Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm Crowing! #review #romance

I just got the most amazing review from Kayla Lords, BDSM blogger extraordinaire! Plus an email in which she told me "I looooooved this book!"

I'm so pleased when someone who's actually involved in the kinky lifestyle finds my BDSM fiction believable and hot. Kayla writes:

People from all walks of life can be Dominant or submissive. And D/s doesn’t always go as planned, and Dominants don’t always know exactly what they want to do in any given BDSM scene. Lisabet Sarai hits on this so well with characters you might never have imagined together, and yet, they work so well.

Thank you, thank you!

You can read the whole review here (plus ogle the cover, and enjoy and excerpt):


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