Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oral Action from Raw Silk (Sunday Snog 215) -- #erotic #bdsm #newrelease

Next Tuesday, March 1st, is the general release date for the reboot of Raw Silk. Think you’ve read some hot scenes in my other books? This novel makes a lot of my other work look tame!

Today, for instance, I have a bit from my heroine Kate’s first encounter with the man who will become her Master, Gregory Marshall. (There’s no mouth-to-mouth snogging here, but you’ll definitely find oral action!)

When you’ve recovered from my snog, head back to Victoria’s page for more sexy kisses!

She began a low keening, feeling her orgasm just out of reach. So close, so close… Just a bit more…

Stop. Right now.”

She would not have thought it possible to obey. Yet somehow, for some reason, she did. She opened her eyes and gave him a blank look, her breath heaving, both her hands still inside her panties.

Good. Very good.”

She warmed at his approval.

It’s not time for you to come yet. Now take them off.”

Kate removed her hands, shimmied the damp garment down her thighs to her ankles, and stepped out. Suddenly, incongruously, she felt incredibly exposed. Her wet pussy gaped, her lower lips swollen and red.

On your knees now.”

Once again she felt a flare of resistance. Part of her, though, wanted to follow his direction. Strange pleasure flooded her as she sank to a kneeling position across from him. She looked at the floor, not daring to meet his eyes.

Pick up the panties in your mouth. Using just your mouth. Then bring them to me.”

Awkwardly, still in her high-heeled shoes, she bent down and took the discarded briefs in her teeth. Her nostrils filled with her own musky scent and she felt a new surge of lust.

Somehow knowing that this was what he wanted, Kate put her hands down and crawled the short distance to the chair where her tormentor lounged comfortably. With her ass in the air, she felt even more vulnerable, and more aroused. He sat up, thighs apart, and gestured to her to come closer. Finally, she was at his feet, between his spread legs. She sat up, leaning back on her heels, offering him the garment in the manner of a family pet offering the newspaper.

Gregory gave a little laugh, of delight more than mockery. He took the panties and held them to his face, inhaling deeply the womanly perfume with which they were soaked. “Wonderful!” he said. “Even better than I had hoped.”

He leaned forward, cupped her chin in his hands, and searched her face. “Are you all right?” he asked, his tone serious. She nodded, reveling in the fact that at last he was touching her. She focused her attention on him, silently begging him to handle her breasts, to stroke her ass. But instead he sat back in his chair, still regarding her gravely.

Shall we continue, then, my little Kate?” he asked.

Yes,” she whispered, not knowing to what she was agreeing. “Yes.”

Marshall rose from his chair and stood towering over her, practically straddling her. He took another sampling of her scent, and smiled down at her. The mocking tone had returned. “Undo my fly, then. And give me your mouth.”

Kate tried to be gentle and careful unfastening his jeans. They would have been tight under normal circumstances. His erection stretched them to the point that the zipper would hardly operate. Every time her fingers brushed that taut organ through the denim, a shiver ran through her own flesh.

When Marshall’s cock finally became visible, she stifled a gasp. His member was on the same scale as the rest of him. It pulsed with heat, as if this were the heart of his fevered self. She ran her tongue delicately down its length, tracing the raised veins, tasting salt and bitterness.

Open yourself,” he said. As she did so, he slid his penis into her mouth, slowly, steadily. “Wider,” he murmured. “I want you to take all of me, every centimeter.” He pulled back slightly then pushed in farther.

Kate fought rising panic as she felt herself choking.

Relax. Open to me, receive me, honor me.” His voice, hoarse with lust, reassured her. Waves of warmth flowed through her limbs as she allowed her facial muscles to go limp and let go of the constriction in her throat. He pushed even deeper—she willed herself to open more. Then she realized her chin was against his pubic hair, that in fact his entire cock was inside her mouth. Pride surged through her, even as he began thrusting, driving his length all the way to the root once again.

His rock-hard flesh battered her lips, yet somehow the pain did not reach her. She marveled at the silky skin that covered that hardness. As he slammed his hips against her, the rough denim of his jeans grazed her nipples, which were just as hard, and sent electric spasms through her body. Kneeling, legs apart, she felt her own juices running down the insides of her thighs. Her clit throbbed in synchrony with his thrusts. Somehow Kate knew she did not have permission to touch herself.

His motions quickened. Kate felt a premonitory contraction in the rod of flesh that had taken over her mouth. Exultation filled her. Let him come! Let me taste him, swallow him, serve him. She closed her eyes and focused on becoming the perfect receptacle.

Contrary as always, he did not do as she had hoped. On the very brink of orgasm, he stopped and pulled out his cock. Kate stared at him, her mouth still hanging open, disappointment flooding through her.

Now, Kate,” he laughed. “You mustn’t be greedy! I will decide when you taste my cum.”He leaned closer. “Don’t worry, though. You will.”

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