Tuesday, April 5, 2011


By L. E. Harvey (Guest Blogger)

F/F erotic romance from Vanilla Heart Publishing

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Imperfect is my standing in front of the world naked book. It was written during a very difficult personal time and the characters and emotions are an incredible reflection of myself as a person and a writer. This book is very touching, very emotional. The kind of book that touches your heart and changes your mind.


Carol Mathers: born a sickly child, in a home fraught with undercurrents that threaten to sweep away any chance she might have for a ‘normal’ life. Now in her mid-thirties, she's a highly sought-after IT guru in St. Louis.

She has built a great life for herself with her partner, Alexandria, even though the two face prejudice as lesbians, and as an interracial couple -fighting tragedy and sometimes, finding triumph.

During her tumultuous life, Carol discovers that she has acquired AIDS as a result of a childhood transfusion from the dark period of time before AIDS was widely known… or understood, not even by the medical profession. Now, the two women face even more obstacles, prejudice, and a strange, new life as AIDS patients.

Carol learns just how much her chaotic past has affected her, and how she can never really escape it, even as she tries to move on with her life. An unexpected event creates even more pain and tragedy in Carol's life, and causes her to wonder about the meaning of and purpose of her own life… or if there is any purpose at all…


Carol had anticipated this day for years. Just like so many college students, the day she could legally drink was a great rite of passage in her life.

Marlene, Carol’s roommate, along with other friends and fellow students, had planned a wild night for their typically reclusive friend. Carol knew it would be a long, unpredictable night despite her early class. Carol didn’t care, though. She never went out and never partied. Her social life typically consisted of long nights with her textbooks. She deserved this one night to live it up.

At around seven, there was a thunderous pounding on Carol’s dorm room door. Wearing makeup and nice clothes for a change, Carol opened the door. A herd of people stood in front of her, some of whom Carol didn’t even recognize. She didn’t mind. This was her night. Tonight was her night to live, to laugh, and to enjoy.

“Surprise!” Everyone shouted, but the surprise was on them. Marlene was floored to find Carol wearing an uncharacteristically soft, delicate, slightly ruffled black blouse and a cute asymmetrical black skirt. This was Marlene’s first time in four years seeing Carol in anything other than a tee-shirt and jeans. Her outfit confirmed her ownership of this night. Carol grabbed her winter coat and purse and the crowd left to go paint the town.

Marlene had decided on the evening’s venue. Since her roommie was openly gay, Marlene led the crowd to the best lesbian bar in town: City Girls.

Carol’s troops wasted no time in splurging on shots, beer and a variety of hard alcoholic beverages. Carol, normally introverted, drank the shots and other intoxicating spirits; it didn’t take long for her to become inebriated.

Alexandria, a 24-year old local, watched the loud, raucous group and quietly chuckled to herself. She went to City Girls tonight to people watch and she certainly got an eye-full.

Suddenly, Carol got off her bar stool to go to the ladies’ room. Carol tripped over her own two drunken feet and began to fall forward. She saved herself by slamming her hand on the table in front of Alex. Embarrassed, Carol slowly pulled herself up to find the dark beauty smiling back at her. With skin like rich, dark chocolate, eyes that were beautiful, tranquil, bottomless pools, and neatly braided jet black hair, Alexandria took Carol’s breath away. The two paused and the world around them melted away as they intensely stared at each other.

Bio: L.E. Harvey is a writer and model in Harleysville, PA. She greatly enjoys all that Philadelphia city life has to offer. She is also an activist for human rights, animal rights, women’s rights, and gay rights.

When L.E. is not writing or working on the political scene, she models as a pin-up girl and “alt” (alternative) model. L.E. admires women like Betty Page, and “Rosie the Riveter” has been her idol since childhood.

L. E. says that she wrote these stories out of personal experience, observation, and personal opinion. “It was easy to give these characters life,” she says. “They are based on people I know, and they all have elements of myself. From my experience working on cars, my love for animals, my desire to be a police officer, my work as a model and more, each of these women has a little piece of me – they all share my soul.”





Anne said...

That's a really interesting cover for an erotic romance. I would have thought it was a mystery.

I haven't read a f/f book before, but I'm sure I'd find it interesting.

Colleen said...

I love books that tap into emotions... when it comes off the pages, I know I am reading a great book...
Thanks for introducing your book to us today!

She said...

Imperfect sounds good. The cover is great. After reading the blurb it makes me think of our lives as puzzles that we build, sometimes the pieces don't fit and we have to try again but it works out in the end.

Unknown said...

fantastic cover, it grabs you attention and then of course you read the blurb and pow it gets you again.
well done

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