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A life-and-death battle with evil -- #Thriller #Giveaway #DarkReligion @pdeblassieiii

The Unholy cover

Lisabet: Welcome to Beyond Romance! Can you tell us a bit about the genesis of The Unholy. What were the creative triggers that led to you writing this book?

Paul DeBlassie III: The Unholy was triggered by actual occult horror within the church. I treated patients in therapy, then distilled and dramatized the horror of religion gone bad. It birthed an International Book Award Winning novel, brought rebuke from occult dimensions within the dark side of religion, and left me utterly satisfied that I’d done a hell of a good job writing about a hell of a scary reality.

Lisabet: Well, thanks for being my guest - and thanks for the giveaway (at the end of the post). Sounds like a great book.


Winner of the International Book Award and Pinnacle Book Award for Visionary Fiction! The Unholy is a dramatic story of Claire Sanchez, a young medicine woman, intent on discovering the closely-guarded secrets of her past. Forced into a life-and-death battle against an evil Archbishop, William Anarch, she confronts the dark side of religion and the horror of one man's will to power.


As she ran forward, out of nowhere the two crows flew at her, scraping the air near her face with their sharp talons. Fists clenched, she struck out at one and grabbed at the other. They flew up, circled overhead, then dove, talons flaring. Unmoving, Claire placed her hands by her side and held their gaze.

They fluttered above her head for a minute, then left. Claire turned and saw an eagle soaring—a healer’s spirit manifestation. Medicine women said it came only when needed, when danger lurked.

Frantically tugging away bush, bramble, and cacti, she uncovered the mouth of the seventh cave and stepped in. She had the feeling somebody was watching.

Her eyes adjusted and she made out the contour of something. Squinting, she stooped and touched what seemed to be a circle of stones and charred, cold logs. She stood up and pulled back. A bat flew at her. She waved it away.

She stopped, waited for her breathing to slow, and, stepping sideways, touched the walls of the cave. They were damp and the stink of blood and guts was everywhere. Using the hard surfaces as a guide, her fingertips suddenly brushed through a hollow space roughly the size of a human body.

About the Author

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist and award-winning writer living in his native New Mexico. He specializes in treating individuals in emotional and spiritual crisis. His novels, visionary thrillers, delve deep into archetypal realities as they play out dramatically in the lives of everyday people. Memberships include the Author’s Guild, Visionary Fiction Alliance, Depth Psychology Alliance, International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, and the International Association for Jungian Studies.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Bernie Wallace said...

Who is your favorite character that is still writing?

Paul DeBlassie III, Ph.D./SoulCare said...

Thank you for hosting The Unholy!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Paul,

A very warm welcome back to Beyond Romance. Your latest novel sounds fascinating. I hope your tour does really well.

Rita Wray said...

Sounds like a great book.

Victoria Alexander said...

Great post -thanks for sharing!

Debbie P said...

I liked that this book sounds like a great read. Cool cover!

Bernie Wallace said...

I love the title. Congrats on the release.

Bernie Wallace said...

How did you come up with the title of the book?

Victoria Scott said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Jeanna Massman said...

I liked seeing the cover of the book. It’s beautiful!

Bernie Wallace said...

Do you have any ideas for your next book?

Christina Gould said...

"The Unholy was triggered by actual occult horror within the church."

Wow, that sounds ominous.

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