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More Brides in Vegas cover

A few days ago, my fellow author Larry Archer accused me of writing mindless sex. I have to protest. Yes, my soon-to-be-released tale More Brides in Vegas does have a lot of sex, maybe even more than the book whose story it continues (Hot Bridesin Vegas). However, it’s anything but mindless.

Like the previous novella, More Brides is what you might “ensemble erotica”. There are lots of characters—some familiar from the previous book and some new—and the story is told from multiple points of view. And let me tell you, keeping track of all these horny people—where they are, who they’re with, what they’ve seen, and what they’ve been doing—demanded a lot of my attention. Each of the characters has different kinks and interests. There also quite a few family relationships (but don’t worry, there’s no incest. Not that I wasn’t tempted...) Maybe some authors of smut wouldn’t care about consistency, but alas, I do.

So sometimes as I was writing, even though I was turned on (that’s how I can judge the story’s quality!), I also had something of a headache.

The book is set in a vintage nineteen eighties style motel, like the Holiday Inns that studded the western U.S. when I was in grad school. The place is arranged around a courtyard area, with a swimming pool in the middle, a retractable dome above, and rooms with patios around the edges. Various scenes take place in different regions of this space—some in the hotel rooms themselves, but others out in full view. It was important to consider who could see (and hear) what was going on at different points in time.

I couldn’t afford to lose any of the characters, either. I mean, it’s just plain annoying when a bodacious babe shows up in Chapter 3, gets down and dirty, and then you never see her again.

Finally, even though this story really isn’t intended to be serious, I did want my characters to show some development, mostly as they realize fantasies they’d never shared or even realized they had. So I needed a certain symmetry in the sex scenes. Just any old partner and any old activity wouldn’t do.

In short, I did a lot of thinking while writing this story. It’s definitely smut, but I defy anyone to say it was mindless!

More Brides in Vegas should be out in early June. Around the same time, Larry will be publishing his next opus, a full length novel entitled Crashing a Swinger’s Pajama Party. We actually started writing that one together, in alternating chapters, but my constant focus on details and consistency rapidly drove Larry crazy!

Meanwhile, if you missed Hot Brides in Vegas, get your copy today, so you’ll have all the juicy back story clear in your mind when More Brides hits the shelves!

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Larry Archer said...


I think you misunderstood me, when I said every one in your upcoming "More Brides in Vegas" was getting their brains fucked out, I didn't mean mindless sex. LOL

I often get dinged for writing stroke porn but I'd like to think there is a plot line and not just F'ing and S'ing, well maybe there is a lot of that but to me it's like reading Hustler or Playboy. You can tell your spouse that you only read the articles but when the crumpled magazine is found on the bathroom floor with all of the pages stuck together, we all know the truth.

Lisabeth has one of the sickest, most perverted minds that I know and I mean that in a good way! She makes the idea of "good girl" take on a completely different meaning. :)

Seriously, if you like smut and we all know you do, grab a copy of "More Brides in Vegas" and take yourself in hand. There are so many characters doing the nasty that you need a score card to keep track of who is doing what to whom.

Working with Lisabet Sarai off-list has been a really enjoyable experience even though we are half a world apart. I write stories based upon our experiences in the Lifestyle and the cast of characters in most of my stories include my wife Foxy along with the other inhabitants of The Fox's Den, an exclusive anything goes strip club (a.k.a. Gentleman's Club).

What Lisabet has done is take my assortment of characters and ramp them up to a whole new level, then put her twist on the characters. The result is a great story and a great read of the type of erotica that I think people want to read. My idea of erotica is that people get laid but in a high brow manner, often with their little finger stuck out (or stuck into something).

Lisabet delivers in spades and so trust me, order a copy when it hits the newsstand. You'll know it's hot when you see the little old blue haired lady holding a can of Lysol as she gingerly hands it to you in a brown paper bag. Don't worry, she'll disinfect everything the second you turn your back!

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