Monday, October 10, 2016

Masturbation Monday - A Fantasy from Exposure (#masturbation #suspense #erotica)

I don’t usually participate in Masturbation Monday, since I mostly host sneak peeks on that day. I happened to have today free, so I thought I’d give it a go!

Here’s a scene from my erotic thriller Exposure for your delectation.

Let me know what you think!

So, Stella, are we still on for tonight?”

Images of our last meeting flood my memory. I become all loose and warm with the recollection. I know that he can sweep away all my tensions and fears, at least for a little while. Which is why I have to refuse him.

I’m sorry, Jimmy, but I’ve been feeling really wiped out. My ankle’s still killing me, too. I think it would be better if I took a rain check.”

There’s a long silence. When he speaks again, I hear the pain in his voice. “Are you sure, Stella? We could do something really low key. Why don’t I bring over some take-out and we can just sit and watch TV?”

I want so much to accept. I remind myself about the doll, the break-in, my mangled tomato plants. “I don’t think so, Jimmy. Not tonight, anyway.”

It’s not...the park, is it? What we did? I’m sorry I came on so strong...”

Don’t be silly! I was the one who seduced you. And it was great, Jim. I loved it, I really did.” The other memories are getting the upper hand, memories of his gentle fingers and assertive tongue. “I’d love to do it again. Just not tonight, okay?”

Okay, whatever you say. You can call me anytime. Day or night. You know that, don’t you?”

I want him so badly that I can hardly keep my voice steady. “Yes, I know. I’ll call you soon.”

Take care of yourself, Stella.”

You too, Jimmy.” The mob boss pops into my head, and I worry briefly about Jimmy’s safety. But he’s a cop, right? I’ve got to believe he can manage things for himself.

By the time I hang up, my desire for Jimmy has me tied in knots. I can spare a few minutes, I figure, to do something about that.

I’m still wearing my robe. I shuck it off my shoulders and spread it on the carpet, then lie down on my back on top of the plush terry cloth. My nipples are tight, aching bullets of flesh. I cup the weight of my breasts in my palms and flick my thumbs across the stiffened tips, sending shocks through my body with each stroke.

It’s not enough. Readjusting my body a bit, I manage to take a nipple into my own mouth. I suck hard, imagining it’s Jimmy’s eager tongue that’s rasping over the sensitive flesh. I see myself feeding him my lush tits, first one, then the other, while I stroke away at his smooth shaft. Just suckling me would be enough to get him off, I suspect. I sense his cock contracting in advance of his convulsion and let go, pushing his head down toward my pussy instead.

Very few men know how to eat pussy, I’ve found. I don’t know yet how Jimmy will do, but I picture him between my thighs, licking and nibbling. Meanwhile, I simulate the effects of his tongue, working my cunt with both hands. I’m as slick as if I’ve been oiled, inside and out. My fingers of my left hand glide over my swollen lower lips to settle deep inside my cunt. I massage the inner muscles, feeling them pulse whenever my other hand squeezes my clit. I bring in my heels, closer to my butt, so that I can rock my pelvis against my hands, one probing, the other circling, teasing, flicking across the rigid nub until I can hardly stand it. My thighs spread wider as I imagine Jimmy burrowing deeper. “More,” I whisper. “More...”

He’s using his hands now as well as his mouth, holding me open while he sucks me for all he’s worth. His thumb continues to prod and tickle my clit. I writhe and arch against him every time he touches it. Now his other hand is wandering. He slips two fingers into my cunt and pumps in time with his suction. “More,” I moan, close now but needing just that extra little push to send me over the edge.

He’s listening. He’s tuned in to what my body needs. There’s a brief awful moment of loss when he pulls his fingers from my cunt. Before this registers, though, he plunges his thumb into me in their place. And then, half a breath later, he slides one of the liberated fingers smoothly into my ass.

Oh, Jimmy, you’re so nasty, I think as I scream and topple into bliss. Who’d ever believe a nice, respectful guy like you would be like that? My body continues to shake with the aftershocks of the climax, my pelvis jerking in the air.

Would he really be like that? I wonder vaguely. I want more than ever to find out.

Finally, I relax and stretch out my legs. I cringe at the sharp pain in my ankle. Right. Until a few minutes ago half my weight was on that ankle, as I strained my pussy toward the ceiling, trying to come. Got to be more careful when I play with myself, or I’ll never heal. Next time, I should lie on my stomach. Or maybe do it on my hands and knees, so I can imagine Jimmy screwing me doggy style...

I’m actually getting turned on again, enough that the pain begins to fade. The pictures are rolling in my mind again, clearer than ever. Jimmy’s grinning at me, his cheeks smeared with my juices, as he positions himself behind my elevated butt. He leans over and slides his tongue up my crack from front to rear. The next thing I feel is his swollen knob, rubbing back and forth outside my well-lubricated cleft.

My phone rings, rudely shattering my fantasy. I hope it’s not Jimmy again, trying to make me change my mind. Because at this point, I’m not sure I have the strength to say no to him.

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