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Comfort & Joy boxed set
Welcome to the December MFRW Steam Hop! If you like your romance on the spicy side, this is your lucky day. Lots of MFRW authors are sharing their sexiest and most seductive excerpts for your reading pleasure. Maybe you’ll want to add some of our books to your holiday wish list...

Today I’m featuring my new holiday boxed set, Comfort & Joy. Here’s a long, luscious bit from one of the collected stories, Gray Christmas. 

The book is exclusive to Amazon and available free on Kindle Unlimited.


Then there was the rustle of fabric, the creak of leather upholstery, muffled footsteps as he crossed the carpet. Torn between throwing myself at him and running away, I remained frozen there, my back turned, my heart like a drum in my ears.

Powerful fingers grasped my shoulders from behind. Warm breath teased my ear lobe. “No wonder,” Nick murmured, his voice a caress as much as his touch. “No wonder you seem so familiar.” He smoothed his hands down my arms, then circled my waist, pulling me backward against his body. “No wonder I want you so much.” The solid bulk of his erection pressed against my spine made it clear he wasn’t lying. “I’ve so spent many nights with you, Emmanuelle. I know your secret dreams.”

Nick—no, please… oh!” An involuntary gasp interrupted my objections as he slid his hands up under my loose top to cup my breasts. His palms were soft but his fingertips were calloused, deliciously rough against my nipples. “You—we’re strangers—we can’t just…”

His symmetrical pinch sent lightning racing through me. “Why can’t we? We’re certainly old enough!” He released my breasts long enough to turn me around, so that I faced him. A half-smile played on his lips, while his incredible eyes shone like stars. “You’re as aroused as I am. Why should we refuse this gift?”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know what to say. In any case, he removed the possibility by fastening his mouth to mine, sweeping me into a deep, wet kiss.

He kissed with the same vibrant energy that animated everything he did. His tongue was demanding and playful by turns. As he teased my lips open, I tasted the fruity wine we’d imbibed, edged with hint of peppermint that must have been toothpaste. The sharp, wild scent of evergreen clung to his skin. His strong arms drew me closer, until my swollen nipples rubbed against his chest. I went weak with the sensations, melting in the heat of his desire, and my own.

Amazed at my own audacity, I returned the kiss, letting my own tongue wander and explore. My entire body tingled. I felt tipsy, an almost forgotten joy bubbling up inside me. His need beat against me like a tropical sun, relentless and inescapable. I had no choice but to surrender to that awesome power.

He broke our mouth-to-mouth connection just long enough to tug my sweater over my head and toss it into a corner. A tiny voice protested against the exposure, out in the open where anyone could see through the second floor window. I ignored the voice, drowning my reservations in the flood of pleasure rippling through me.

His hands roamed over my flesh, stroking my back, squeezing my butt, feathering the tips of his fingers along the sensitive sides of my breasts. Still kissing me, he eased me to the floor. The plush rug was soft beneath my back. Nick straddled me, a huge grin on his amiable face. The sweet pressure of his ass rested on my pubis, amplifying my need. He captured my breasts again, massaging them with deft fingers while deliberately avoiding my throbbing nipples. I wanted to scream, to beg for his touch, there, and between my legs, too.

Despite how horny I was, I was still too shy to tell him what I wanted. In the old days, I’d been brave, even brazen, but it had been so very long since I’d been with a man. I still couldn’t quite believe Nick wanted me. I’d never been beautiful, but back in my sex goddess days, I knew I was sexually attractive. I knew how to use my assets, my curves and my hollows, to please my partner and myself. Now, though? That was ancient history. All that formerly taut, responsive flesh sagged and bulged. How could he look at me without disgust?

You have such beautiful breasts,” he murmured, almost as if he’d read my mind. Bending at the waist, he took one nipple in his mouth. I moaned at the sudden bliss, humping his butt, writhing as he bit lightly into the engorged nub.

And so sensitive, too…” He swiped his tongue across the other nip, then swallowed it and sucked hard.

Oh…oh, Nick! Oh, God! I can’t stand it.”

He looked up, into my eyes. I lost myself in the blue.

You want me to stop, Emma?”

No, no—oh, I’m so embarrassed, but I want…” I couldn’t bring myself to go on.

He brushed his lips across mine. “Yes? What do you want, sweet lady?”

A hot blush spread across my cheeks, and my chest too. Inside my panties, I was melting.

I—you know, Nick. I want you to fuck me. Please, Nick.”

His grin grew broader. “Of course. But not quite yet.”

Hooking his fingers under the elasticized waistband, he inched backward, pulling my pants and underwear down until my grizzled pubes were half exposed. “Lift up. Yes, that’s right.” The baggy sweatpants followed the sweater into oblivion.

The tidal scent of female arousal rose from my bared pussy. Nick filled his lungs. “Oh, sweet Jesus, you’re gorgeous!” He rolled to the side, off my body, then eased my thighs apart and positioned himself between them. “I’ve wanted to do this since the minute I saw you.”

Don’t exaggerate—oh!”

Nick used his thumbs to part my still-bushy pubic curls and open my lower lips. Then he leaned forward to blow a stream of warm air across my clit. I jerked at the sudden pleasure, arching up to seek more direct stimulation. He responded with a long, firm stroke of his tongue along my exposed cleft. Before I could recover, he sank deeper, burrowing into my pussy as though he wanted to devour me.

Indeed, that’s what he did. With lips, tongue and teeth, he consumed me. Licking, sucking, nibbling my labia, thrusting his tongue like a miniature cock, he coaxed me toward an inevitable climax.

I’d always found it difficult to come with oral sex. I’d worry that my partner was getting tired or bored, that I was frustrating him by taking so long. Those worries made it even harder for me to let go, creating a vicious cycle.

With Nick, things were different. I don’t know why. Perhaps I actually believed his claim about wanting to eat me out from the very first. Perhaps for once I was just too horny to be concerned. The pleasure level built from moment to moment, surging higher with each expert application of lips or tongue, until at last it welled up and spilled over. I screamed as the climax rushed through me, totally forgetting the retired postman who lived on the first floor. Later, when I remembered, I prayed my downstairs neighbor was celebrating Christmas Eve elsewhere. In that moment, lost in the wild, wet orgasm Nick had teased from me, I was too overwhelmed to care.


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Scarlet Love said...

I love that cover. So cozy, and sexy at the same time. Plus Christmas! Enticing.

Sadira Stone said...

Love the socks! Very sexy.

Gale Stanley said...

Very sexy scene! Adding it to my TBR list for Kindle Unlimited.

Fiona McGier said...

Ah, the secret to enjoying great sex--forget about how you look, and concentrate on how what you're doing/having done to you makes you feel. Phew! Thanks for sharing.

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Steamy excerpt, Lisabet. Well done!

Daryl Devoré said...

Great cover. Fabulous snippet - smoking hot - love the line - Amazed at my own audacity.... :-)

Daryl Devoré said...

Forgot to say - tweeted.

Amber Daulton said...

Super hot. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Lisabet, what a great excerpt! I can see where this book might bring a lot of joy, but maybe just a bit of DIScomfort--until hubby gets home!

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