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Book Hooks: Citadel of Women -- #MFRWHooks #Asia #giveaway

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It has been a while since I joined in the Book Hooks hop. I’ve had a lot of guests come by on Wednesdays So although Citadel of Women, the second book in my Asian Adventures series, has been out for several weeks now, I haven’t had the chance to feature it.

Today I remedy that omission! I have an exclusive excerpt, not shared on any other blog. Hope it hooks you!

Once you’ve read my post, go visit some of the other participants in the hop for more romance to get you hooked. You’ll find their links at the end of this post.

One more thing: I’m giving away a copy of Citadel of Women to one person who leaves a comment. I hope you’ll take a minute to enter the drawing.


Passion flares among the ruins of an ancient empire

When her lover severs their relationship just before a long-planned trip to Angkor Wat, Doa stubbornly decides to travel alone. The marvelous sights of the ancient Khmer empire do little to heal the rift in her heart. Che, the mercurial young tour guide, senses her loneliness and offers her comfort and passion. Their connection is far more than physical – but how can two people from such different worlds share a future?

The Hook

I woke alone. The room was dark. Someone was banging on the door. “Time to get up. The bus leaves in half an hour.”

It was Che. Memory flooded back. My cheeks burned, though there was no one to see me. I listened, heard him move on to knock on the next guest's door. Thank heavens.

How could I face him, when I'd been such a slut? But I really did want to see Angkor Wat at dawn. I hurried into the shower, aware that the room reeked of sex.

What was I thinking? I mused as the warm water washed the stickiness from my thighs. Screwing our tour guide – a guy at least ten years younger than me. How stupid of me to give in to my desire.

He probably did this with every group, homing in on the woman traveling alone. Carving another notch on his belt. Now I'd really have to give him a good tip. Still, he hadn't seemed that sure of himself. It was hard to believe it was just mercenary.

I was the last one to the bus. Che waited outside the door. He offered his hand to help me up the steps. I couldn't look at him.

How are you this morning, Ms. George?” I cringed, hearing the laughter in his voice. I raised my head, indignant. Who was he to mock me?

He was smiling, not the snide, superior grin I expected but a genuine smile full of affection and concern. I couldn't help smiling back. “A little groggy,” I replied. “But well. Very well.”

His hand lingered on my arm longer than necessary. I still felt his touch as I made my way to my seat.

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Jamilla said...

Yasssss it sounds very delicious :)

Janet Lane Walters said...

Interesting segment. What will happen next?

Becky Flade said...

I wanna know what happened before the hook!

Kris Bock said...

Ooh, interesting setting!

Ed Hoornaert said...

Excellent hook. I liked passages with some subtlety, such as this one.

bn100 said...

interesting so far

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Kayelle Allen said...

What a poignant moment of insecurity and angst. Lovely!

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