Thursday, February 18, 2016

G&V Blog Tour Round-Up and Giveaway #excerpt #romance #giveaway

I want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in my blog tour for The Gazillionaire and the Virgin. The tour included eighteen exclusive posts, with titles like “Subversion”, “Sex and Money”, “Allure of the Nerd” and “Coming Clean About Kink”. Lots of sexy excerpts, too! I really appreciate the help from all authors who hosted me. (You can find a full list of the posts here. I hope you’ll go back and visit their blogs to learn more about their work!)

There were 128 individual reader comments. Congratulations to Sue A., who won the grand prize (fifty bucks worth of books!) and BN, who won second prize (a print copy of G&V). S.Dora won my host prize for the most comments and Lynn Townsend won my randomly chose host prize.

I do love to give stuff away, though. So I thought I’d do an impromptu contest today. You’ll find a brand new excerpt from G&V below. Read it, then leave me a comment with your email. Tell me what you think about the possibility of a twenty nine year old guy being a virgin. Is this too strange to be believable? Or can you imagine it, for someone like Theo.

I’ll draw one name and give away your choice of one of my D&S Duos books!

I’ve got to find out where we stand, Theo and I. I’ve got to talk to him.

I swipe my phone and redial.

This time he answers on the first ring.


His voice is flat, devoid of emotion. He also sounds out of breath, as though he’s been exercising. Who knows, maybe he works out. It doesn’t fit my image of him, but that impressive body must come from somewhere.

Hi, Theo. It’s me, Rachel.”

Silence. Will he hang up on me?

Are you still there?” I venture, after what feels like thirty seconds of dead time.

Um, yes. I’m here.”

Why didn’t you say something?”

Honestly? I have no idea what to say.” His voice rises, a sign of impending panic. “I’ve never been in this situation before.”

What is he talking about? “What situation?”

I mean – I – you – I mean, us…” He strives valiantly to continue.

Light dawns.

Theo – you mean – I’m your first lover?” I remember his grace, his strength, his confidence as he gave me the ultimate in pleasure. It couldn’t be possible!

My first fuck. Yeah.” He sounds grim. “Pretty sad, right? Twenty nine and still a virgin.” His bitter laughter makes me flinch. “Hope I didn’t disappoint you.”

Theo – dear Theo – you know you didn’t. I know this sounds sappy, but it was wonderful.”

Wonderful? Please. That’s a bit overdone, don’t you think, Dr. Zelinsky?”

No, I mean it. Special.”

More silence, but somehow less threatening. He’s considering my words, trying to decide whether to believe me.

Thank you,” he says finally, his voice small. “Is that why you called, to tell me that?”

Partly,” I reply, letting out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “Plus I need to know the bank and account number for Code in the Hood. We scored about one point five million dollars last night.”

Can’t you find that out via your spies?”

I bristle until I realize he’s teasing me. “Probably. So you might as well tell me.”

Not over the phone. It could be tapped.” I can’t tell if he’s joking or not. “We’ll have to meet in person.”


Colleen C. said...

Congrats to all of the winners! :) I do think it is possible to be a virgin later in life... greenshamrock at cox dot net ;)

Kristine *chaos* said...

I think 29 is possible for a guy to still be a virgin. I'll all for waiting for when you meet someone you trust and you are comfortable with.
-Kristine R
KristineLR23 (AT) gmail (dot) com

Debby said...

I do think it is possible. There are times when you just cannot find someone
debby236 at gmail dot com

Sue A. said...

I think it is believable. Wasn't there a church driven fad of abstinence vows until marriage?

Thanks again for the grand prize! I'm still riding the high from it. I sent you an email reply.

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