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Celebrating Ten Years of Published Erotic Romance (#bdsm #lapdance #celebration @VictoriaBlisse)

Tender cover

By Victoria Blisse (Guest Blogger)

Ten years in Erotica seemed like something I needed to celebrate so I did! With an anthology of brand new short stories never seen before. One for every year I’ve been a published author.

Sometimes it feels like I’ve always been writing erotic romance but then often it feels like I’ve barely started. It was quite the realisation when it hit me that I’d been published for ten whole years!

In many ways I’m the same as I was when I started. I’m sure my writing has evolved, gotten better even. I know my edits tend to have less red corrections on them now than they used to have anyway. I still write everything and anything that captures my imagination but with characters as curvy and ample as the author writing them.

I have to say though, BDSM is definitely my favourite thing to write. So it seemed appropriate to make my celebration a collection of hot dominance and submission stories. It also led to the wonderfully punny title – Tender – that combines the number of stories/years I’ve been published with the feeling after a good spanking. Not only that, it conveys the compassion I try to pack into all my stories too.

So if you want to taste a little bit of my style, Tender is a good place to start and if you’ve read other books of mine then this will be a little tasty taster for you to enjoy. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt for you to enjoy!


Victoria Blisse has collected together ten stories of bondage, dominance and pleasurable pain to celebrate ten years as a published author.

This diverse mixture of tiny, teasing tales filled with sexy doms and their dedicated submissives showcases her unique style and her favourite genre: BDSM.

Enjoy a lap dance, a naked suit fitting and a bit of floral bondage. Experience punishments with crops, canes, floggers, hands and even a spatula in locations as diverse as a locker room and at the bottom of the stairs. Discover the fun of ball gags, sherbet lemons, secret collars and tape measures. Be swept away by the lust of these alpha males and their treasured subs.

There is something for all tastes, with kinks in all flavours for you to sample. Feast on this anthology of decadent delights by the one and only Queen of Smut.

Excerpt from “Private Dancing in a Public Place”

I want you to dance for me.” Jake said, matter-of-factly.

But Sir—” I started to protest. Not just anyone was allowed to lap dance, a club would have rules about such things, surely. When he invited me here tonight, I thought I’d get a night off, that we’d be enjoying one of the girls dancing for us. I didn’t expect to be part of the entertainment.

No buts, I want you. Come with me.” I followed him obediently. I was anxious but my desire to please my Master overrode that. We wound our way through the club, past scantily clad women and groups of men trying hard to resist their wiles. In the room in the back it was much quieter, just a couple of dancers engaged in their jobs with more flesh on show than hidden. I dropped my gaze, cheeks heating. Was he going to expect me to do that too? To strip completely in public? My heart danced erratically to the heavy beat of the metal song in the background. Could I do it? Could I do something so brazen? I really didn’t know.

Jake led me to the corner, darkened at least and a little way apart from where the professional strippers did their work. He sat down on the plain, armless chair, spread his legs and looked at me.

Jane, when the next song starts I want you to dance for me. I want you to strip completely and use your body to excite and seduce me. Now first, take off your dress.”

I looked at him, stunned into inaction.

You’re my stripper, Jane. You need to start in nothing but your lingerie. I want to get my money’s worth.”

How much are you paying me?” I asked without thinking.

Mercenary.” He smirked and took his wallet out of his pocket, opened it and pulled out two purple notes and beckoned me closer. I stood between his knees and he pressed the notes into my hand.

Now get that dress off before I change my mind and just spank you here and now for your disobedience.”

Yes, Sir. Sorry.” I scrunched the notes and pushed them into my handbag. I threw it to the floor beside his chair, took a step back and pulled in a deep breath at the same time. Hesitation would end in punishment and as my arse was already tender from the chastisement of the wicked flogger earlier in the day. I took a deep breath and lifted the edge of my red skirt. I pulled it up and over my head quickly, like removing a plaster. If I thought about what I was doing I’d freeze and stop so I just threw the dress away, shivering with as cold caresses my exposed skin.

I glanced around me, no one seemed to be paying me any attention except Jake. He stared intently at my exposed bits. I was particularly relieved that I was wearing my best matching lingerie. Black and red lace bra and knickers that not only looked pretty, but were comfortable too. I felt a little more confident knowing what little clothing I wore looked good and matched and thank God I was wearing knickers for a change!

The loud, thumping music stopped but the bass continued, it was the beat of my heart. I could hear it in the depths of my ears and feel it throbbing, the beat spreading through my veins, my body vibrating with nerves. My mouth was dry, my lips sore. I licked them and gulped. Goose bumps jumped up along my arms and thighs, with the cold or the fear of the unknown I wasn’t sure.

The next song started with a distinctive scream of a guitar and the throb of an instantly familiar classic rock song. I wondered if the song had been requested or if it was just a delectable coincidence. Closing my eyes I attempted to still my fears, my nerves. A spark of inspiration hit and finally I knew what to do next. When I opened my eyes I looked straight at my Master. I sought out his gaze. I would lose myself in it. I’d focus on Jake, only him, forgetting the location, the professionals around me. He wanted me to dance and to strip, so I would for him.

I didn’t really know where to start. Zumba is great fun but it doesn’t really teach you how to dance seductively. I had to get closer to him. So I stepped forward, once, twice. My cute little black kitten heels helping me to swing my hips as I delicately sashayed until I was between his spread thighs.

I used the thrum of the music to dictate my movements, rolling my hips from side to side, when I conquered that I added in my shoulders, keeping my gaze fixed on Jake. He’d paid me, I had to do my best to entertain him, to turn him on. I kept swaying and lifted my hands up to the clip that held my hair back and with a sharp tug freed my brunette curls to spill down onto my shoulders. I threw the clip away and shook my head to free the curls further, loving the feel of them gently tickling my shoulders.

The lyrics kicked in and I leant closer, wanting to feel his body heat, wanting to tempt him with my flesh. I didn’t know if normal rules counted for him, if he could touch me but I wanted to tempt him, wanted to make him long to touch me, to make him break the house rules. Closer and closer I pushed, rolling in time to the beat until I stopped with my lips just before Jake’s. I pursed my lips as if I was going to kiss him, then pulled back again with a cheeky smile.

I was beginning to enjoy myself. I was in control for a change. I’d been given free range to tempt and tease and I was going to make full use of that permission. I knew what would drive him wild and slowly I turned around. I ran my hands up into my hair, lifted it, my fingers spread as I swayed my arse in time to the beat. Dropping my hair I tilted forward, sliding my hands down my sides until I caught my knickers with my thumbs and pushed down, rolling the material lower and lower to expose my buttocks. I left them to cling to my thighs and tilted forward, pressed my arse up and out then with a flex of my stomach muscles pulled it back in. I knew he’d be staring at his handiwork, the marks he’d left on my tender skin as I fucked the air.

* * *

Tender is available from amazon for just 99p/99c and this link will take you directly to the amazon appropriate to your location:

About Me

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.
She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.


Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations on your ten year anniversary, Victoria!

I love the lusty, sexy, fun stories that you write. Having met you in person, I can say that your fiction seems to reflect your personality.

Best wishes for the next ten years!

Victoria said...

Aw, thank you!

When I write I try very hard to make it fun and of course sexy so I'm glad you enjoy it.

Thanks! I wonder if I'll be as surprised by getting to twenty years as I was about ten!

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