Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Snog 250: Fire in the Blood (#pnr #vampire #mm #giveaway)

Happy Sunday once again!

My Sunday Snog for today, the last Sunday before Halloween, is a dark, searing MM excerpt from my MMF vampire ménage Fire in the Blood.

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You make me hungry, boy,” Etienne spoke softly, but Troy could not mistake the passion that vibrated in his refined voice. “She—she woke my hunger. Now it rages inside me, howling for satisfaction. All my good intentions—my decades of self-denial—brought to naught.”

He loomed over Troy, a massive presence, his huge hands clenched into fists by his side. Troy cringed, sinking into the cushions. He should have trusted his instincts. Etienne was dangerous. At the same time, Troy couldn’t tear his eyes away from those bottomless pools of blackness in the stranger’s face. His cock leaped and struggled, eager for freedom.

I want you,” Etienne growled. Two fingers under Troy’s chin, Etienne tilted Troy’s face up so that their eyes met. The huge palm of his other hand cupped Troy’s erection. Troy nearly shot his wad as the cool weight settled on his hot flesh. Etienne wouldn’t let him look away. “From the feel of it, you want me as well.”

Yes,” Troy managed to gasp, his cheeks burning with shame. “God help me, I want you.”

God?” laughed Etienne without any real mirth. “Do not expect any help from that quarter, petit.”

He tore open Troy’s shorts with such force that the button flew off into the darkness, then yanked the zipper down. Troy’s cock sprang out, the tip grazing Etienne’s silk shirt. Troy struggled for control. Etienne grinned, his lips stretched to reveal his teeth—blinding white, impossibly sharp.

The chair toppled backward. Troy landed on the splintery deck, his legs splayed, his dick waving in the air like an obscene flag. Then Etienne was on top of him, driving the breath out of his lungs. The giant nuzzled Troy’s neck while grinding his pelvis against Troy’s swollen cock. Etienne was hard, too—Troy could feel the unyielding bulk of the black man’s huge erection through the tailored trousers. His butt cheeks clenched as pleasure rippled up his spine. The giant could do anything to Troy, anything he wanted. Troy was powerless to stop him. Even if he wanted to.

Being helpless only made Troy hornier. Etienne nipped at the tender skin under his ear. Troy started at the sudden pain, mashing his cock into Etienne’s hardness. Etienne made a savage sound deep in his throat and reached down to capture Troy’s penis is a vise-like grip. Troy moaned and writhed in Etienne’s hand as the black man pumped him. He felt the needle-sharp points of Etienne’s teeth just pricking his skin. The sensation drove him wild. “More,” he groaned, thrashing under Etienne’s weight. He wanted to know what it would feel like to be pierced, opened, torn apart.

Being taken by Etienne, used for his pleasure, was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. He hovered on the edge, tension coiled in his balls, blood pulsing in his captive cock, waiting for Etienne to consume him. The world was blurry and gray around him. Etienne’s chill fingers, Etienne’s mouth, Etienne’s massive cock—these were his only realities.

But reality shifted. The other man pulled back to kneel between Troy’s thighs, still gripping Troy’s rod. Troy whimpered in disappointment. Etienne gave an evil chuckle. “Don’t worry, petit. I am not giving up. Your jacques is just too delicious to ignore.”

He bent over Troy’s prone form. Troy watched Etienne’s back muscles shift, straining the fine cloth of his shirt. Ghost-cold flesh flickered over Troy’s knob, making him groan. Then his whole cock was submerged in ice water.

He went rigid with shock. Acute delight sliced through him, fierce as pain. An arctic whirlpool caught him, sucking and pulling at his heated flesh. The cum rose in his stalk, brought to a boil by Etienne’s frigid mouth.

He didn’t fight; Etienne had stripped away all choice. Troy just let go. Violent shudders rocked his body as he poured his cum down the other man’s throat. Every nerve sparked, a thousand sensations building into a storm of pleasure that thundered around him.

As the tempest ebbed, when he thought that he’d known every possible variant of pleasure, he felt Etienne’s teeth enter his flesh, and he knew that he had been wrong. 


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