Sunday, March 5, 2017

Celebrate Read-An-Ebook Week (#CheapBooks #Smashwords #SundaySnog)

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Today marks the start of the huge “Read-An-Ebook-Week” promotion at Smashwords. Thousands of authors (including yours truly) are discounting their books or making them free, between today and next Saturday. I’m dropping all my books that cost over 99 cents by 50%. My 99 cent books are free!

You’ll find links to the discounted books at the end of this post. Meanwhile, browse the special catalog that Smashwords has put together for this event here:

To whet your appetite, I have a Sunday Snog excerpt from the story “On the Beach”, which is included in my BDSM ménage collection Coming in Costumenow 50% off!

When you’re done with my snog, don’t forget to visit Victoria’s Sunday Snog page, for more sexy kisses!

And remember, you’ll find links to all my discounted books after the excerpt.

Turn around,” James orders. I glance at Greg. He nods. I understand that I am to obey them both today.

My husband’s friend traces one of the stripes on my shoulder, then slips down to fondle another welt on my ass. His touch, though gentle, wakes new pain in my battered flesh. I wince and he lands a sudden slap on my punished butt. I don’t mind. I feel myself moistening, melting, yielding as always to the intoxicating combination of tenderness and power.

We really did a job on you.” His voice is gruff with lust, but I also hear something like awe.
Sorry, Bella.” He draws my hair aside to nuzzle at my nape.

Don’t apologise to the slave, James.” Greg steps in front of me. His cock is now fully engorged. It sways as he steps closer to tweak my nipples. Lightning sizzles down to my clit. His cock bats against my thigh. I lower my gaze, as I’ve been taught. “The slave exists to serve us. If we want to beat her, we beat her. She’s happy to beaten, as long as it pleases us.”

He sounds like some Dom in a cheesy romance novel. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true. With his finger and thumb, he tips my chin up so that our eyes meet. A wild light burns in his, fierce and proud and full of love. Joy balloons in my chest, ready to burst.

When his mouth descends to mine, I open immediately to his probing tongue. I want him to take everything he can. He tastes of espresso and maple syrup, from the decadent brunch James cooked for us. His familiar scent fills my nostrils, like sun-warmed earth. His vacation stubble grazes my cheek. Every sensation is welcome, glorious. His lips seal themselves to mine, drinking in my devotion. This is my husband, my lover, my master. I deny him nothing.

Releasing my chin, he molds my breasts, squeezing the soft flesh, dragging his thumbs over the rigid tips, making my poor, soaked pussy ache for his hardness. His sharp teeth nip the corner of my mouth and I gasp at the sudden pain. My clit throbs in the aftermath.

Isabella,” he murmurs, delving deeper, taking more. Delicious weakness seizes me, but James is behind me, hands encircling my waist, simultaneously caressing and supporting me. My husband’s friend licks his way down my spine, leaving a wet trail that cools in the sea breeze. Then suddenly he parts my rear cheeks and sweeps his tongue across my rear hole, still loose and sensitised from last night’s invasions.

My muscles clench. A shudder races through me. I’m teetering on the edge of climax, with James mouth busily working to push me over.

Don’t come,” comes Greg’s voice, close to my ear. But it’s too late. James stabs his tongue into my pussy, Greg grinds his cock against my pubis, and I dissolve, relentless pleasure surging through me in massive waves.

I bury my face in Greg’s chest to smother my screams. My two lovers hold me while I shake like a rag doll, helpless with delight.

Finally, the spasms subside. Greg shakes his head, his lips purse in mock disapproval.

Really, Isabella! I thought you were better trained.”

~ ~ ~

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I look forward to this each year! :)

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Knowing how much you read, Colleen, I am not surprised!

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