Thursday, September 8, 2011


We are channels through which Spirit illumines the world.

Today is a special day. It is Silent Unity's annual World Day of Prayer. I believe I've written a bit about Unity in the past. Unity is a non-denominational Christian organization that focuses on positive spirituality. Among other activities, they publish Daily Word, a little booklet with a word, an affirmation, an inspirational meditation, and a Scripture quote, for each day. Daily Word has been an important part of my life for at least three decades. I'm not big on organized religion, but Unity's messages of life, hope, courage and order really speak to me.

The message at the start of this post is the affirmation for today. It is the focus of prayer for millions around the world. And when I read it this morning, something deep inside me said, "Yes! This is a core truth. And this is what I want to be, a channel broadcasting illumination to everyone with whom I have even the most fleeting contact."

One of the ways I make my living is teaching. I strive to illumine my students. My lectures and quizzes hopefully open their minds to new ideas. The labs I run are designed to let them practice new skills. However, illumination goes beyond intellectual knowledge. I try to serve as a role model for them: to be there to listen, when they have questions; to highlight the importance of giving one's full effort to a task; to reiterate the need for honesty and ethics. Most of all, I want to let them know that I care about them, their success and their future happiness.

In my relationships, it helps to be reminded that I want to broadcast generosity, warmth, patience and tolerance. It's so easy to take out your own frustrations on the people around you. The message focuses my attention on the fact that my words and actions have the potential to encourage, soothe, heal and comfort others. Who wouldn't want to do that?

Finally, it may sound odd, but I like to believe that my erotic writing also qualifies as a spiritual pursuit. I write about pleasure, love and joy - all manifestations of Light. Even when my tales include BDSM activities, they are intended to lift the spirits of my readers. In fact, for me, BDSM offers unique opportunities for transcendence. Surrender to a dominant, total trust - these have a good deal in common with the way I want to approach my Higher Power. (This is the theme of Sacred Exchange, the BDSM anthology I edited in 2003.)

Today's message reminds me that I touch the lives not only of the people in my physical sphere, but also anyone who happens to pick up my stories. Whoever you are, wherever you may be today, I send you Light.


Maggie Nash said...

I'm a day late, but - thank you Lisabet. That is such a lovely post. I so agree, we all need a light to shine from within.

Wishing you a joy filled day today!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Thank you, Maggie!

The challenge is to try to live this message every day!

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