Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Snog 231: Monsoon Fever (#sundaysnog #historical #menage)

Greetings! My kiss excerpt today comes from my M/M/F historical erotic romance, Monsoon Fever. This story is set in Assam, India, a few years after World War One.

I’ve only been to India once, and never to Assam, but somehow the setting for this book really came alive in my mind. If you enjoy being transported to exotic locales, you might want to pick up a copy!

Here’s the blurb:

Divine temptation lies in wait in an ancient and mysterious land.

In their first years together, Priscilla and Jonathan enjoyed a marriage based as much on physical passion as on love. However, the travails of business and the tribulations of the Great War have taken their toll. When Jon's father dies in faraway India, the couple travels to the father's isolated Assamese tea plantation to settle his affairs. Far from the bustle and distraction of London, left alone to endure the monsoon rains while Jon struggles to complete the final harvest, Priscilla realises how much she misses Jon's touch.

Anil Kumar arrives with business documents for Jon to examine. The charismatic native enchants both Priscilla and Jon with his god-like beauty and charm. In separate incidents, each of them succumbs to Anil's lustful attentions. Will the illicit desires excited by the handsome Indian be the final stroke that destroys their marriage? Or the route to saving it?

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(In this excerpt, Priscilla, John and Anil have just returned from the site of a landslide, where they helped the villagers dig out survivors.)

Lalida reached the bungalow before them and lit the lamps. She took the babe from Priscilla’s arms, firmly rejecting her protests. “I’ll take him to my room and give him some milk, Madam. You need to bathe and rest. Tomorrow we will try to find his family.” She bustled away with the sleeping child, leaving Priscilla, Jon, and Anil alone.

They stood facing each other in the parlour, a triangle of muddy, dishevelled bodies. Now that the emergency was over, no one knew what to say. An awkward silence filled the spaces between them. Tension crackled in the humid air.

Priscilla looked from one man to the other. Jon’s hair was matted with dirt. There was blood smeared across his naked chest, but thankfully, she did not see any wound. Anil’s fine suit was torn in two places, with the pale lining gaping out of the gashes. He was barefoot, the sucking mud having swallowed his shoes. A dark bruise swelled above his right eye.

She knew that she looked no better. Her filthy hair stuck to her forehead in damp strings. Her clammy skirt clung to her thighs. Her blouse was in tatters, the seams split from her exertion. Her lace camisole, now a muddy brown, was clearly visible.

They were tired, battered and bruised. But they were alive, when not everyone had been so fortunate.

Inexplicably, her heart soared. These two courageous, compassionate men—they had saved lives tonight. She felt blessed by their presence, full of joy, power and love—for both of them.

She walked over to Jon, pulled his face to hers, and kissed him, open mouthed. He was tentative at first, but in a moment he became eager, pulling her to his chest and mashing his lips against hers. He smelled of earth, iron, and sweat, masculine, intoxicating. Priscilla’s nipples became hard little pebbles that set up exquisite vibrations each time they brushed his flesh. He reached behind her, grabbing her buttocks and forcing her pelvis against his. The hard bulk of his erection prodded the mound at the juncture of her thighs. Her sex, already damp, gushed in response. Boldly, she reached down to fondle his cock through his trousers. Her quick squeeze made him gasp.

Before he could completely recover, Priscilla moved away from him to Anil. The native’s dark eyes followed her every gesture. The hint of a smile played across his full lips. He met her kiss halfway, sinking his tongue deep into her mouth while massaging her breasts. Priscilla feathered a quick caress across his swollen groin before breaking the embrace.

She took Jon’s hand in her right, Anil’s in her left, and led them toward the bedroom. “Come,” she beckoned them . “I think that we all need a bath.”

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