Sunday, September 18, 2011


Since I'm celebrating the release this week of my novella Wild About That Thing, as part of the Treble anthology, I thought I'd share a quick kiss from that book. Visit Victoria Blisse today for more sexy snogging!


A gentle knock on her bedroom door roused her from her slumbers. “Ruby, darlin’? You okay in there?”

Zeke. Guilt threatened to drown her. But why should she feel guilty? She was her own woman. She didn’t belong to Zeke or anyone else.

I’m fine. Just taking a nap. Somebody kept me from sleeping last night…”

Zeke poked his head into the room. “Don’t blame me, you little fox!” A warm grin lit his amiable features. “You were the one who jumped me, as I recall.”

And you really put up a fight, too,” Ruby countered, sitting up as he settled himself on the bed next to her.

Yeah, well, why would I do that? I’m not crazy!” Before she could stop him, he swept her into one of his energetic kisses. Today he tasted like the Juicy Fruit gum he chewed while driving his cab. Ruby knew she should resist—Isaiah was upstairs and it was probably close to dinner time, too—but Zeke just felt too damn good. He wrapped his burly arms around her while his tongue burrowed into her welcoming mouth and his moustache tickled her nose. Before she knew it, his string-calloused fingers were busy under her sweater.

Wait! Zeke baby, hold on!” Reluctantly, Zeke loosened his grip on her body. Desire buzzed through her. She tried to ignore it. “Isaiah…”

I know, I know.” Ruby detected an uncharacteristic hint of irritation in her lover’s drawl. “The boy. But he’s busy doing his homework. He told me so when he answered the door.” He leant back a bit, eating her up with his eyes.

Despite her determination not to succumb to Zeke’s charm, Ruby’s nipples peaked and her pussy moistened. “You know how I feel, baby.”

Yeah, I do. You’re just so hard to resist, lady.”


Victoria Blisse said...

Great Sneak Peek snog! :)

Kat Black said...

There's nothing quite like waking up to an energetic kiss and busy fingers! Thanks, Lisabet

tammy ramey said...

i'm really looking forward to reading this book. i love all the excerpts you've been sharing they have been wonderful.

Shadow said...

awesome sneak peak! thanks for sharing! cant wait to read more. :)

Lisabet Sarai said...

Gee, thanks for coming over to snog with me, y'all!!

Treble is out now. Wild About That Thing will be available as a standalone title in November.

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