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Each Has A Point

By Jean Roberta

Erotic short stories from Love You Divine/Alterotica

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Bryn Colvin, erotic writer and publisher, invited me to submit a collection of erotic stories in 2010. She was willing to consider stories that had already appeared in public before, so I decided to put together a group of stories like items that have been “gently used.” All had appeared on websites or in anthologies from publishers that went bust before 2010 – as alas, many have done.

I named the collection after one of the stories, “Each Has a Point.” This little tale was written for a contest on a website: every story had to be under 500 words and had to include a stiletto: a slim knife or the heel on a woman’s shoe. Other stories in the book were written for other purposes. I like to think that while some are hard and sharp, others are soft and round. Different strokes for different folks or different moods: this is what I aim for as a writer of sexy stories.


Some points are logical reasons, some are weapons of self-defense, some are pins to hold things together, and some are tools to scratch an unbearable itch. Let Sarah and Gavin, the characters in the title story, introduce you to the sharp edge of desire and the clash of points as two people become very well acquainted. Meet women who crave a man’s strong arms, men who find women mysterious but compelling, women who prefer women, and characters who can’t be confined to a single gender. Let them show you their hard points and their soft spots. If you watch carefully, maybe they’ll show you your own.

Excerpt from “Ariadne’s Thread,”lesbian threesome story in Each Has a Point:

“She needs a spanking.” Carter looked at Zoe.

“Good plan.” Zoe had been acquainted with Ariadne all her life because their parents attended the same church, but Zoe had never wondered before whether Ariadne’s parents believed in physical punishment as a spur to sound character development. Zoe and Ariadne hadn’t been close enough as children to play hitting or touching games.

Zoe wanted to make up for lost time.

Carter efficiently pulled Ariadne’s jeans off her legs, lifting each of her feet for that purpose. Beneath the denim, Ariadne wore nothing but her own skin, lightly coated with oil and sweat. “Bend over and touch your toes,” said Carter like a police matron.

The sight of Ariadne’s deep rose-colored cunt-lips, surrounded by black fur and the delicate skin of her thighs, was as appealing as Zoe and Carter had hoped. Moisture glistened in her slit as its fragrance filled the air. “Mm,” the two women hummed quietly.

We don’t all look the same down there, thought Zoe. And even if we did, that wouldn’t stop us from wanting to see other women’s secret fruit.

Carter stroked Ariadne’s girlish butt-cheeks, then lightly slapped one of them. “Bad girl!” Ariadne twitched, but stayed in position. Carter slapped the other cheek with more confidence.

Zoe faced Ariadne and held her hips in place. She could feel Ariadne’s breath on her ankles.

Whap! Carter was getting into it, and Ariadne was taking it.

“My turn next. Leave some skin on her for me,” Zoe told Carter. She pulled off her sweater, her bra, her belt, her corduroy pant and her sensible cotton panties as quickly as possible. Being naked made her feel free, not exposed.

Ariadne stood up, looking flushed and disoriented. She noticed Zoe. “Nice tits, mama,” she said.

“None of that from you!” said Carter. She let her eyes travel over Zoe’s small breasts, slim waist and full hips, which she had never seen before. Carter grinned. “Will you do the honors, ma’am?”

“Gladly.” Zoe and Carter pushed Ariadne back into position. Zoe thought of reaching for her belt, and decided against it. She held her right hand as stiff as possible, and slapped Ariadne’s butt smartly. “Dirty girl!” Zoe slapped the other cheek, trying to keep the force even. Ariadne squeaked. “Are you going to learn how to wash dishes?”

Ariadne grunted something which could have meant “yes.”

Whap! “Speak up, girl! Are you going to wear underwear, and keep it clean?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Ow, stop, that’s enough.”

“I hope you’ve learned your lesson.” Zoe pulled Ariadne upright, and hugged her with passion. Both of them were shaking. “Ari,” sighed Zoe. She kissed Ariadne and snaked one hand down between them to find Ariadne’s wet bush.

Ariadne moaned, and something melted in Zoe.

“I just need to know how you’re doing,” she mumbled. She hunched down as two of her fingers found Ariadne’s swollen clit and squeezed it.

“Zoe, are you fucking her already?” Carter tried to pull them apart, but Ariadne spread her legs and Zoe plunged her fingers in as far as they would go, like shooting a bolt into its slot. Ariadne clung to Zoe for dear life, moving fluidly on Zoe’s slippery fingers.

“Hey, don’t let her come! She can’t come yet!” Carter really seemed annoyed, although the subject of coming hadn’t been discussed at all. Carter grabbed Zoe’s wrist and abruptly pulled her out of Ariadne. Carter wedged herself between them.

“Carter, I really want her.”

“Well, show some self-control, woman. Shit. There’s a way to do things, and this isn’t it. Think about it, Zoe. Now I have to find something to keep her worked up that won’t let her get off.”

Carter looked wildly around her, and saw a spool of black thread on the floor. Half of it was unwound, lying in a dusty snarl. “This isn’t clean, but it’s good enough for you.”

Carter bent down, picked up the spool, unwound more of the thread and bit off a length of it with her teeth. “Here, you. Stay like that, legs spread.”

In a humble-looking gesture, Carter knelt on one knee and spread Ariadne’s bush with both hands. Then Carter pulled a Kleenex out of her jeans pocket and actually wiped Ariadne’s lower lips like a mother wiping spittle off a child’s mouth. Zoe could see her making a fast circular motion. “Uh,” grunted Ariadne.

“There. Don’t touch it until one of us takes it off for you. You better do what you’re told or you won’t get no satisfaction.”

“It’s hard for me to come anyway. You didn’t need to worry about it.”

“We’re in charge here, trash, not you.” Carter stood aside to let Zoe see her handiwork. Zoe spread Ariadne’s lower lips to see that her clit was tied as tightly as possible with a tourniquet of thread. Zoe snickered.

“It’s like a cock ring for a girl,” bragged Carter. “Best I could do.”


Jean Roberta is a university English instructor who writes in several genres. Approximately half her fiction has lesbian content, and she writes erotica in various genres and orientations. Her stories have appeared in anthology series such as Best Lesbian Erotica (2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009) and Best Women’s Erotica (2000, 2003, 2005, 2006) from Cleis Press. Over 80 of her stories have appeared in print.

Each Has a Point, (Love You Divine, 2011) is her second erotic story collection. Her first, Obsession, is available from Eternal Press.

Jean’s reviews appear on “Erotica Revealed” (, “Kissed by Venus” ( – lesbian site), and other places. Her column, “Stranger Than Fiction,” appears in the “Kissed by Venus” e-zine. Her former column, “Sex Is All Metaphors” (2008-2010) can be found in the archives of the Erotic Readers & Writers Association website ( More at and


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