Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Snog 247: Fourth World (#paranormal #vampire #giveaway)

Fourth World cover

It’s October, my favorite month! Why favorite? Halloween, of course! This holiday speaks to my soul: the costumes, the magick, the chance to become someone else, the breathless sense that anything could happen. On All Hallows Eve, limits dissolve and taboos are broken, as the creatures of the night come out to play...

So I’ve decided to celebrate. Every Sunday in October I’ll be doing a giveaway here at my blog. Today, I’m offering a free copy of Fourth World, my collection of dark paranormal erotica. If you’re interested, just leave me a comment telling me how you feel about Halloween.

My snog is from the title story in that collection, a searing vampire ménage set in modern Bangkok.

When you’re done here, head to Victoria Blisse’s blog for more Sunday kisses!

She holds out her arms to us, to both of us. We scramble madly, tearing off our clothing, unbearably eager to possess that succulent white flesh. She laughs at our awkwardness, but her voice is kind as she welcomes us into her arms.

I do love handsome boys like the two of you. I’ve always preferred fair young men— like you, Jeremy.” She bends to take one of his nipples in her mouth. He gasps. “You blush so easily. Your blood is so close to the surface.” She pinches the nipple with her crimson nails, breaking the skin. A ruby droplet appears on Jeremy’s chest. Mai’s tongue flicks out to gather it into her mouth.

A shiver runs down my spine. The gesture is unbearably erotic.

But dark, virile hunks like you are attractive, too.” Her fingernails graze my cock lightly, then dig deeper. The pain is minor compared to the flash of pleasure that sears me. She feels the surge as I harden further. “You like a little pain, Harry? Are you kinky, then?”

She leads us both off in the direction of the bedroom. “I have just the thing for you.”

No, not really, I don’t think...” At the back of my fuzzy brain, there’s a flicker of alarm, but lust drowns it out. It seems that I couldn’t resist her even if I wanted to. I’m limp as pudding—except for my cock.

She pushes us both down on the king sized bed. The silk sheets feel amazing against my bare butt. When she climbs onto the bed, between our prone bodies, I smell her musk, faint behind with the bitter tang of her perfume.

She leans over to fasten her hot mouth on mine. Her tongue squirms against my palette. Her teeth rake my lips. Her breasts swing against my chest, tempting and ripe. I reach up to fondle the firm, resilient globes. She hums in approval.

Hands above your head, Harry,” she directs, breaking the kiss. I’m in some kind of swoon. I obey without thinking. She clasps my wrists in the restraints attached to the headboard. They’re lined with padded satin, comfortable, arousing. In Mai’s presence, everything is arousing.

She licks her way down my chest, swirling her agile tongue around my rampant penis. It jumps at her touch. I arch, trying to work the tip between her lips, but she pulls back.

Just a moment, now. I’ve got to make Jeremy comfortable.”

My friend moans when she kisses him. He sighs when she binds him. Another drop of blood has seeped from the tiny wound in his nipple. She laps it up eagerly on her way down to tease his cock.

Mai sits back on her heels. She grips our cocks roughly, making us squirm. “Lovely,” she purrs. “Two gorgeous young studs at my command. Who wants to go first?”


Enter the fourth world - a world of lust and shadows, where anything can happen.

Obsessive passion and dark ecstasy mark these seven stories of paranormal desire from eroticist Lisabet Sarai. An undead couple hunts for beauty and youth in the history-drenched streets of Prague. A sex addict meets his fate in the embrace of a seductive monster. An innocent writer offers her body and heart to a century-old ghost. A spiritual seeker succumbs to temptation in the arms of a fearsome and greedy goddess. A kinky, blood-drenched threesome unfolds in a luxurious Bangkok penthouse. These tales conjure the magic of sex, and its dangers. Expect to be unbearably aroused and occasionally terrified. Do not expect happily ever afters.

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pansypetal said...

*fanning self* I think I need a shower now. That was a hot teaser.

Halloween? I love it! My most favorite holiday. For many of the reasons you suggested. Somewhere along the line, my daughter developed a total love of dressing up and she doesn't confine it to just Halloween. She will dress in a costume for any reason. I love it too. I make many of her costumes. It started when she was in kindergarten and won first prize in the Halloween parade for he Raggedy Ann costume that I made for her. She looked so sweet. Still today, I make the costume, she wears it. Works well for us. She is no longer little. She is in her mid thirties now, but aren't we all always kids at heart no matter our age? But, yes. We love Halloween. The decorations. The costumes. The parties. So fun!

bn100 said...

nice teaser

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Patricia K said...

It is fun you can play being anyone. You see all the neat costumes kids are wearing.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to BN! She's won a copy of Fourth World.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Please stop over at my snog today. I'm doing a charity giveaway to help the survivors of the hurricane in Haiti.

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