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Review Tuesday: The Watchers by LarryArcher (#hotwife #smut #review @Archer_Larry)

The Watchers cover
The Watchers: Cuckold/Hotwife #5 by Larry Archer
Smashwords and Amazon Digital Publishing, 2016

Poor Gene! He has the most boring job in the universe. He’s married to a beautiful but prudish woman who won’t give him head or try anything adventurous. Fate has even short-changed him in the area of masculine endowment.

However, Gene’s life is about to change. While sitting exhausted in a hotel bar, trying to recover from a mind-numbing seminar about insurance adjusting, he overhears two men discussing an illicit sex show. Taking pity on him, they share information about the location and the rules. In short order, Gene is sitting on one of the couches ranged around the edges of the show venue, watching incredibly filthy sexual activities unfold on the bed in the center.

He’s not just a spectator either. The voluptuous MILF Pam, a regular at these events, takes him in hand, both figuratively and literally, helping to make him more comfortable.

Meanwhile a petite blonde who seems strangely familiar moves around the perimeter, giving blow jobs to every attendee including Gene. Before long she’s been enticed into the spot light and is taking on both men and women. Only when Gene steps into the center of things and penetrates her rear orifice does he realize with a shock that this semen-drenched slut is his wife Theresa.

The Watchers is not erotic romance. It’s not literary erotica. It’s smut, plain and simple, intentionally designed for maximum arousal with minimum complications. This is not a criticism. Sometimes pure porn is what you want, and when you do, Larry Archer is the man to give it to you.

There’s not much plot, though Mr. Archer does give us some sense for the individual histories and preferences of different characters. The sex scenes are raw and rambunctious, with lots of F/F action and a preference for copious bodily fluids. The point of view shifts from one character to another (but not in a way that confuses), leaving the reader with no doubt that every character is enjoying the action.

To be honest, I find most smut of this type boring, but Mr. Archer’s tales stand out due to his personal enthusiasm for sex, his humor and his obvious respect for women. The Watchers focuses primarily on female pleasure. Not that the male characters don’t get offthey do, repeatedly—but the author loves to linger describing the ladies, what they’re doing to one another, what they want and how they feel. Furthermore, his women are not carbon copies of one another. There’s Stephanie, for instance, a building security guard who becomes entangled with the Amazonian beauty Foxy and finds herself acting out the lesbian fantasies she has never dared to share. Or Theresa herself, a good Catholic girl who discovers her inner slut when she gets her first taste of cum. Or fiery-haired Chrissy, big busted and dominant, a sort of ring leader who adores the process of “corrupting” these innocents and bringing them over to the dark side.

The women in Mr. Archer’s story are quite thoroughly used, but there’s no question that they are the ones calling the shots.

The author’s subtle humor helps keep the mood light. Foxy’s husband Larry, a recurring character in the author’s tales, runs one of Vegas’ top strip clubs. On the night of Gene’s initiation at the sex show, Larry’s absent because he’s hosting a convention of Japanese businessmen at his club. Here’s his description, afterward:

Larry pulled into his parking spot and laid his head on the steering wheel for a minute. The big group of Japanese businessmen had taken a toll on him. He wanted them to have fun but they were often a pain in the ass.

They had demanded attention from all the girls and were used to their women being subservient. Larry's girls were to a fault, women's libbers, with an attitude. His girls enjoyed their hold on men and liked to show how they could herd them around like a
sheepdog. This group of Asian men hadn't taken that well and almost constantly Larry was interposing himself in between a stripper and a drunken patron. Then occasionally, one of his security guards was in the mix.

He loved Tiny like a son but this man-mountain could be trying at times. It was funny that someone who looked like a cross between a low land gorilla and a small house could be such a pain in the ass.

Tiny thought of himself as the girl's den mother, especially when some yokel put their hands on one of them; Tiny tended to react negatively.

I have two criticisms of The Watchers. First of all, Mr. Archer needs a better editor. When you’re getting turned on, you don’t want to be distracted by grammar errors or excessive word repetition. Okay, maybe most readers won’t notice these things the way an author like me does, but this kind of problem decreases my personal enjoyment. One particularly egregious error was the fact that the author refers to Theresa by her name, in a scene told from Gene’s point of view, before he has actually recognized the woman as his wife.

Second, I wasn’t very happy with the ending. The final chapter brings Gene and Theresa together for confessions and of course sex. All of a sudden, Theresa changes from a sweet, eager slut to something of a bitch. She lays down the law to Gene, telling him she’s going to give herself to “the Bull” (Larry) and leave him with sloppy seconds. Gene will have to live with being a cuckold, or live without her.

Her behavior struck me as extremely out of character. It also spoiled the “feel good” atmosphere of the rest of the book. I don’t like abuse mixed in with my sex. One reason I enjoy Mr. Archer’s stories is that everyone ends up satisfied. In this case, Gene likes to watch his wife with other guys but he is not, fundamentally, a guy who gets off being cuckolded. Yet he’s being forced into that role. It was as if the author all of a sudden remembered that this story had been labeled as a “cuckold” tale and stuck this ending on as an afterthought.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this over-the-top erotic romp. If you’re in the mood for light-hearted, no holds (or holes!) barred sex, pick up a copy of The Watchers

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Larry Archer said...

Thanks for the review Lisabet and your good points. I'll have to reread the ending to see if I made Theresa too much of a bitch. There was no "abuse" intended for Gene beyond that normally given to cucks.

Of all the cuckolds I know, the guys enjoy their position (so to speak) being controlled by the hotwife. Most of the ones I know love to watch their wife being taken by their bulls, without any humiliation but there is one guy who's wife keeps him in a cage most of the time. But that's a different story! LOL

Thanks again Lisabet.

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