Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Snog #106: Rough Weather

I've been busy over the last couple of days editing Rough Weather, which will be available for pre-order on January 17th. So I thought I'd treat you to a bit from that tale for my Sunday snog - the last snog of 2013!

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He dangled the rope end between her spread thighs and drew it upward to lightly brush her pubic curls. Electric pleasure arced down to her core. Her pussy clamped down on empty space. “Do it,” she gasped, as he flipped the rope back and forth across her mound, grazing her clit. The panic fled, drowned in sensation. “Oh, please, Marut!”

He chuckled, but in delight, not mockery, then seized her wrists with strong fingers and drew them over her head. Lust surged whenever, wherever he touched her. Faint echoes of fear returned with the first loop of rope around her crossed hands, but the purse of his firm lips upon her nipple banished her last reservations.

A gentle tug on her shoulders told her he’d fastened the rope to the brass curlicues of the headboard.
Too tight?” he asked, sweeping the tangles off her brow and smoothing them across the pillow. 
Incoherent with lust, she could do no more than shake her head. 
Try to get free.”

She discovered that, aside from a bit of side-to-side wriggling, her upper body was quite thoroughly immobilised. 
Lovely. Now your legs.”

When he lashed her ankles to the corners of the footboard, spreading her thighs wide to display her drenched and swollen sex, she thought she’d pass out from the arousal. Once more, she felt the tangible pressure of his gaze as he drank in the sight of her, bound and helpless. The ripe smell of the ocean drifted up from her brazenly exposed folds. She’d die if he didn’t touch her again, soon. 
You’re so incredibly beautiful,” he murmured. “Beyond my wildest dreams.” 
Lashed to the bed, she couldn’t see him any longer, though she felt the shift as he mounted the far end of mattress. A rush of warm breath invaded her sensitised cunt. She jerked against her bonds. 
Oh, God. Please, Marut!” A breeze tickled the inside of her right thigh, then fluttered down to her bare flesh to her toes. “Oh!” She squirmed as the stream of air traced the same path down her left leg. “What are you doing? Ah...!”

He was visible now, a dark form kneeling between her pale thighs as he bent to blow into her navel, then swept the air stream across her rigid nipples. She arched, straining for actual skin-to-skin contact. Marut just grinned and blew into her armpit. 
Don’t tease me. I can’t stand it!” The tantalizing gusts trailed down across her belly, back toward her sex. Her clit pulsed hard and hungry at the apex of her soaked folds, the centre of her need. He loosed a stream of hot air aimed directly at the aching bud and she screamed at the literally unbearable intensity of the sensation.

Ondine...?” Alarmed by her outburst, he backed away. As soon as he did, she wanted him back. 
Marut, I can’t bear any more...”

Do you think you’re ready?” There was that hint of laughter again in his rich, deep voice. She wanted to kill him for making her wait. No, that wasn’t right. All she wanted was to fuck him. That was her single all-consuming desire.

Yes! Oh, yes! I’m ready! Please, I’m begging you...”

Hovering over her, supporting his weight on his powerful arms, he smiled into her eyes. “You don’t have to beg, cherie. I’m yours.” 
He captured her mouth in a fierce kiss flavoured with smoke and spice. As his tongue slid between her lips, his cock split her below, stretching her further, filling her completely. She clenched around him as a cyclone of delight raged through her. She wanted to wrap her legs around his waist, to pull him deeper, but the ropes prevented all but the most limited movement. As he withdrew, she whimpered at the loss, then rejoiced as he plunged back inside. 


C. A. Szarek said...

HOT HOT HOT! Love it!

Unknown said...

OMG, I love, love, love the rope. Super hot.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thanks, Chrissy! (I try...!)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Normandie,

Honestly I didn't plan for this story to have any D/s components. I just couldn't help myself...!

Unknown said...

Terrific, love the cover and it sounds uber hot! Congrats on the new release.

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