, hips rolling, keening like a cat in heat.

How long did they dance? Em didn’t know. As the fire burned lower, the three moved closer, joining hands around the heap of scarlet embers. Their chants sank to murmurs. Their circles grew slower, smaller and more intimate, until finally they collapsed upon the grass, a tangle of bare limbs and kisses.

Marguerite’s mouth slipped away from Emmeline’s. Beryl’s replaced it. Em found herself cradled and caressed, sandwiched between two layers of smooth, fire-warmed flesh. “Thank you,” she half-moaned, as someone’s fingers slipped into her wet cleft. “I never knew...” A thumb rocked her straining clit and she saw stars. Someone explored her rear hole, stealing juices from her overflowing pussy to ease the way. “Oh... Beryl... Marguerite...please...”

Pleasure built upon pleasure, until her entire being quivered with need. Her clit felt near to bursting. She craved fullness, friction, even pain. But she knew better now than to strive for release. She let them have their way with her, let them teach her what her body wanted and how well they could give that to her.

There’s one more stage to the ritual, little one.” Beryl’s voice, hot against her ear, was edged with authority. “You must surrender fully to us. Then we will be complete.”

Her eyelids fluttered open. She lay upon the aromatic grass. The moon had set. The sky above was black velvet studded with scattered gems. She sensed the presence of her lovers, kneeling on either side of her. Smiling her gratitude, she turned her head in Beryl’s direction.

The copper-haired vixen grinned down at Emmeline. Her plump nipples were a vivid scarlet, as though they’d been dipped in blood. Meanwhile, a massive phallus of polished wood reared up between her thighs, oiled and glistening.

Emmeline swallowed her fear. After all, Marguerite had used a dildo on her before, though not one this large. Still, her voice was reedy and weak in her own ears. “ want to fuck my pussy with your strap-on?”

Your pussy and your ass, darling.” Em swung her head to the other side. Marguerite sported a cock as well, longer and thicker than Beryl’s, fashioned from gleaming carved ivory, a stark contrast to her dusky skin. “We must join our bodies, the three of us.”

Oh my God! I...I don’t think I can...” A part of her shrank away from the thought of such violation, even by these women she wanted so badly. Another part, though, craved that ultimate impalement.

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