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An Uninhibited Interview with Author Larry Archer - #interview #erotica @LarryArcher

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As you undoubtedly know by now, I just did a paired release with my friend and colleague Larry Archer. I set my novella Hot Brides in Vegas in Larry’s fictional world of swingers and strippers. Of course Larry's book, Nina the Fallen Ballerina, also revolves around The Fox's Den, the wildest, classiest strip club in Las Vegas. We wrote intros for each other’s books, too.

Anyway, today we’re each interviewing the other. But these aren’t your typical author interviews, with superficial questions like “Where do you get your ideas?” or “Are you a plotter or a pantser?” No, we’re going for the real dirt in these conversationsas you might expect from two smut mongers like us!

I hope you’ll go read Larry’s interview with me, here:

Meanwhile, to find out everything you ever wanted to know about the real Larry Archer, read on! 

Be warned, though; this interview is not safe for work!

Lisabet: Obviously, Larry Archer, the owner of The Fox's Den, is in some sense your alter ego. In what ways are you and your character similar? How are you different?

Larry: Owning The Fox's Den is a Walter Mitty thing for me. My character is exactly like me or at least how I perceive myself to be with the exception of owning a strip club and having more money than God. My wife and I are professional white collar types in real life. I did, in fact, grow up on a farm in East Texas, which shaped a lot of my values. My father is a blue-collar type, and my mother is a psychologist, a weird combination I grant you. Between my Mom's liberal ideas and my Dad's right of center conservative ideas, my belief structure is definitely a little skewed.

When I write, I picture myself in the story and react as I would. I like to think that I'm towards the quiet side while my wife is an "A" type and typically bouncing off the walls so to speak. We are complete opposites, and I guess we complement each other.

Back in the mid-west, we frequented several strip clubs and one key-club. Typically about twice a month, if there weren't a house party, we would end up at a strip club or the key club. Normally it would be 5-6 couples and 2 or 3 unicorns, so our normal going-out group was 15-20 people. This was the basis for The Fox's Den as it ended up being a cross between our favorite strip club and the key club.

Our favorite strip club had couples night on Saturdays, and a lot of the girls would get up and go topless on the dance floor to the delight of the customers. It's funny how guys will crowd around to see a thirty-year-old housewife go topless when there are eighteen-year-olds with perfect bodies dancing on stage.

The key club was your wildest fantasy, an actual club where the only people who got in had to have a key. A girl I met at a house party was a waitress there and invited us to the club. We met with the owner and after making our bones with him were invited to join. It was a large two-story building, with a normal bar on the bottom floor, and a door with one of those round keys that would unlock it and allow access to the second level. There was a bar at one end with a pretty big stage and the rest 4-tops.

The club typically had about half and half couples and single guys, with a few single females. It was not quite an "on-premise" swing club as most of the guys were straight but a majority of the couples were swingers. Pretty much anything went at the club, and there was always an impromptu floor show with several naked housewives and sometimes a lucky guy. Like the Den, single guys had to keep their hands to themselves except when invited and this rule was strictly enforced by the management. Of course, we always had one or two cops with us in case of problems.

Lisabet: I know that you and your wife are long-time participants in the swinging lifestyle. What's the wildest scene you've experienced as part of that lifestyle? Has that scene made it into any of your books?

Larry: We host several big parties a year, and the best one by far is our annual New Year's Eve Pajama Party. There are between 50-60 couples invited plus a handful of singles. We travel a lot, and as a result, there are typically a number of couples from across the country who we've met. As you can probably imagine having 100+ minimally dressed people in a 4,000 square foot house means that it's wall to wall people.

New Year's typically lasts until the next normal work day, so our party is generally 2-3 days longs long. After New Year's Eve, it's about 5 – 10 couples that end up spending the weekend with us.

As far as the craziest thing, one that sticks out is the night one of our neighbors crashed our New Year's Eve parties. About 1AM, the doorbell rings, and Wifey and I answer the door to discover our neighbors from three houses down standing there. They are all decked out and came home from another party and decided to stop in. Up until that point, we've always been able to avoid inviting them as that would have required some disclosure that we didn't want to make.

I'm in a bathrobe and Foxy is in a one-piece Snoopy long john outfit, which was unbuttoned down below her waist. I don't remember if the flap was down or not. Not knowing exactly what to do as they were good friends, except straight, we invited them in.

There was an orgy going on in the living room and most of the people at this time were naked or close to it. Steering them to a quiet spot, we told them that they were fine to stay except what they saw, stayed there. Thankfully, they quickly left but it was funny that the wife wanted to stay but I think her husband was a little freaked out.

Lisabet: When you're writing one of your stories, do you get turned on? Do you have to stop and - um - do something about this?

Larry: Writing turns me on and yes I'm often guilty of abusing myself when writing. I think that's why I like writing at Starbucks or in a fast food restaurant because you can't jerk off and have to focus on writing. Or I'll go and bang wifey. LOL

Lisabet: What do you think is the most erotic thing in the universe?

Larry: Has to be watching two women make love, hands down. I love watching two women together especially when I have my camera or phone. At home, Jack (the security guy in my stories) usually films but he tends to shake the camera if his nympho wife is part of the mix and getting taken care of.

Lisabet: Tell us about Nina The Fallen Ballerina. Where did the idea come from? Where did it take you?

Larry: I've realized that I like to write about the seduction of nice girls and turning them into "good girls." A lot (most) of the girls in my stories are variations of my wife. She's tall, lanky, medium jugs, brunette big hair, and a head turner.

Nina came about from one night when Wifey and her two BBF's went to the Smith Center to watch a play. For all the wild places in Vegas, Smith Center is one of our few places of culture.

That coupled with the fact we had just finished an all-night music concert at the race track where the girls typically dress in tu-tu's and fur boots. This got me on the subject of ballet, and naturally, I started to think about what it would be like to screw someone with a tu-tu on? Then it dawned on me, that ballerinas are typically tiny little things and when I tried to picture Wifey in a tu-tu, I had to laugh. She's almost six feet and would probably make two ballerinas. Then it just followed on Nina would be The Fallen Ballerina, frustrated that she was unable to fulfill her lifelong dream but what could she do?

Then Nina sees an ad for erotic dancers at The Fox's Den and decides to give it a try. She loves to wear sexy clothes and while not sure that she has the nerve to dance naked is willing to see.

Once at the club, Nina falls prey to Linda, the manager, who in real life is a dancer who looks close enough to Wifey to be her twin sister. Nina ends up falling in love with Linda and taking her clothes off. Not necessarily in that order!

Lisabet: Thanks for sharing your secrets with us, Larry. All I can say is, I’d love to come to your New Year’s Party some time...

Get your hands on Nina today!


Lisabet Sarai said...

Larry, I find your stories very distracting...!

Thanks for, um, sharing!

Larry Archer said...

Lisabet, I love your stories also, especially your writing style. I've enjoyed our collaboration and hope we can do another soon.

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