Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Hosting Company Killed My Website!

Don't you just hate it when somebody's attempt to solve your problems makes everything worse?

I was working on a script that would allow readers to sign up for my email list automatically. I put it on my website, but it was giving me errors when I invoked it. After trying unsuccessfully to figure out the nature of the failure, I entered a support request. (Actually I sat on hold on the chat line for 20 minutes, chatted with a support rep, and then was told he was creating a problem ticket because he didn't know the answer.)

Being in Asia means there's always a time lag in getting responses from the western hemisphere. When I logged in on Tuesday morning, I found a cheery reply. "We've fixed your problem. Your script runs fine now."

Delighted, I went to test it out for myself. That's when I discovered that none of the pages on my website would load. None.

You'd think they would have checked, right? Is that asking too much? Sigh.

Anyway, the issue has finally been resolved, but my satisfaction with my hosting company is at an all time low.

Probably they don't care.

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Happy holidays!

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