Thursday, June 16, 2016

Committing Myself (#deadline #wip #amwriting)

I've finally buckled down and started working on my next novel, a paranormal menage entitled The Werewolf and the Vampire. As usual, I'm struggling to find the writing time I need. However, last week I decided that to motivate myself, I'd commit to a deadline for releasing the book: October 21st. Given the topic and genre, I really want to have the story available before Halloween.

Seems like a long time in the future, doesn't it? Give my travel and work schedule, though, I expect the time to fly by. Having told my publisher that I'll deliver the book in time for the October release, however, will force me to make progress.

Well, that's the theory anyway!

It's going pretty well so far, up to 12K plus words. I'm about to leave for a week-long business trip, and though I expect to be insanely busy, I'm taking the manuscript with me.

You never know when I'm going to get stuck in an airport!

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