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By Francine Beaton (Guest Blogger)

When you meet a fellow rugby enthusiast on a boat cruise on the Hudson during the Fourth of July celebrations, there had to be a reason why such a meeting made an impression. It was only on the long flight from New York to Johannesburg that the idea of the series started to form. Before then, I never considered writing about my beloved sport, not even romances.

Eye on the Ball was not the first book in the series I thought would be published. When I plotted the series, Jakes was only a number in the team. I’ve already written the first four books and the prequel when Jakes suddenly made an appearance while I was watching a Six Nations rugby match on television. Jakes made such a compelling plea to be heard that I didn’t have much choice than to stop watching the game halfway and put my thoughts about Jakes and Angie on paper.

Jakes was not an easy character to figure out. He had issues, which he hide at first.

A few days later, when the news came of the suicide of the former Wallaby, Dan Vickerman, I started to get glimpses of what Jakes and many other men in similar environments, were dealing with. During a talk show in which the panellists discussed Dan’s passing, one panellist made the point that men in macho environments don’t want to appear weak, so they never talk about emotions and fears. That was when I realised that there was more to the reason why Jakes felt it so necessary to keep his promise to his team.

Jakes’ reasons, however, had nothing to do with Dan Vickerman. It was the phrase that caught my attention and made me wonder what could cause such reactions in men. Slowly but surely Jakes emerged, forcing me to touch more than one sensitive subject.

I soon realised that Jakes’ story was not going to be the typical sports romance I envisioned when I planned the series. Although Jakes had the the physical appearance, macho male image, intelligence and other attributes to make him an alpha male, Jakes wanted to highlight important issues that had nothing to do with his looks.

Eye on the Ball is about a man who struggles to keep his focus on what he felt was important—his teammates, his team and their end goal. It is also about a woman who is strong enough to deal with Jakes’ fears and insecurities, although it may not appear that way. Angie just didn’t need the limelight. It also didn’t make her weak.

The rest of the series seemed to follow Jakes’ example. Each character has a different story, dealing with teenage pregnancies, work ethics, and unforbidden love. Between all the ups and downs, rugby is the one thing that keep my characters together. Some of the books are steamy and some are clean, but in the end, it was what the character wanted.

And they all get their Happy Ever Afters.

The Playing for Glory Series, is standalone sports romances which follows the lives of red-hot professional rugby players and the women they love.


What would prove to be stronger? Love, or loyalty?

It is a World Cup year and top professional rugby player, Jakes du Plessis, desperately wants to fulfil his childhood dream of playing for the Springboks. To succeed, he must stick to the team’s strict vow of celibacy and mantra: ‘Focus! Keep an eye on the ball – and stay away from women.’

A chance meeting with artist Angie Summers throws his well-laid plans into a tailspin. Not even his promise to his friends and teammates, over 9 000 miles between them, and demons from his past can stop Jakes from falling for her.

But life is not plain sailing, and Jakes discovers that it takes a team to help him overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of his own Happily Ever After.

When Angie meets Jakes, it is not love at first sight. She is not looking for a new relationship; after all, she still wears another man’s ring.

Fate has different ideas though.

Can Angie forgive Jakes and forget about their first disastrous encounters? Will he let her into his heart to overcome his biggest enemy, which is not on the field of play?


Everyone deserves a second chance...

There is a fine line between love and hate. Christopher Brooks spots Riley Adams, his first love, at the Buffaloes’ first press briefing of the year. He cannot allow her back into his heart that she broke more than seven years ago. Or can he?
Riley does not have the luxury of hating or avoiding Christopher. Their lives are inextricably linked forever. Her best option is to confront him before he discovers her secret through someone else. And when he knows the truth, will Christopher hate her even more or will he be willing to forgive?

Obstruction, is the second standalone sports romance in the Playing For Glory series, it follows the lives of red-hot professional rugby players and the women they love.


Temptation can come in any form.

As long as it didn’t come in the form of Melissa Roux—a feisty blond with long, shapely legs. She spelled trouble and Daniel Cooper knew that from the moment he laid eyes on the new physio for the Buffaloes rugby team. As captain, he had to set an example and falling head over heels in love wasn’t the way to do it.

Melissa knew Daniel was going to be a problem from the first day on the job. There was no way she was going to risk her career for an arrogant chauvinist who called her a blonde bimbo. She had worked too hard to get her dream job.

Neither of them could deny the undeniable chemistry between them, or the famous Cooper curse. When Daniel made one simple request, it had unexpected repercussions. In his quest to find the truth, he made another error in judgement, risking not only Melissa’s career but also the loyalty of his team and the Club.

Daniel and Melissa both faced a decision: What’s more important? Your career or love? 



If you know what’s good for you and your career, stay away from my daughter!”

Ulrich Fölscher wants to play rugby for the Buffaloes and the Springboks and eventually become the best chef in town. In that order. There is no place for romance in his life. Obeying Coach Brady’s command is easy, until he meets his daughter Samantha. She is everything he needs – warm, bubbly – and possibly, the missing ingredient he lacks to spice up his life.

Sammy is a professional athlete and she too knows the rules. But it is hard to resist Ulrich’s quiet strength, focused determination and, most of all, his delectable kisses.

Both know how to fight for what they want. But as their desire for each other intensifies, so does the pressure to make a choice. Can Ulrich and Sammy continue to play by the rules or risk it all for love?


One chance. One choice. It’s his call.

Nicholas Carter is the billionaire owner of the Wild Dogs, a young and successful rugby club. His secret to success is simple; he keeps his business and his private life separate. That resolve is tested when Emma Cole comes into his life. His new accountant is not his type, yet she has the uncanny ability to make Nicholas lose control.

Geeks shouldn’t look like Nicholas and neither should they kiss like he does. Emma is mortified to discover that the hot, sexy, green-eyed man with intoxicating kisses is her new boss.
They cannot deny the attraction between them. But giving in to the chemistry spells serious repercussions. During a business trip they surrender to their passion, and embark on an affair that changes their lives forever. Reality creeps into their relationship and Nicholas is forced to make a decision. Will he take ownership of the resulting fallout? Will he make the right call?

About the Author

Romance author Francine Beaton published her first romance novel — a contemporary sports romance called EYE ON THE BALL— in April 2018 after she started writing in July 2016. Her latest novel, TASTE FOR WINE, will be the second in her TASTE FOR LOVE SERIES and her thirteenth novel. Francine believes she was born to be a nomad. She loves travelling to faraway places and considers Scotland her second home. When she’s not reading or writing about love and Happily Ever After, she’s most likely busy painting or taking photos of everything that catches her eye. During rugby season, you’ll either find her next to the pitch or in front of the television, following her favourite teams. It’s probably not difficult to figure out why her debut novel, Eye on the Ball, as well as the series, Playing for Glory, has rugby as a theme. 

E-mail: beatonfrancine [at] gmail [dot] com

Website: https://www.francinebeaton.com 


Books2Read (for other buying platforms): https://books2read.com/author/francine-beaton/

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