Monday, October 31, 2016

I Used to be a Witch (#halloween #freereading #newrelease)

Did you know I was once a witch? No, not like her, alas! I was never that glamorous. However, I did act the part of a witch in a community theater production of Dog’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s MacBeth many years ago. (That's me on the left.)

Indeed, you’ll have to agree I’m far scarier than the bonny lass abovefar more appropriate for Halloween.

Speaking of scary... Have you downloaded your free copy of my erotic horror story TheShadow over Des Moines? I’m afraid it’s free only on Smashwords; Amazon doesn’t allow authors to publish free books. You can get a .mobi file from Smashwords, though, which should work just fine with your Kindle.

At the end of Shadow, you’ll find a coupon that will let you buy my last year’s Halloween release, Coming in Costume, for only 99 cents. If you haven’t read that BDSM ménage title yet, well — today’s the ideal time!

As one reviewer commented: “This is a super short read so you could definitely read it easily one night in front of the fire or on a break. However, I wouldn't recommend reading this at work because it's very hot and sexy and I can almost guarantee you'd rather be by yourself so as to be able to fully appreciate the kink of this story.”

Meanwhile, I’m working on two longer paranormal stories for your reading pleasure. I’ll keep you posted, but I promise I’ll get at least one of the out for next Halloween!

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