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Welcome to this month’s MFRW Steam blog hop! I hope you’re in the mood for some hot romance, because we have got a double dose for you today.

My excerpt comes from my genre-bending BDSM erotic romance, The Gazillionaire and the Virgin. Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rachel Zelinsky (the gazillionaire of the title) is not a woman who lets pleasure interfere with business, but when she meets reclusive genius Theo Moore, she can’t resist his geeky appeal. Though Theo’s knowledge about sex derives from extensive research and a stash of kinky porn rather than real-world experience, he is Rachel’s first true Master—and the first man to truly touch her heart.

In this excerpt, Rachel has just discovered Theo’s interest in kink. She has dragged him to the hardware store to purchase “supplies”.

Hope you enjoy it! Leave me a comment and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win an ebook copy in your choice of formats.

Home Depot is bustling at noon on a bright California Sunday. Theo parks in the most sparsely occupied part of the lot, a long way from the door. I don’t chide him. I know he finds this difficult.

Once more I take his arm—partly to reassure him, partly to keep him from trying to escape. Together we wander through the cavernous store, dodging DIY dads with pallets of construction materials and their hordes of rowdy children. Theo cringes when they cross his path. I pull him closer, pressing his arm against the side of my breast.

We halt in the middle of an aisle. The rack in front of us holds a dozen industrial-sized reels of different kinds of rope.

Here we are, Theo.” I keep my voice even and matter of fact, but my heart is going like a jackhammer and my pussy is awash. “What type of rope do you recommend?”

Uh… Rachel, do you mean…?” He searches my face, perhaps trying to determine if I’m serious. “I—um—we—”

Theo, dear. You find sexual bondage exciting, right? You like the idea of tying women up.”

He stares at his athletic shoes, silent with shame.

I hurtle onwards. It’s too late to stop now. “Given your intelligence, I assume you’ve studied the question of what sort of rope is most appropriate. I’d like you to share your knowledge. Which rope should we buy?”

What?” His head whips up and his hair tumbles into his eyes. “What are you saying, Rachel?”

I can’t tell if his expression shows shock or arousal. Maybe both. I swallow my own nervousness. “I want to buy some rope, so that you can tie me up. Unless you already have supplies at home, of course. Don’t want to waste money. Do you already have the rope we need?”

No, no—Rachel—no—I’ve never tied anyone up.”

But you want to, don’t you?” I lower my voice to a near-whisper. “You’d love to bind me tight, so that I can’t move, then fuck me hard. Isn’t that true, Theo?”

We’re in the middle of a crowded home improvement store, surrounded by oblivious vanilla families planning to remodel a bathroom or build a deck. I don’t care. I wrap my arms around his solid frame and pull him against me, rubbing my breasts against his torso. His massive erection prods my belly.

Theo squirms against me. “God, Rachel—you’re going to make me come…”

Good.” On tiptoe, I flick my tongue over his earlobe then murmur, “I want you to come, inside me. After you’ve trussed me up like the girls in your magazines…”

He surprises me with a hard, wet kiss, right there in the aisle where anyone could see. Meanwhile his hands slide up the backs of my bare thighs, under the starched shirt of his that I’m wearing as a dress, which reaches almost to my knees. My suit was in no condition to appear in public without a thorough cleaning. Of course I don’t have any panties, either—I hadn’t planned to stay with Theo, hadn’t planned any of this, in fact. So unlike me!

I shudder, feeling exposed and vulnerable, when he cups my rear cheeks in his big palms. He parts them, just enough to allow one long finger to slip from behind into my drenched cleft.

My knees buckle but he holds me fast, tight against his chest, still probing my mouth with his tongue while his fingers dabble in my pussy. Real fear flashes through me—what if someone recognizes me, here in the heart of Silicon Valley? —then vanishes as he presses a damp thumb against the pucker of my anus.

God, he wouldn’t! Would he?

He nibbles at the corner of my mouth, then licks along my jaw line to the sensitive spot under my ear, making me squirm. “Nylon solid braid, I think,” he says, his deep, low voice melting me into a puddle of want. “Seven sixteenths of an inch. We’ll need at least forty feet.”

I totter backward when he releases me, grabbing wildly at one of the steel shelves to stop myself from falling. He sniffs his fingers, licks his lips and gives me a grin full of mischief. With his tight jeans and that unruly black hair tumbling into his eyes, he could be a delinquent teenager.

My inner thighs are tacky with pussy juice. My clit’s still buzzing from the casual brush of his fingertip. The sensation of imminent invasion lingers like a ghost around my clenched sphincter. It’s a struggle to breathe normally.

Not cotton? Or hemp?” I don’t really know much about rope. People at The Ninth Circle tend to favor leather.

Cotton stretches too much. It’s hard to get the knots out. And although hemp leaves quite lovely marks”—he leers at me like some cartoon villain—“it really needs to be treated before you use it.”

He turns his back on me, ignoring my arousal as he studies the display of multi-colored cord. At least five minutes pass while he examines each of the alternatives with annoying thoroughness. I fight down my frustration. He’s supposed to be the one in charge, after all.

This one should be good.” Candy cane stripes spiral along the length of the rope he has chosen. “The black would look amazing against your skin, but the diameter’s too small, I’m afraid. It would do too much damage.” A little scowl knits his forehead. “Actually, when you look closely, they don’t have much of a selection here.”

Well, this is a hardware store, after all, not a sex shop. I’m sure you can order any sort of rope you want, online.”

And pay three times as much for it, I’ll bet. Excuse me—hello?” He waves at a member of the sales staff. “Can you help us? I want forty feet of number twenty seven.”

The guy in the orange apron spools out the rope, letting it coil on the ground. I swallow the lump that rises in my throat. There’s an awful lot there, or so it seems.

Here you go. You got something to cut it with?”

Uh… I hadn’t really thought about that.” All the authority drains from Theo’s voice.

I step into the breech. “We’ll take a pair of those shears.” I point to a rack next to the rope-wound drums.

Those are really heavy duty, for cutting chain—” the salesperson begins.

That’s all right. We might need something like that in the future.” I shoot a conspiratorial glance in Theo’s direction, but he’s staring at his shoes again. “You’ll package that and bring it up to the checkout?”

Sure thing, ma’am. I’ll meet you up there.”

I drag Theo toward the front of the store. He’s silent, distant, not looking at me or at the cute blonde cashier. While she rings up our purchases, he fiddles with the car air fresheners hanging near the register. He doesn’t object when I pull out my credit card. I can see that he’s floundering once again in a swamp of self-doubt.

He does grab the bag though, which I appreciate since it weighs far more than I would have expected. He strides toward his car with those long legs of his, leaving me to hurry after him.

I’ll drive,” I announce when I catch up. “Give me the keys.”

Don’t tell me what to do.”

But you seem upset…”

The alarm beeps and the door locks click open. “Get in, Rachel.”

He focuses on the road, driving with detached precision. I keep quiet, not sure how to handle this latest mood.

We pull into the parking lot behind his condo. He kills the engine then sits stiffly behind the wheel, making no move to get out.

He’s hurting, I can tell. I wish I understood why. I place a tentative hand on his solid bicep. He doesn’t shake it off as I feared he might, but he doesn’t soften either. “Theo? What’s wrong? What did I do now?” Had I offended him by taking charge of the interaction in the store? Somebody had to…

Nothing—nothing, really. It’s not you, Rachel. It’s me. I just can’t do this.”

This? You mean the bondage? Of course you can.”

Honestly, I have no idea how to go about it. I’ve got no knowledge, no experience. All I’ve got is a bunch of kinky porn.”

And excellent instincts.” I stroke his slightly stubbly cheek and turn his eyes toward me. He looks desolate, lost. “You have to trust those instincts, Theo.” I lean in to brush his obdurate lips with mine. “I do.”

You’d trust a total amateur like me to tie you up? You’re crazy. I could really hurt you.”

We’ll go slow. We’ll have a safeword. And we’ve got those humongous shears to cut me free if necessary.”

The faintest hint of a grin tugs at his lips. This time when I bend closer to kiss him, he kisses me back. He cradles my breast as our mouths meld, flicking at the nipple with his thumb. My lust comes roaring back. The vicious pinch he delivers makes me gasp and moan. By the time he releases me, I’ve soaked his shirt, not to mention his car seat.

You really want this, Dr. Zelinsky.” It’s a statement, not a question. His eyes are diamond-bright, diamond-sharp. He strips me to my essential self.

I nod. “Don’t you, Theo?”

He licks those ripe, sensitive, boyish lips. “More than anything in the world.”

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Daryl Devoré said...

The tension is fantastic in this scene.

Debby said...

I remember this one but never read it.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lori R said...

Oh my goodness! That was pretty intense.
lringel at comcast dot net

Gale Stanley said...

The sexual tension is unbearable -- in a good way. Love it! Gotta tweet.

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

I like his innocence in what he's about to but then his obvious need, too. Good job, Lisabet!

Jana Richards said...

There's great sexual tension, but the scene is surprising sweet, too.

Fiona McGier said...

My favorite of your books. Actually, either this one, or your steam-punk novel. But I LOVE Theo,the reluctant dom!

Jamilla said...

I enjoyed reading it. Very sexy indeed 😍💖

Kathryn R. Blake said...

I love the way he turns around and rattles off the proper qualities for bondage rope. Guess he really does know his stuff. Sexy snippet.

Larry Archer said...

What we've always used is drapery cord for tying back drapes. Its soft and a nice diameter. Plus, the cord doesn't have the prickly fibers of some rope that irritate the skin.

JL Peridot said...

The tension in this scene!! I love that he's the one who kisses her. Really great characterisation for him. Nicely done, Lisabet!

Kelley Heckart said...

Love the sexual tension between them in this scene. Home Depot is a nice touch. LOL

Adriana said...

What a marvelous set up. A hardware store as an erotic setting :) Well done!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Congratulations to J.L. Peridot! Random.org picked you as my winner!

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