Thursday, December 24, 2020

Indulge yourself in holiday naughtiness! – #BarelyLegal #TentacleMonster #UrbanFantasy

A Spendificent Xmas cover

Here’s something to celebrate. From the prodigious, outrageous imagination of Dacy Alex comes a brand new romp with the Hot Squad – full of snark, sex and holiday spirit!

Hey, it features ELVES. How much more Christmas-y can you get?

Giselle Nyfall,.the self-appointed leader of the ass-kicking babes known as The Hot Squad is getting a Christmas treat made for a girl on the naughty list! Prince Krisdane Elvrina, pure elf and royal of the magical country of Golden Land is paying the girls a holiday visit.

Giselle schemes to get the handsome prince under her carefully laid mistletoe. When her plan actually succeeds (unlike usual), Giselle drags Krisdane onto the naughty list and gets his tinsel in her tangle! But a horrible curse manifests that momentarily transforms Krisdane into a Christmas tentacle creature that’s far from Frosty The Snowman! Most women might dive out the window of Giselle’s Penthouse condo at the sight of what Krisdane becomes. But the wild Giselle dreams of a white Christmas, and she’s going to get it!

But with the royal order riding on keeping Krisdane as a glorious elf it’s up to Giselle to team with his sexy siblings to find where this Christmas curse originated. This takes them to a mysterious psychic, through a mountain of Krisdane worshiping fan mail, and into a perverse gingerbread house. When they solve the curse’s mystery, it carries Giselle, The Hot Squad and Krisdane into a battle with a twisted version of a Christmas icon!

Can Giselle return her dream guy to the handsome prince that brings joy to the world? Or will the curse caster be the one laughing under the tree this year?

Exclusively available on Smashwords! Get your copy today!

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