Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Amazing Review

So, is it tacky for me to write a blog post showcasing a glowing review?

Like most authors, I find it hard to keep up the shouting about my work. My preference would be for readers to discover me on their own.

In fact, the reader who wrote this new review of Rajasthani Moon did learn about me through word of mouth. In an email to me, he wrote:

"I've actually been reading and writing erotica on an amateur level for many years now, and I could barely put your book down last night. I'm still shuddering from pleasure as I type this."


And then in his review, he called me a "a storytelling seductress who weaves her charms and prose--and weaves them well."

Maybe--just maybe--his review will entice a few more people to try one of my books.

Thank you so much, JS!

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