Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Snog 232: Nasty Business (FF) (#LGBTQ #BDSM #oral)

I have something different for today’s snog—a very raw and intense FF oral excerpt from Nasty Business. That novel’s main plot follows a M/F relationship, but there is also a F/F BDSM subplot.

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If you enjoy lesbian erotica, read on!

You're so beautiful, Margaret,” she murmurs, dipping once again into the well of honey between her legs. “I want you so much. Don’t you want me?” She holds her hand out to me, appealing, almost waif-like. Without thinking, I take her proffered fingers into my mouth.

Her taste is simultaneously strange and familiar. Pungent, salty, rich, wild, embarrassing, and forbidden. My own juices spill over in response. She sees the evidence of my excitement and smiles at my silent answer. Lightly, she gathers a droplet from my thighs and licks it off her finger. Her eyes close as she savors me, and I am reminded of some flaxen-haired medieval angel, consumed by mystic ecstasy.

Sudden, fierce lust shatters my dreamy composure. I want her, want to take her, use her, devour her. Slipping off my chaise, I kneel at her side and take her face in my hands. Then I suck her into a long, violent kiss that leaves us both breathless. With one hand I am twisting her nipple, while the other probes her drenched pussy. I’ve never done anything like this before, and yet I know what I am doing, know from touching myself how to touch her.

Luna whimpers under my assault, arches her body and tries to force my fingers deeper insider her. “Oh, yes, please, yes…”

You like this, Luna?” She can’t answer, she’s too far gone, but I know that I am giving her what she wants. I’ve found the slippery nub of her clit. I roll it between my thumb and forefinger, kneading and twisting, pulling until her hips rise right off the chaise trying to follow. I am not gentle; she does not want gentleness.

I release her clit, giving her a moment’s respite, then press my palm against her mound and push all four fingers into her cunt. She screams and I feel the shudders gathering in her flesh. I remove my hand completely. She whimpers in frustration, then sighs as I slip my index finger back into her folds and wiggle it playfully.

Her depths are lined with slick velvet. As I explore her, she shivers and moans. “More, please! More!” I lean down and take a cherry nipple between my lips, marveling at the nubby texture of the swollen flesh against my tongue. So sweet, so juicy, I cannot help biting down on that lush morsel. Luna yells and writhes against my hand. She grabs it by the wrist and tries to force all my fingers into her soaked cunt.

Nasty girl,” I say, pulling away from her. Her nipples pout insolently. On a whim, I slap one breast with an open palm. My own skin stings as I watch hers redden. Her eyes are closed, her lips half-open. As an experiment, I lay stinging blow on the opposite breast. Her pelvis jerks and grinds in response.

She wants it hard, wants it rough. I see this with sudden clarity. And I want to give it to her. “Knees up,” I say brusquely, amazed at the authority in my voice. “Feet on the chaise, thighs spread wide. And don't you dare to touch yourself.” Luna hastens to obey and I know that my intuitions are correct.

The undersides of her thighs are a creamy gold. I remember Liu’s leather strap and wonder what marks it would make on that succulent flesh. I’m just looking, not touching. Luna rotates her hips obscenely, inviting me.

Little slut,” I whisper, “be careful what you wish for.” I lean down and hold open her lower lips, breathing deeply. Her fragrance makes me ache. I can see her clitoris, shiny with her secretions. It juts out, yearning, just below the champagne-colored down on her pubis.

Saliva gathers in my mouth. I’m hungry for her. I capture the sensitive little nub between my lips. She shudders at first contact. Then I sink my teeth into her, at the same time forcing three fingers deep into her vagina.

Luna lets out a long wail of pain, pleasure, or both. Her muscles convulse around my hand. Hot liquid drenches my fingers. For long minutes her flesh quivers around me, as I continue to worry her clit with my mouth.

My own sex quivers in sympathy. I am far from climax, but I am incredibly aroused by this woman, and by what I am doing to her. I remember Liu telling me that power was the ultimate aphrodisiac. I did not understand him then, but I think I am beginning to see what he meant. I slide my fingers out of Luna’s sex and lean back, watching her.

Luna’s breathing has slowed. She opens her eyes and gazes at me with something like adoration. “Oh God! That was wonderful,” she murmurs. “Thank you.” She reaches for me. “Now let me please you…”

I pull away from her, rising to my feet. “Not here. Let’s go to your room.”

Of course,” she says, leading the way into the dim interior. I gather my clothing as I pass, some part of me realizing that I want to keep this a secret, for now.

Her room faces the hillside. This late in the afternoon, it is quite dim. She lights several candles and I catch the scents of vanilla and clove. She stands before me, eager and strangely innocent. I ache with desire for her, desire fed, strangely, by the notion that she is Rick’s lover.

Luna.” My voice is quiet but commanding. “Eat me.” I seat myself on her bed and spread my legs wide. I am barely in position before she is kneeling before me. Delicately she parts my fleece and leans forward, breathing in my aroma. She sighs in delight.

I thrust my fingers into her tangled locks and raise her face to mine. “What are you waiting for?” I draw her face into my crotch. She needs no further encouragement.

Her tongue is hot and agile. I can feel every motion, every gesture. She swirls it around my clit, spreads my labia with broad, wet strokes, makes little plunging thrusts into my cunt. I grind my sex against her face, soaking her with my secretions, smothering her in my heat. My forcefulness only makes her more eager. She nips at me like a little dog, then lovingly licks and slobbers all over me.

I tremble, on the verge of orgasm, hovering there for long frustrating minutes. She senses my imminent climax and works harder. I try to relax, to let go of my thoughts, my stubborn inhibitions. I feel guilty, keeping her from satisfaction by not taking my own.

She doesn’t seem to mind. Taking a moment for breath, she gazes up at me, face slick with my juices. Her angelic smile refuels my lust. “I told you to eat my pussy, slut,” I tell her, forcing her head back down. Her pliancy thrills me. She attacks my cunt with renewed vigor, until I’m twisting and screaming under her mouth.
I’m so close now, I need just one push to topple me into oblivion. Then she gives me that push. Without preamble, she reaches between my splayed thighs and slips one wet finger deep into my anus. It’s pain and it’s bliss. It’s a violation and ultimate intimacy. It’s enough to make me explode, finally and utterly. 

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Unknown said...

I'm not into the painful bites in certain areas, and I am generally more drawn to m/m since I write it as well... but I enjoyed this. There's something to be said for the Dom & Sub play with consent. :) Very sexy.

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