Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Another chance to win (even if you're not in the US) (#giveaway #amazon #steampunk)

Rajasthani Moon Banner

Do you like steampunk? BDSM? Shifters? If so, you have another chance to win a copy of my outrageous erotic romance Rajasthani Moon over at Amazon. I've changed to odds to make it easier to win, since most of my free copies weren't claimed in my previous drawing.

To enter the drawing, just click here.

Want an excerpt? At your service!

Yeah, I know Amazon won't let you enter if you don't have a United States address. Ridiculous! Anyway, I'm running an alternative contest for those of you who are not in the US.

If you'd like to enter, just send me an email at contest [at] lisabetsarai [dot] com. Use the subject line "I want the book!". In the body of the email, tell me where you live. You don't have to give me your full address, just the city and country.

I'll enter all the internationl email entries into a drawing for a free copy of the book, which I'll award on November 13th, the same time my Amazon giveaway ends.

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