Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stories for When the Sun Goes Down

By Lily Harlem (Guest Blogger)

Hi Lisabet, thank you so much for inviting me over to Beyond Romance at this festive time of year. I adore getting together with friends with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie even if it’s virtually, and today I’ve brought with me my new collection of erotic and romantic tales – Stories for When the Sun Goes Down .

This is a very special set of stories to me as they are an enormous part of my journey to becoming an author of erotic romance. Each one holds a piece of my writing history and built my confidence and I’m grateful to the editors who gave me a chance and published my first words. (All of these stories have been published in a variety of US and UK anthologies over the last five years and you can find out more about this on my website)

So what’s everyone up to this Christmas week? I’ve been staying home with Mr Harlem which is my favourite thing to do. We had family visit for the big turkey dinner, which Mr H provided and I cooked, that was fun ‘and’ tiring. Then as is our tradition we wrapped up warm and went for a lovely long beach walk on Boxing Day with the dogs, and then come home, lit the fire, opened a bottle of red and lounged in front of the TV nibbling leftovers from the day before. This year our Boxing Day film of choice was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, an old musical that my mother always adored and it took me back to my childhood. I love all the dresses and how the guys scrub up so nice at the end, and in particular the barn building scene which is half fight, half dance. I’m not a mad fan of musicals but these brothers all finding themselves a bride is one that tugs my heartstrings.

New Years Eve is of course still to come and it’s always fun in our village. The pub is the focal point for the festivities and since everyone can walk there it gets pretty lively as the beer flows and the corks are popped! Often it’s too full for Auld Lang Sign indoors and whatever the weather everyone piles into the car park to link hands and get all emotional as the church bell rings out midnight. It’s great fun and I really enjoy the atmosphere and seeing everyone’s faces as they think back to the year just gone and then forward to the year ahead.

So what’s in my year ahead? Well, to stay happy and healthy and enjoy every moment I can of my life and continue to be thankful for the wonderful man who loves me and whom I love in return. As for my writing, I’m breaking into paranormal for the first time this year. Both Bite Mark and Claw Mark will be hitting the virtual shelves at Ellora’s Cave. I’ve also got more Hot Ice set to release, that’s Misconduct and Russian Heat. I’m continuing with projects with Natalie Dae (we publish under the name Harlem Dae) and Lucy Felthouse. I’m looking forward to getting to Eroticon in Bristol (March) and spending time with fellow Brit Babes (I wish my lovely hostess, Lisabet could join us but it’s a bit too far for her to travel!) and I’m tentatively planning a trip to the US in October to Romanticon where I’ll be able to put faces to the names of my wonderful colleagues at Ellora's Cave .

No doubt I’ll write a few more short stories that will end up in anthologies and they’ll all become part of this rich and exciting path I’ve chosen as a writer. If you’d like to pick up a copy of Stories for When the Sun Goes Down here are the contents and buy links.


Madam President
The Champagne Whore
Shy Bird
The Actress
Making Shapes
I Promise to Please
I Promise to Surrender
I Promise to Perform
A Classic Wedding Night
Stable Manners

Buy Links

Thank you so much for letting me natter on, Lisabet, and visitors, please tell me your plans for Christmas, I’d love to know what your family traditions are and your favourite ‘must see’ Christmas movies.

Lily x

PS – Some special offers going on this week and freebies, details on my blog.

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Lily Harlem said...

Lisabet, thanks so much for hosting me, I hope you, too, had a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for 2014.

Lily x

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Lily,

Actually, Christmas is not a holiday here, so I had to work! But I exchanged warm greetings with lots of my family and friends.

Good luck with your writing in 2014!

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