Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to sell your sexy books - #Marketing #Erotica @KinkyLiterature

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I know quite a few of my blog followers are authors like me, in love with the written word and wanting to share the stories they spin. Like many of you, I’d write even if I couldn’t publish my work—writing is in my DNA and I’ve been doing it since I first learned the alphabet. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly validating when someone actually shells out money for your book. 

We shouldn’t measure our value by our sales—that way lies madness, or at least severe depression! On the other hand, it’s worth putting some effort into marketing, to try to increase your sales.

Selling books, especially erotic books, is getting harder all the time. Pretty much anyone can publish, and they do. There’s a lot of crap out there, a lot of noise, not to mention a good deal of spam. If you write erotica or erotic romance, how can you get the attention of the people who matter? I mean, of course, the people who really enjoy well-written sexy stories, and who are willing to shell out cold, hard cash (or the digital equivalent) to read them.

Allow me to make a suggestion: Kinky Literature. This is an affiliate-marketing site that features nothing but books with erotic content. The owners, Richie and Randi, have years of experience in adult marketing. They use it to help you sell your books, through their site and by promoting their supporting sponsors.

I’ve been a sponsor for more than a year now. Despite the fact that my publication rate is pretty low (I have a rather demanding day job), my sales over the past six to eight months have actually been improving. I give Richie and Randi the credit. They feature my titles several times every month. They also help me publicize contests and special events. I’m much too busy to do promo every day, but whatever they're doing really seems to help.

By the way, don’t be put off by the name of the site. You don’t have to write fetish or taboo stories to be featured on Kinky Literature. There’s plenty of steamy romance on their pages (as well as the most prurient stuff you can imagine). – check it out! And tell Richie and Randi I sent you!

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Larry Archer said...

I second your recommendation Lisabet, Richie and Randi do a great job in helping erotic authors sell their smut. If you read or write smut stories check them out. For authors, they make their money through the commission system Amazon and SmashWords has set up. If you buy your erotica from Kinky Literature, you pay the same price and help promote a business that believes in smut stories.

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