Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fight Bullying with Coming Together

Coming Together has released a brand new erotica anthology called Coming Together: For Equality, edited by Beth Wylde and Alessia Brio. All proceeds benefit Planting Peace Equality House, an organization dedicated to fighting bullying, especially intimidation and violence against LGBTQ youth.

The book includes some of my favorite authors. Here's the table of contents:

  • Tsuki, Tsuki © Lori Lake
  • Taking It for the Team © Logan Zachary
  • Pink Lady Friends © Allison Wonderland
  • They Say That He's Charming © Jamie Freeman
  • Who'd Want to Fuck Penny Gagliardi? © Robert Buckley
  • Risk Rider & Dare Take the Con © Annabeth Leong
  • Dairy Queen © Ily Goyanes
  • Necessary Roughness © Beth Wylde
Sound interesting? You can get your own copy at SmashwordsAllRomance, OmniLit or Amazon.  (If you want to help even more, buy from All Romance Ebooks, since they don't take a cut of Coming Together's income and you'll send more to Planting Peace.)

Thanks for reading!


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